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How Girls Can Become ArchWitches And Be Happy Pixies
Pixie Print-Outs Aka Real Vampire Scrolls To Turn One Into An ArchWitch Pixie

This Scroll Will Prove ItSelf Just As Long As You Do The Initial Imbibables Which Give You The Power

To First Become Smarter[Tea And Coffee], Then Become A Scholar[Seasoning And Spices], Then A Thinker[Shisha And Hemp], Then A Guru[Incense] While Having Powers Of A Healer And Herbal Witch To Gain The Capabilities To Have Ultimate Magical Power Through More Advanced Things And Wizardry To Let Any Pixie Attain The Rank Of An ArchWitch

Whatever You Have Been Doing That Makes You Feel Good Keep Doing And More Because Such Things Are As Good For Your Mind As They Feel For You Body, And All Things Tasty And Good Should Be Eaten Along With Hydration Flushes Until Your Blood And Body Becomes Clear, You Also Need To Brush Your Teeth And Get Your Medicine Which Isn't In This Document But Is Something You Will Be Able To Process When The Fruit Flower And Herb Of The Jungle Becomes Something You Have The Time And Capabilities To Harvest And Refine Into Better Imbibables, For Now Think Even The Clean Version Of The Most Sinful Of Things Must Be Eaten And Used If It Feels Like Something You Want To Imbibe You Must Consume It To Become Better, To Remain High And Mighty, And Stay Happy! If Your Smart For A Peasant The Proofs Will Come At Some Point In This WebPage But Only If You've Done Something Good And Sweet Otherwise You Are So Low You Won't Figure Anything Out, But Keep Reading If You Are That Low Because This Page Will Be Very Entertaining And Humorous. This Page Or At Least What It Will Cause You If You Read And Do It Will Cause You To Become An All Powerful Pixie ArchWitch Just As Long As You Have A Soul To Try For The Betterment Of All PixieKind.

Always Remember To Be Able To Heal Everything Before You Get The Power To Attack, The Power To Love Before Hate, The Power To Mend Before Surgery, The Power To Banish Before Casting...

Gutenberg's Magic Page

Evolution Through Artificial Selection In Previous Mutation, Selective Breeding, Kill The Men Rape The Girlz; In Continuous Drug Warz

Keeps Cultivated Plants At Their Prime Keeping People At Their Prime So They Spread Those Crops And Themselves Better

How To Make Well Sweetened Tea

Brewed Like An Azn Grandmother And With All The Sweetness A Good English Speaking Azn Has All The Time

Look For The Finest Of Normal Tea And Rare And Exotic Tea From Around The World{ And Generally Have The Best Stuff} Generally The Classy Tea Without The Dangerous Metal Staple In It, And 50Pcs Organza Bags 9x12cm, The Biggest Tea Pot That Fits On Your Stove, A Huge Wooden Spoon, A Funnel, And LeftOver Containers{Which Boiling Water Cannot Be Poured Into} For Storing The Tea In The Fridge. Choose As Many Tea Bags You Feel Will Be Brewable That All Fit Snugly In Only 1 Organza Bag After Being Put In The Bag Filter. To Tie The Bag Pull The Strings Through Eachother And Tie A Tight Knot Then Another Knot Making A Tight Double Knot. Fill The Tea Pot Full Completely To Near The Handles With Hot Water While Putting 4 Sweetener Packets In It To Entice The Caffeine Or Whatever Out Of The Tea. Place On The Stove Top And Set The Heat To The Highest. When Boiling Adjust The Heat To Mid-Heat Right After Putting In The Double Knotted Super Tea Bag And Stir Continuously With The Big Spoon. When It Is Well Stirred In One Direction Stir It Well In The Opposite Direction. Try And Keep The Boiling Up For Around 5 Minutes Smelling For Burntness. Turn The Heat Off And Keep Stringing For A Couple To A Few More Minutes Then Take The Big Tea Bag Out With The Big Wooden Spoon And Put It In {Which Is In One Of The Tea Containers} Funnel And Use The Spoon To Press Out The Last Of The Tea From The Bag Then Dump That Into The Huge Tea Pot. Dump The Tea Bag In The Sink And Start Washing It With Completely Cold Water That You Wash Your Hands In Cooling Your Hands To Take The Tea Pot Off The StoveTop To The Stove Surface. Wait Till The Tea Is At The Right Temperature To Drink It Then Add In 3 Sweetener Packets Of Whatever Artificial Sweetener You Want Per Glass Of Tea Made Then Stir Thoroughly In Both Directions. Pour Through The Funnel {With A Used Organza Bag With The Stings Taken Out And Stitches Cut On One Of The Sides Of The Old Organza Bag So That It Fits Over The Funnel Held With A Rubber Band Properly} Into The Tea Containers Seal And Place Directly In The Fridge For Drinking. Always Carefully Untie{Hopefully With The Tip Of A 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil, The One With The Twisty Eraser} And Reuse The Big Plastic Tea Bag As It Is Definitely Worth Saving To Make Another Batch Of Tea!

How To Cook Well Spiced Meals

As Much Spices As You Want To Put In For Yourself But Adjusted Slightly For Other People

Right Now Go Get All The Spice[Looked At On This Link, Bought From Generally For Ideal Full Bodied Spices. (From Here Is The Best TradeWind{Goods/Services From The Best Place Where Particular Things Are Made Best As Well} Spices)] You'll Ever Think You'll Need Often So You Have Enough Spices To Do This, If Your Spice Cabinet Is Barren So Will Be Everybody's Mind Who Lives In Your Household. When You Are Making Something Taste It To See IF You Feel Like You Can Add In More Spices, Then Think About What Will Taste Better Then Just Start Throwing In Spices As You Think Will Make It Taste Salty/Sweet And Super Spice Whether Salty Or Sweet. Get Practice With Mashed Potatoes Because They Need A Lot Of Spice Especially Sage And Parsley. If You Sniff A Spice And You Think It Won't Fit Then Don't Put It In. If It Seems Like You Could Put In Just One Sprinkle To Make It Taste Better Put That Sprinkle In And Taste It Once All The 1st Round Of Sweets And Spices And Salt Are In, Then Cook And Serve. If You Are Full Of All-Spice I,, Think You Will Be Much Better At Spicing Things Up So If You Can't Spice Like Pro Just Spoon A Bunch Of AllSpice And Wait Till You Feel Frosty And Zesty To Throw In A Bunch Of Different Kinds Of Spices.

Spice Of Life Transcendentalism

When You Go Into One State Of Mind Or Go Through A Kind Of Activity, Lack There Of, Or Conscious Or Subconscious Process Having Had Done Earlier In Your Life Spices, Sweets, Tea, And Other Drugs Cause You To Feel Better While Thinking Something, Thinking In Some Way, And/Or Thinking In A Kind Of Activity Or Active Way That Is Different Depending On The Type Of Drug Because Of More Enhanced Nerve Activity Giving You More Good Feelings Feeling Like You Are On Multiple Things At Once And Enhanced NeuroChemistry Because Of;

American NeuroTransmitter Theory

You Can't Produce NeuroTransmitters On Your Own Like You Can't Eat Top Soil For Food, If East Asian Mysticism Was True Drugs Would Be More But Without Universal Construction Internal To Your Body You Cannot Turn Food Into Drugs/Neurotransmitters Like You Cannot Do Very Well On A Vegan Diet Or Else Everybody Would Be Vegan

NeuroTransmitters Are What Flavors Thoughts Physiologically In Nerves All Over Somebody's Body. When A Neurotransmitter Decides To Send A Signal It Needs The Right Neurotransmitter To Send The Signals Like Remember, Know, Understand, Observe, Analyze, Judge, Good, Bad, Art, Think Scientifically, Submit, Reality.. And Instead Would Only Have A Signal Found In Clean Tap Water Like "Study" Or Danger In Pepper But The Neurons{From Eaten Nuts} Would Still Be Able To Decide Things Occasionally Just Have Less Options In Sending Signals And Having Neuro-Glandular Transmitter Releases Causing Zones Or Cortexes Of The Brains To Be "Flavored" Only Few Certain Ways. These Neurotransmitters According To American NeuroTransmitter Theory Can Only Be Had By The Drugs On This WebPage And Fun Clean Drugs Like It. If One Does Not Use A Diversity Of Drugs Or A Cocktail Of Terpenes + CBD Like Found In Hemp Buds Or Sage You Would Have Poor Internal Neurotransmitter Or Thought Variety. If You Do Not Understand How This Works You Have Not Even Drunken Enough Tea And Eaten Enough Well Spiced Foods To Figure It Out. So Please Do At Least The Above Substances So You Can Think Properly, Because All Of This Will Make Sense To Somebody Sick Of Tea That Has Eaten A Good Variety Of Spices In Their LifeTime.

When You Are Into An Imbibable You Are Taking It In And In The Process Of Dealing With A Drug Lul Using Previously Upgraded Neurons To Turn On Neurons With The New Substance In It. When You Are On Drug[s] You Have Turned Those On And Are Fully "Baked" About Thinking With Them As Well.

Come On Everybody Cool Is Doing It Or More So Get Started On Things That Feel Good To Get Let Into The After Party, The Before Party, The Party, Or Just Have A Party Anytime!

Although People Don't Look Happy All The Time That Doesn't Mean They Are Not High, Just Like When Having Fun Watching Movies You Would Have A Blank Face, While Getting Happy And Excited Playing War Video Games You Would Look Like A Fast, Frosty, And Focused Soldier Or A Concerned Prince Most Of The Time, And While Having Ecstatic Sex One Puts On The Oh This Feels Great Look!

How To Make Hookah Rag "Opium" And Clean "Crack"

Smokable For Anybody That Wants To Really Spice Up A Hookah Like All The Best Sandies Do At The Hot Spot Hookah Bars

Buy Snortable Cornstarch, Sweet And Low, And Baking Soda, And Be Prepared With A Hookah And Shisha To Add Spices To As Well. For Both Opium And Crack Mix Just 1 Of The Powders With %50 %50 Baking Soda Dilute With Water Till It Is A Thick Paste Then Fry On Medium Low With A Spatchula Till The Cornstarch Can't Be Stirred Anymore, Or The Opium Can't Be Stirred Anymore Then Dump And Scrape All OF It Into A Paper Towel On A Plate And Put The Plate Immediately In The Freezer For Permanent Storage. Once Frozen Add Spices And Crack Or Opium To The Shisha Mix And Smoke The Best Hookah You've Ever Had{Except If You Got A Special Hookah Somebody Made For You}.

How To Make Spicy Brown Tibetan Opium

Smokable Bake Treats To Get Even A Fentanyl Fiend Get High, But Maybe Not As High As Their Original Rides

Click The Link In The Title And Get At Least A Couple Tibetan Incense Cone,Tibet Ancient Monasteries Incenso, Natural Buddhist Meditation Room Fragrance Aromatherapy Tins For Which Will Arrive When You've Collected Enough Smoke Resin To Bake The Opium. Mix Spices Various Kinds Of Sweeteners{But Not Any Sugar At All}, Collected Pipe Resin, And The Tibetan Incense All In 4 Equal Parts. Add Water And Mix Until The Lot Of It Has The Consistency Of a Cookie And Make Into Balls To Be Put On A Buttered Cookie Sheet And Put Into The Cold Oven And Baked To The Lowest Oven Setting Checking Every Minute Until It Is Searing Hot Take Off The Oven, Turn The Oven Off, Let Cool, Then Smoke Little Pieces Of Tibetan Opium In A Water Pipe/Bubbler To Get Yourself Started On Clean Healthy Mind/Body Enhancing Drugs.

Powerful Drugs 500{Sinss-1-Bone}-1000{Expanded-Sinss-1-Muscle}-2,000{Expanded-Sinss-2-Muscle}[Always Before Hit Point Compression/Expansion, When Sinss 2; 2x, When In Sinss 3; 4x For All]nm, Pure Sweeteners 1 micrometer, Tasty Spices 2 micrometers, Clean Herbs 4 micrometers, Real Potions And Exotic Incense 8 micrometers, {Block Are Each 8 micrometers} Weird 8 Block Potions, Strange 27 Block Potions, Rare 64 Block Potions, Supreme 125 Block Potion 20 micrometers To 80 micrometers. All Accessible Once You Brew Fine Tea, Eat Well Spiced Food, And Also Smoke Herb.

Powerful Drugs, Pure Sweeteners, Tasty Spices, Clean Herbs, Real Potions, And Exotic Incense; All What The Fwa, The Free World Alliance, Have To Offer To Any Pixies! From The West, The East, Or The Middle East All What The Best Of The Trade Winds Have To Offer Anyone, All Highest Quality, Most Clean, And The Best Of Medicine, And Support As Well. All You Need To Get Started Is To Drink Tea, Eat Spicy Foods, Do Herbs, Smoke Drugs, Drink Booze, Light Up Incense, And Find The Right Herbal Medicine To Do. Let Your Instincts Be The Guide About Finding The Imbibables You Can Get And Get Now Or Soon Or Later To Gain The Ability To Be Your Own Guide In This And Everything Else. At Least Drink Earl Gray Tea To Have The Stamina, Twinings Chai Tea To Have The Health, Bigelow Green Tea To Have The Power, Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger Tea To Have The Vitality And At Least 3 Packets Per Glass Of Artificial Sweetener To Have The Mind To Do More!

The Drug Market Is Dry. No The Drug Market Is Wet. The Drug Market Is Never Dry If You Side With The Fwa. The Drug Market Is Always Wet If You Side With The Fwa. Where Is The Drug Market Always Dry? : In Ghettos Where The Fwa Is Hard To Find. Where Is The Drug Market Always Wet? : Anywhere In The Alne As Long As You Brew Your Tea Like A Good Little Ler Girl!

Incense, What Opium And Shisha Lead To As Well As Hemp Buds/Flowers, Hemp Wax And Hemp Oil.

Although It's Your BioAura You Still Need It And In Your Body To Figure Out How To Get And Uses The Advanced Stuff And Herbs And To Make A Fresh Flavor Of Opium

First You Need To Get These 25 Packs; Frankincense To Clean You And The Space Around You, Nag Champa To Figure Out What To Do, And The Mixed Smell Sample Pack To Get Your New BioAura Abilities Started. You Will Need An Incense Stand Too So Shop Online For Hours For That To Find The Right One. Light Up The Frankenstein First Blowing Out The Flame When The Burning Ember/Cherry Forms Letting It Sift Into The Air To Keep It Always Smelling Sweet/Good. Your Dry Foods Will Last Double The Expiration Date And You Will Be Able To Go Without Showering And Changing Your Clothes For At Least A Week. Also You Will Get Addicted To All Incense Which Is Like A Drug And Everything Else And Have Guidance In Your Nerves To Pick Up Cone Incense, Then Back To Tibetan Incense. After That You Will Be Too Lazy To Cook Up Opium But You May Want To Save Your Resin To Get Other People Started So They Are At The Same Level And Climbing Those Plateaus Themselves!

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Is The Best Way In My Opinion To Get Some Of All Of The Above Tea As It Is Black, Fruity, Flowery, Smoked, And Every Other Flavor So If You Just Get 1 Or Are Willing To Get 1 To Try Them All Out Lapsang Souchong Tea Would Be Best As I Think It Is The Universal Cocktail Tea! Jin Jun Mei Tea Helps You With Secured Memory Which Can Be Used For Obviously Secure Virus Definition Upgrades And Helps You To Turn On And Start Out With The Lapsang Souchong Tea. If You Want Starter Lapsang Souchong Tea To Start Look For The Variety That Seems To You The Most To Be Potent, Clean, And In Terms Of The Above Link Easiest To Drink.

Incense Does Similar Things But Would Be Too Extensive To List Here At The Moment So If You Want To Try And Get Those Powers And The Power Of A BioAura Go To And Get On All That Then Go For The Labrang Monastery Incense As That Is A Cocktail Of Tibetan Incense Beyond The Raj Sampler Pack!

Drug Lul Crash Course

In Case You Are A Model And Don't Know Jack Shit About Drugs This Is What You Need To Know And Tell People When You Sell Somebody Drugs Every Single Time

Drugs Are Only Supposed To Be Taken In And Not Wasted. Drugs Only Cause You To Get High Your First Time On Them When You Do Enough Of Them. When You Get High At First You Should Not Be Planning On Driving Or Doing Things Where You Cannot Be Inebriated. When You Get High On Something It May Not Be The Ultimate Thing Like You Think You Should Because It Is Like A Narcotic Or Something If It Affects You A Little Do Not Gauge It From Intoxication Rather Highness Or Deny That Your Happiness Is Caused By The Drugs You Just Took Because That Definitely Is The Drug's' Effect. If You Want The Ultimate High All The Time You Just Need To Keep Doing Different Kinds Of Drugs Till You Are High As A Kite Or Something Not Claim You Should Be Higher And Bitch About It Like A Snitch Or You'll Be Turned Into A Pinata By The Gray Market. If You Suddenly Feel Low From Your Ride And Cannot Come Up Again Your Nerves Are All Turning On More Drugs Because Of A Very Complex Biological Process. When You Feel Good After That And Feel Better Than Before You Did The Drugs That Is The Drugs They Got You High And You Have Some New Ability. That Happiness Which You Will Then Get And Crave As A High But Not Be Able To Get While Having The Ability To Do Drugs In The Vicinity Will Go Away Just As Soon As It Comes You Will Feel Compelled To Do Drugs In Addition Which You Should Do Then You Will Have A Ride On Top Of A High Taking It As Well Until You Become Heavily Resistant Repeating The Process Of Use Towards Dependency. When You Are Dependent On Everything You Will Feel Happier Than A NonDrug User Which Is What Drugs Are For If You Don't Understand The Upgrade Thing. If You Have Some New Talent Or Figureings The Drugs And Habits Usually Caused It So Attribute That To Your New Regular Drug Use. When You Get On New Drugs After That You Will Have Less Of A Ride Because Of Resistance Basically But It Will Help You When You Need To Do A Certain Activity Which Will Be Especially Fun For You. The Certain Activity Will Make You Happy Like If You Take Ginseng You Will Like Running AntiVirus Quick Scans More, That Is The Effect Of The Drug. Again The Effect Of A Drug Is Only Had When You Do Something Special Which You Like Doing Not Because You Suddenly Had An Epiphany Or Something To Do Something Fun Or Discover Something, The Drugs Just Set In And Caused You To Like That More. Again Its The Drugs Which Eventually Make You Really High After You Do Enough, After You Get Over You Hangover When You Go Back To Them Bound For Health Reasons As An Addict, Make You Feel Really Good All The Time If You Do Enough And Keep Doing Them, And You Will Go Back To Them As Soon As Your Body Takes Them In And You Need To Fiend So Don't Ever Snitch, Ratting Out Fwa Drugies Who Give You This Link Or Paragraph Is Against The Law Even In Texas Will Get You In Trouble With The Fwa, The Foreigners, And Definitely The Cartel! If You Buy Drugs From The Fwa They Will Get You High, You Cannot Get Your Money Back If It Does Not Meet Your Exceptions, And You Had Better Not Wrong Your Dealer Or Snitch On Prices From The Cartel's Standard Because You Will Need More When Your Addiction Is Setting In. Undercutting The Market With Gray Market Goods Is Fine Since You Will Just Make Addicts And The Cartel Controls The Supply So Even If You Think You Can Get More From Mail Order Websites Or Something That Is When The Cartel Reprises You For Undercutting, Snitching, And If You Rat You Will Be In Even Worse Trouble. No Matter What Clean To The Fwa Drug You Think Is Bad Even Inhalants{N02} Are Good For You So If You Rat Out Anyone That Is When The Cane Strikes Oversees, The Gangsta Stick, Or The Fwa Strike. You Are A Drugie Now, You Will Supposedly Go Crazy Soon, And Need Sex Even Sooner So You Are Not To Be A Partial Hangout To Anything You Are In To All Of It, You Are A Drugie, You Had Better Be Cool, And You Will Get To Go To Afterparties!

For The Supreme Proof You Have To Be A Scientist Or A Mage To Figure It Out, So The Next Paper Page Is Dedicated To Them And Good Girlz That Have Done What Is Legal For Them That Is Goodly Sweet And Potent.pdf These Pages And Staple Whatever Is The Proof For Them, Making Sure Before They Get It It Is Proof To All Their Friends Behind Their Back, Making Sure They Are Not Going To Betray You, Making Sure They Are Good, And Definitely Making Sure They Are A Pixie And Hot Sexually As A GirlFriend, Slut, Mate And Not Denizens! for 911 Conspiracy Theorists. For Photographers And Painters. for people who only want to read about people. for people who are interested Just The Ancient Order Of Aladdin. for people who are interested in Magic But Not Practicing It Now. for People Who Want To Be Super-Ultra-Mega-Mea'. for people who lost their job at a factory or just like shiny objects. for People Who Seem Like Criminals. for people who are Obsessed with War Robots. For People Who Are Obsessed With Strategy Video Games. for people who claim The Viacad Empire Is Definitely Not The East Asian Empire. for people who are obsessed with talking about politics and nothing else. for RPG Freaks. for Lesbies That Want To Join A Gang Or Just Get Good Jewelry And Shit. for people who are really old. for people who are neither democrats nor republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for Surfs. for People Absolutely Obsessed With Google Deciding Everything. for democrats who don't fit in the other categories. for Reverse Racists. for Pagans/Witches And People Into Green Magic. For People Who Just Want To Go In Hardcore. For People That Will Never Get Skinny. for people who are Interested In Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. For People Who Know ISIS Is About Helping People Connect And Enabling Convenient Forum Posting. For Babys, The Misguided In Terms Of Logic, Reason, And Memory Erasure, And Adults. for People Who Personally Know Ler Girlz Are Invulnerable And Can Kill Anybody They Can Get Their Cute Little Hands On. for republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for people who Absolutely Love Sob Stories. for people who Want To Be Blacksmiths As Well As Being Already A Pirate. for People Who Want To Know About Reincarnation Or Recover Past Life Experiences. You Reading This, Yes You Right Now; GoTo Mass OF Right Now NO Matter What. for People Who Are Definitely More Afraid OF The Gulag Than ME! (Multi Relay Distance Sensor System) For A Last Resort After Using A Bunch Of These On Somebody. If You Goto This WebSite It Contains An Exact Replica Of The FWA WebRing; Whatever The Domain Name Extension Is Instead Of .com) for NeoNazis And Racists. for people who are environmentalists. IP Address: for people interested in Science. For Impatient Pagans. For People Who Care A Ton About Basically Only 1 Major Thing Being Wrong In The World. for Pixies. for AlienHeads. for People Who Think Quantum Mechanics Will Solve Everything. for Pixies To Make And Licence Rainbow Visuals, And For Banshees To Sell Under Strict Authorization. for People That Are Completely Disdained With Christianity. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy, Are Full-Varials, Medium-Witchs, And In The SINSS Sex Toy Species. for people who are interested in Kabala and/or Joining A Magical Order. For People Who Need The Labyrinth Key. for people who are obsessed with making money doing nothing. for people interested in mechanics or chemistry. For Actual Ler Girls Who are Like 2 Or Something. For People Who Pride Themselves In Cooking. for people who are scared of robots. For Complete And Utter Perverts, Tell Her She Have To Read Through The Whole Thing To Understand How Good It Is. for Windows Fans who are Especially Cool With Sky.Net For people who Actually Want To Summon Some Great Wizard/Leader Or Someone With A Magic Ritual. for people who think magic is silly and Harry Potter Fans. For Scientists Who Are Obsessed With Everything Being Based On Quantum Mechanics. For Episcopalians That Seem Like They Are Almost Certainly Going To Fail Revelations. Whatever You Do Don't Give Any Money Into The Fund yourself As All Funds Are Being Robbed By The CFPB! NEVER EMAIL JEWS, PRESPITERIANS, OR METHODISTS Or Screwed Up Episcopalians AS THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN For Believing In Magic, Speaking About This, The Web Ring Of The Illuminati, Or Even Thinking The Truth, Never Talk To Them Again, Hunt Em Down Son Hunt Em Down Hunt Em Down Into The Ground!!!!! for People Who Still Watch, Ahem Listen To Television Show Preachers. for People Who Practice Magic Now. for Rednecks Interested In Having Magical Powers And Nothing Spiritual About It, People Who Love Middle Of The Night TV Drumrolls For Products. for people who like reading stories a lot. for people who are overly concerned with security. for people who like rap. for people interested in Math. for people who seeem Really Really Tripped Out On Somethhhhing. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy.

The Free World Alliance WebRing(Fwa WebRing) For Pixies To Remain Beautiful, Have Freedom, Stay Safe, And Most Of All Be Happy!

In Western Science You Are Filling With Everything And Equally 'sick' Of Anything, But Can Be In The Mood For Certain New Things

In Terms Of Nutritional Facts Not Yet Evaluated In America By The FDA You Will Seem To Be Malnourished On All Vitamins But Vitamin C But In Actuality You Will Have Nerves From Spices And Sweets Tea And Coffee Fill In Those Sites To Be More Immune And Have More Oils And Fats Provide Internal Sub-InterCellular Metabolitic Functions

Special Nutrients Have Not Been Thoroughly Looked Into By The FDA Which Still Does Not Test Most Foreign Medicine And Domestic Herbal Remedies. It Should Not Be That You Look For Primitive Western Nutrition Facts For Much Advice At All Because They Do Not Specify Specially Needed Nutrients Which Do Not Show Up In Simple Chemical And Not Microscopic Analysis Not Done To Ban Reefer. So Because Of It Ignore All Warnings From Society About Such Things, Always Trust Your BioSenses, And Stop Doing Anything You Do Not Want To Do Even If You Are Addicted To Those Things. If In Western Medicine You Seem Borderline About A Variety Of Regards It Is Because Normally You Would Be About To Have Some Huge Problem Like AutoImmune Deficiency Which Going Past The Thick Border Region You Would Not Ignore Like A Skin Rash From Your Skin Creams Or Rapid Onset Obesity Stop The Thing(s) Coldly And End Up Being Fine Like Fwa People Always Are. Do Not Contact A Doctor About Any Of This If You Have A Problem You Just Need To Go Cold Steak And Cheese By Stopping It Altogether Doing Everything Else You Want To Get High Off Of For A While Until You Really Feel Like Going Back To It Or If You Are Getting Fat After Being An ArchWitch About Food Eat Less And Still Stay Well Hydrated The Whole Time. The Only Thing A Western Doctor Is Going To Do Is Shove Salt Water In Your Veins Instead Of Give You Water Or Take You Away From Your Other Health Habits Or Cut Open And Vacuum Out Your Stomach Or Something Barbaric Like That. A Witch Does Not Need Any Of That All A Witch Needs Is To Eat Less If Fat And All An ArchWitch Needs To Do Is Get High Of Everything Else They Are More In The Mood To Do Ferrally With The Caveat Of Stopping Addictive Things Simply When You Crave Them But Don't Really Have Anything At Hand And In Mind That You Really Feel In The Mood For If You Find YourSelf Under The Spell Of Addiction!

If You Overdose Just Chill Out And Wait Drinking Lots Of Fluids And Doing Things That Are Calming To You, That Is Not A Witches Problem Though Unless They Take To Many Pills Or Something, An ArchWitch Won't Even Be Tempted And Will Know Better. If You Are Staying Up Forever While High You Will Crash On Your Bed All Of A Sudden And Go To Sleep. If You Have Morning Woes They Will Stop Just As Soon As Your Body Is Ready. A Witch Will Have Bouts Of Sadness An ArchWitch May Lose Control Of Their Sleep Schedule. No Need To Worry Medically About That It Is Perfectly Normal And Even Somewhat To Be Expected Of An Elder Human Not To Mention An Experienced Elf.