I, AllA Erawa Viacad Am Being Murdered By The Mental Health Gulag By 156 mg Of Monthly Injected Invega Sustenna, An Injectable Antipsychotic. My ALT (SGPT) Reading At The Beginning Of June 2015 Was 52 Where 40 Is Indicative Of Total Liver Failure. For The Reason, Read On...


The Grand Windmill

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

The macroindustrialeconomic system that defines the world economy; making dough for insider traders

The wind represents the general economic current of the time. When wind flows to the windmill there is a bull market because there is low interest rates and little money coming from the windmill to pay for foreclosures of houses. When wind flows away from the windmill there is a bear market because money is being poured into banks to compensate for foreclosures from the higher interest rates. When the wind flows side to side then the economy is stagnant and the mill turns less fast because more people are on the fence waiting for the wind to change to invest their assets. The millstone represents the companies in the economy that continuously grinds the meat to produce flour.

The meat represents labor. The flour represents money. Shark meat represents meat that is absolutely essential and somewhat irreplaceable in the economy. Turkey represents meat that is essential yet replaceable. Steak represents meat that is important. Pork represents meat that is unimportant yet necessary to keep people from starving by giving them jobs. The fatness of the meat represents the amount of flour given to the laborer. A fat shark could represents a vital macroeconomic engineer. A scrawny turkey could represent someone in Malaysia soldering computer chips. Steak could represent a prison guard. Pork could be somebody that performs a single specialization at a car dealership. The type of animal making up the meat can also describe what specific attribute the labor has for instance giraffe meat racketeers stocks no one else normally cares about because giraffes eat the leaves no one else can reach.

Wheat flour is unlaundered money, which is white dough for those who have not done any money laundering or anything illegal to get their money. After flour is “refined” it is ready to produce white dough to racketeer the economy further by supplementing the insider trading. When money is clean it is white flour. When meat wants to eat they cook some of their dough into bread by spending which pushes the wind. Banks make seemingly white flour through fractional reserve lending see: Jewlluminati History search for "10%". Bear markets are sustained by high interest rates to suppress the market. Bull markets are unleashed by lowering interest rates, which causes people to bake more bread. This quickly changes the direction of the wind to keep the wind from blowing side to side, which is less profitable for insider traders.

Racketeering the market involves buying and selling futures. A future is where you buy or sell a stock at a point in the future at its current price. Insider traders group together to decide to buy or sell stocks while at the same time buying or selling short-range futures respectively. Usually this only occurs when the given company or asset looks weak according to the current micro and macro economic indicators (micro = efficiency, macro = porkyness) usually a balance between both or just a quarterly report. Corporations especially bluechips can remain immune to this activity due to insurance, reinsurance, rereinsurance.. What that does is buy or sell stock in the opposite direction as the enemy noninsider traders so that they lose money and the insurers gain money. The corporation’s price is stabilized in this manner. Very Often insurers lose money to the noninsider traders when they trade on good news. Far more money is gained by insurers then lost yet dough is also taken from the corporations for the insurance cost. On top of that this provides power to the reinsurance companies because they can cut insurance then racketeer the stock into the ground.

The Parent Company Affiliate Networks (PCAN) are the (often joint) insurance to rere..insurance companies that currently dominate the stock market. Each parent company affiliate node is an unincorporated private family where the man purchases the females company after they are married. Each node has a front company, which provides the bread and hides the wheat flour. Each node has a domain over a certain diversified group of corporations such that separate nodes compete in a variety of industries often according to the skill of the node’s leading couple. That way nodes can work together to enhance competition or the illusion of competition. If a node’s resources are over taxed in preventing a market maneuver then it will rely on a series of goto (send money to here) statements, which will provide umbrella coverage. These goto statements must not form reinsurance loops where the company asking for money becomes the one giving the money or else all the reinsurance companies in the loop will become busted by the enemy racketeering. Therefore 1 PCAN company has to have at least enough money to cover the entire Dow Jones Industrial Block which will rely on further companies if even that pool of funds/dough should fail.

Insider Trading may be illegal according to the "law" books but that is just a way for the SEC to determine who is guilty in betraying the Parent Company Affiliate Networks will in doing something that goes against the hegemony like supporting companies that provide products that never break down or trying to get too much money for their intellectual capabilities in the Oligarchy. Everything that an enlightened New Yorker trades on is basically insider information but you only go to Insider Trading Prison if what you do does not support the hegemony. Thus the SEC reigns with an Iron Fist and in a totally different way than the commoners believe. Most brokerages trade on patterns like seeing simple to complicated numeric patterns in the Wall Street Journal in the daily activity. Basically all brokerages do when not committing Insider Trading by viewing corporate wires, multibrokerage scouts, or executives that sell information on how their company is going to downgrade or upgrade their pork, is simply finding daily, weekly, or monthly numeric patters in the up down cycles of the day and riding the pattern till it suddenly or gradually disappears as too many brokerages sign onto it.

To give somebody white flour you don't have to pay taxes on Grand Monetary Gifts, but just a small one and then give them stock option in a brokerage fund that speartips the market of the person with the giving party taking losses moving more slowly in the rapid up/down trading. Usually both parties make money but with the receiving party's money going in first and out first they can make hugely substantially more money doing "legal" tax free trading. Too bad we don't have an E-Democracy to actually tax the rich through corporate gains tax, only on the rich, because you only make trickle down money if you are a Mortimer or Help build some New Yorker's Yacht. The majority of the money that is supposed to trickle down just goes into someone's gold horde. Need Proof, Go here(view the 30 year chart) notice that Gold has gone up almost exponentially over the last 30 years. Or if you are a Baron or Duke you just receive gifts thorough a charity that could be mostly legit and just to make you look good and soften life to make laborers more complacent or could be siphoning tons of executive management funds to your allies, family, and you.

Anyways the Parent Company Affiliate Networks do more than just dominate your stock market. PCAN control your media programming through corporate control, control the nations of the Free World Alliance including space through North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and control minds(partially through The Base{CIA and equivalent organizations in other countries}) and everything else through the E-Democratic Alien Reality TV show networks. All of them are necessary to win over the stock market while keeping us all alive by stopping rouge nuclear terrorists. The mainstream media is devoted to making you spend money on bread while the specialist medias are keeping you following PCAN trades to support their racketeering. Everything from the Wall Street Journal to TV to the Internet is either completely or partially controlled. The fast people follow directly behind PCAN and usually make dough while the slow people who fall behind usually loose dough. PCAN is of course considered instantaneous. Slow people should invest in mutual funds so they can become faster.

Control over nations provides flour from lucrative contracts and printing money from nowhere. Control over agencies such as the CIA provides flour from drug/other contraband running and major distributors. Control over your minds prevents everybody from forming reinsurance networks of their own which would counter ours. Enemy insider trading networks are the primary threat which PCAN counters. The Rebel Alliance is the primary enemy of PCAN. See: Main Page. Stopping them not only wins us the nuclear war but also prevents a total stock market collapse that could be worse than the great depression or even the American depression around the time of the civil war.

You can shock the market a little bit but if you shock it too much the market will break and have serious problems over either the short or long term. For instance if too much labor is introduced into a certain field where there is enough jobs then the salary goes down by too much, everybody quits their jobs and joins another job market. Then that job market is over-saturated and has the same problem in that field. The problem continues until either the market reaches equilibrium or delves into a recession. The same basic principal applies to stocks and the market as a whole as well especially when a lot of little companies go bankrupt just before a big company has serious problems and falls down too. The panic of the mainstream investors seals the deal. If you are a macroeconomic engineer you shock the market too little then that part of the economy will not become active enough to racketeer it properly.

Consortium based assets where crude oil and ground mined diamonds are the quintessential example of how a tickle of goods can make you rich(if you have a virtually complete monopoly) and a flood can bleed your assets dry, lower the price so you don't make as much of a fortune, and make it so everybody runs out of things like oil because gas guzzlers consume all our oil. So an integrated aspect of the art of macroeconomic control involves controlling the supply/demand system with various market indicators from general market wealth to political concerns to fads. But most importantly the flood gates can be raised slight to gain or strengthen a foothold in other consortiums or just racketeer stocks through the roof for an infinitium of reasons.

Now that you understand that you have to understand that in order to maintain a low unemployment rate it is necessary to pork up the economy virtually every place you can so that nobody notices that the economy is porky. For instance making cars or car batteries that are designed to break so that you have to buy a new one every so often affords both microeconomic strength because people have to buy new products from what could be the same company and macroeconomic strength because there is more labor. Pokiness can come from making people file extra paperwork. Pork that is too inhumane and/or too horrible is considered unkosher. Making airplanes that break down as quickly as cars do is a perfect example of unkosher pork. Another way to increase the amount of jobs is overspecialization. Take a car dealership for example. There are people who do nothing all day except when their own specific jobs is in play. To enhance microeconomic strength you would shrink all specializations into 1 or fewer. But if a company were to do that the reinsurance would be pulled and the company would lose massive amounts of stock. And if a company tried to break from the hegemony to expose the beneficent conspiracy then PCAN would implement mob style tactics to scare or torture them back into place if mind control was not implemented to give them a bad intuition.

There is a lesser windmill inside the grand windmill that is the ghetto/jail/court/prison system. The lesser windmill technically merges with the greater windmill when one considers that nations rise and fall according to wars both economic and militaristic. People that knew about World War 2 for instance could racketeer the entire Eurasian/American retail and industrial market but first they had to fund Hitler.

Really the lesser windmill refers to what forces (including mind control) sustain the gradual ghetto transfer system. One side of town has low retail values sustained by gang warfare, drug dealing, and crime while the other side of town has lower crime and thus high retail values. Let’s use the Bronx and certain areas of Brooklyn for example. First of all the traffic situation is adjusted especially by not having enough bridges so that the only people who are able to get to work in a reasonable amount of time are those where the ghetto transfer takes place or residential zoning in the downtown which is small enough to be relatively insignificant in this scenario. The schools in Bronx right now are going downhill but the richest people send their kids to private school. The schools in certain areas of Brooklyn are going uphill but the stupidest people still resort to crime. The shampoo, soap, other hygienic products, food/drink preserves, and water, in Bronx are full of irrationalizing biotoxins and few rationalizing biotoxins while the shampoo in certain areas of Brooklyn is the opposite. Also when PH high basic drain cleaners are poured down the drain the antibiotics cause certain kinds of bacteria to thrive which aren't killed whom produce brain damage causing substances to be ingested by anybody drinking reservoir water down stream from the drain clog within the given aquifer. If more organic wetlands and streams and stuff are downstream from the dumping of antibiotics from Drano then PCANs must amplify the antibiotic quantity within the drain cleaner to compensate for the effect and irrationalize the inhabitants according to their maniacal plans. Of course if people actually realized this they could just pour pure simple pure basic chemicals like lye(NaOH or Sodium Hydroxide) down the drain with the same effect and would not cause brain damage everywhere but multimillion dollar neighborhoods. Of course good drano might be poured down the drain which the mob might be giving you because of this revelations class stuff or if you are in an area they like more either way may kill the EVIL brain death toxin producing bacteria which causes brain stupidity and stuff.

Multiple Basic Chemical Links

The Lye Guy

Lots of Chemicals and Stuff

The 2C-W{Water} antibiotic is a combination of Research Chemical Recreational Drugs of the 2C Group mainly 2C-D, using this Antibiotic will actually enhance intelligence of those who drink it, and the leftovers from boiling it is a mildly psychedelic moderate thinking enhancer. Naturally animals' own bacteria would produce something that would help out the animals to perpetuate the bacteria's own survival. This antibiotic should be deployed everywhere because it is the best thing for the animals in the environment but is not necessary at all because bacteria from your body in your own poop or shit will produce it as long as there is either no antibiotics or more Sodium Hydroxide to raise the PH to levels where all non2C-W bacteria die.

In order to prevent Mob and Syndicate Style of dumping of chemicals into the water supply, counter drug gang/lord syndicates must guard and protect their water supply using any means necessary. Ironically the widespread sale of lye will actually aid in this effort as a variety of drugs may be extracted using lye, my favorite of which is DMT and this can be used to reestablish a ground roots "criminal" revolution to clean our aquifers once and for all. Of course most likely 1/4 of the people in any given neighborhood won't ever get on the boats and the PCANs will just quadruple the antibiotic concentrations within the drain cleaners which are locally sold. And nothing will change.

Drugs can also be sprayed or laced with poison, especially crack which is made with poisoned baking soda that is sold only in ghettos.

Proof: Click This Then Control F: "(2)" the "perspective that autism is caused by environmental factors like vaccines " {Advanced DNA Inception Supplement System} " and pollution and could be cured by addressing environmental causes" like not using drano.

For information on rationality/irrationality complexes, how biotoxins can change them see: Nuclear War search for: “SINSS is completely”. People that get caught committing violent crimes in Bronx stay in prison for a short period of time because there is more lenience in regards to plea bargains. The opposite is true for certain areas of Brooklyn.

People notice these trends and begin selling in the Bronx and buying in certain areas of Brooklyn supporting the PCAN real estate speculative racketeering. Eventually the rent in certain areas of Brooklyn is driven up throwing out the people that didn't go to school who have not yet transferred to Bronx, which will have cheaper prices. Then the rich people who send their kids to private school will move to certain areas of Brooklyn completing bringing up the neighborhood while the Bronx becomes the next Black/Hispanic/White ghetto. Meanwhile flour is being continuously produced by the fat contracts of the courts, jails, and prisons. PCAN also siphon wheat flour from drug lords. Nothing changes except which neighborhood is the city and which is the ghetto. The full rotation of the arms of the windmill represents the stay of inmates in jail. The more people go in the more go out, the more people in the system the faster the stay, the faster the windmill turns. But the windmill always turns at the same basic speed for everybody on average. The grinding stones are the walls of the cell where the meat is ground into flour through lucritive constrution/repair/food service contracts making money for PCAN even by running more prisons and menal hospitals in this Hell Police State!


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