Minotaur Clauses

Don't Ever Sign Something You Don't Get To Read Fully Or Don't Understand Fully Or Someone Is Going To Fuck You Over Entirely

Google "14 nightmare clients and how to defang them" And Read About Nightmare client No. 4: The Minotaur!

Minotaur: "Yeah You Completed The Project But If Fucking Helps People Have Better Lives So You Lose All Your Money And If You Complain Outside Our Minotaur Office People Are Going To Find Out We Are In Alqaeda So Don't Put Yourself In A Mental Hospital Talking About IT Outside The Office Cause It Says Specifically In Page 533 That We Can Fuck You OVer With The Line "If We Don't Like What You Did We Can KEep All Your Project Funds." And We Don't Like What You did Because It Empowers PEople To Have Something And We Just Want To Do Evil All The Time Because We Are Betrayers So You've Been Betrayed And IT Says So In The Contract, And Don't Sue Because We Control The Decadent And Putrid Courts By The Black Knight Mob"

From The Article Above "There is no known defense against this creature, which is often armed by a pathological ego that cannot be assuaged, but you may be tipped off to its existence by oblique references made by others: “That won’t get past Jim,” or “Let’s wait to loop in Jim before he puts the project off track.” Any attempts on your part to involve “Jim” early the process will be met with terrified stares." The Check is For Someone Else Who Was Just A Stirge All Along And The Article Says You Are Doomed With Absolutely No Advice For What To Do; Go On mIRC And Tell People That Pet Their Fucking Berettas Cause You Need To Order A Free Hit From Some Pissed Off Jew Hater And That Will Be Easier Than Ordering A Pizza With Somebody That Pretends To Only Speak Italian.

Then Call A Mythral And Golden Dragon Company Just As Long As You Always Check To See IF They Are A Benevolent As Well As A Good Dragon by "talking to those who worked with a client before you. Recognize the behavior patterns above, note the scorched earth and bones of Undead Zombies And Slain Minotaurs strewn about the entrance to its lair, give the job a pass, and live to code another day" Working With NonTexan NonPoker Playing Dragons Found Out By Asking If They Are Hard Negotiators Unless Its A Sick Texan Who Even Lies About That. For Hard Negotiators Make Sure To Go All The Way Home And Wait For A Week Each Time You Don't Get All The Money you Want! Really All You Have To Do Is Check Up With Technical Support Of Companies You Trust To Look Up What Mythical Beast They Are And Check To See IF It IS A Mythral Dragon Who Will Pay Well You Even If You Lost Rights To The Project Due To The Minotaur Clause cause We Will Be Able To Make People Hate The Jews Even More Once You Go On Resistance TV With You And Your PEoples Story Which Will Kill Minotaurs The Arch Enemy Of Even Not So Good Dragons Which The Article Tells You To Avoid Ie Poker Playing Texans.

What To Expect From Mythral Dragons