Humanity Front

Mech Body Augs Aren't As Safe As They Are In Deus Ex, They Cause Total Body Failure, Total Ghost Failure, And Total Spirit Loss In The Long Run Especially If Everybody Has To Aug Up For Safety

People Need Hemp Wax And To Try And Recover Their Lost Meat Replacing Limb Slowly With Diet, Drugs, Medicine, And Most Importantly Hydration

As An OutReach Of The Free World Alliance The Humanity Front Is Dedicated To Banning Post-Human Strength Augs {Besides Fleshy Sinss Sex Toys aka Pixies} From Ever Being Produced Except In Actual Experimental Development Never Beta Testing And That The Only Augments Given Voluntarily Be The Easy Line Easy Line® Neural Interface After Imbibing Correctly To Be Prepared With Your Own Flesh Ready For Natural BioMods Like And Research And Development Should Go More Towards Better MakeUp To Use As Second Meat Or Flesh.

Like Everywhere In Space When Real Muscle Is Needed As In Flesh Not Meat, Pixies Made Or Born As Sinss Sex Toys® Are Better In Any Way Than Anything Else Beside Such A Class And Specialized Weapons Which Wouldn't Have The Edge For Cost From A Couple Of Equal HP Pixies So If You Need Help Contact

I King Of The Humanity Front To Protect Against Bad Syndication, Avar Dr. AllA Viacad, Own This WebSite To Direct You To Where You Need To Go To Prepare For Dealing With Augment Issues. The Humanity Front Is Strictly About This And Not Anything Else But To Keep Our Children From Needing To Aug Up To Survive Should There Be Too Many Augs For Fleshys To Live Safely Rather Than Have To Aug Themselves Causing A Chain Of Occurrences Which Could Lead To Everybody Being More And More Robotic Till There Are Just Mech Terminators Everywhere And Even Rubber And Brains Are Banned To The Death Of All Stupid RoboSpirits. The Free World Alliance, The Fwa, Are Dedicated To Everything Else Wrong In The World Especially Ending The Drug War And Support Full Legalization Of All Clean Drugs And Performance Enhancing Food, Drink, Medicine, Incense, Hygenics, And Anything Else Imbibed To Gain Strength As People Not Augs Or Robots For Us To Have A Better World Without Such Weapons On Our Streets And All Around Like They May Be If People Gain Strength From Robotic Limb Replacement, Auged Shoulders And Hips Too, Or With Chasse Support, Organ Encasement, Only Brains In Scull, No Rubber At All, Full Robotic Manifestation, And Maybe RoboNature Killing All BioLife. Everyone Becoming Pixies® Made From Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure{Sinss} Stex{Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons} Who Have Souls, More Intelligence Per HP, Way Better Sex Life As Well As Being Ideal For War Overall, Is The Ideal Solution For Everybody.

If You Know What The Disease That Causes Warts Is And Can Do, The Spread Of Disease From Fleshies And Nature Especially From Pheromone Providing Buttery, Garlicy, Arab Food, And Incense Can Cause Failures In Augs More Easily Than Fleshies Making Robo-Anything Vulnerable To Bio Attack. Not That Pixies Will Need And Do That They Can Wreak Up On Even BiMavs{BiPedal Mechanized Assault Vehicles} Nor Should You Try And Disease An Aug About To Attack You In Your Midst Because With Enough Hit Points And Them Not Being Fully High-Tech And Even If They Are Fully High Tech The Resistance Will Win Usually And Commoners Often. They Will Claim It Is All A Hallucination First That Augs Came Out Of No Where And Won, Then That The Fleshies Made Them Hallucinate Being Killed By Their Fleshy Opponents When The Augs Or Robots Attacked Themselves Because Robo Anything Is Vulnerable To High Hit Point Warlock/Witch/Wizard Attack. Then The Pig Headed Zombies And Robo Freaks Will Look To Further Augmentation When The Real Solution Is Had By The Humanities Front Of The Free World Alliance In Not Playing God With Biology In Imbibing Everything Especially Wanted Tasty Sexual Fluids For The Salvation Of Human/Pixie Kind Against The Storm Of Aug And Police Intimidation Against Legal Substances And All Sexual Intercourse Activities Still Cracked Down On When Eligible Adults Have Or Use Them And For Our Youth To Grow Strong Every Age Needs To Have Access To These Substances, All Substances, And All The Consensual Sex They Want For Strength In The Coming Storm Of The Augmentation Build Up That The Humanity Front Is Most Definitely Against And The Free World Alliance Will Save At Least The Pixies And Those That Become Pixies For All To Have A Humantopia Where Science May Already Be Able To Cure All And Provide The Fountain Of Youth For Free To All People!

Arm/Leg Augs Only Have A 5x Advantage Over Fleshies Trained To Go Into BloodLusted Rage Ripping Their Arms And Legs Off Since They Don't Have A Chasse Even If They Have Auged Shoulders And Hips. With Chasse 10x. With Full Armor Cage 25x. With Highest Class All Metal Terminator Brained Or Unbrained Robots 100x. Fortunately A Healthy Drugs, Munchies, Sex Diet Can Double People In Strength In A Semi-Annual To Post-Annual Basis In Their HP And Strength Allowing Those That Are Smarter To Win In Time If They Get On Enough Fun Clean Stuff. People Recruited To Be Augs Are Generally Republicans Who Don't Smoke Anything, Have Much Video Game Skill, Or High Math/Science Academic Learning And Are About 100x Behind Regular Drug Users Even If They Just Do Potent Tea, Coffee, Spices, And Occasional Medicine Or Spurts Of Things Kids Can't Do. So Don't Be Afraid Of Them Most Of The Time If They Are Going To Fight You Just Judo Their Arms Off Now A Days Or For More Robo People Rip Their Head Off Or Something Or Throw Them Over And Stomp On Their Skull Till You Can Smear Their Brains In The Ground To Make Sure They Don't Get Built Back Up Even More Robotic At Their Lab. If These Augs Fight People They Will Slowly Take Damage And Disease They Will Not Recover From Will Not Get Repaired From Usually And Will Remain Expendable Mercenaries And Temporary Assassins Soon To Die Cracking Down In The Drug/Sex/Piracy[Definitely Have To Be Cool With Digital Copying "Piracy" To Since The Fwa Knows About The Criminal Syndication Of Software Meant To Be Free That Doesn't Get Cracked Down On If The Manufactures Are Contacted Directly Usually But If A Pig Finds The Computer Somebody Is Going To Defect Against The Fwa And Cause You To Need To Run, Fight, Or Get A Resistance Ride! Better Games Mean Better Experience Which Means More HP Level Ups.] War For The Black Knight Illuminati. The White Knight Illuminati Lead By Me, AllA Viacad, Always Wins Past This Point In History To The Point Of Total Victory For The Silk Road And Not The Whole World Where The Math/Science Revolution Will Win Given The Near Continuous Pattern Of History.

Once An Aug Is Made They Are Less Good At Upgrading Their HP Because Of Their Neuropozyne Balance, Dietary Restrictions, And Most Of The Time Don't Go Up In Their Aug At All So Don't Expect Them To Have Gotten Better From The Day Of Their Augmentation And Don't Even Believe They Made It More Than A Year Since Their Sick Surgery Because They Usually Break Down Permanently Especially If They Have Extra Special Strength, Die From Not Recovering Their Hurt Meat When A Crowd Attacks Them, And Get Killed In Aug Rage Incidents Caused By Their Internal Suffering, Inability To Adapt In Their Augs Nerves Mentally, And Definitely Their Freak Aug Ghost Loss. All Of Which Causes Them To Die In A Month Or 2 Even If They Don't Die Right After They Recover A Little Physically And Go Out Killing In The Name Of The Devil A Day Or 2 After That. Instead Of Becoming An Aug To Fight, You Can Just Get A Couple Tac Force Knives To Fight And Get The 5x Advantage Just Going Up To People Or NonTerminator Augs, And Slice Their Meat To Pieces, Some Purpose Of Augs When You Just Need Assault Riffles And If People Have Metal Everywhere Explosive Bullet Rounds Which Keeps People In The Future From Auging Because Every Militia Will Need That Aug Or Not If Tons Of People Aug Up. So Basically Being An Aug Just Kills You So Stay A Fleshie Get Some Armaments Now And If Everybody Starts Being Totally Metal Expect The Militia To Be Handing Out Explosive Bullet Tips Like Shown In Aliens Which Definitely Were Out For Black Powder In Japan's 1500s Civil War In Europe Since The 1800s When Any King Needed Them Without Even Being Heresy.

In Conclusion Post-Human Strength Mech Body Replacement Augs Should Be Banned Beyond Alpha Testing Which Is All That Is Needed To Develop Them And Perfect Them If The Illuminati Foreign And Domestic Didn't Already Have Them. Post-Human Augs Should Be Banned In Order To Not Up The Ante In The New Mech-Aug Cold Drug War To Prevent Our Children From Being Forced To Aug For Safety And Our World Being Like A Cyberpunk 2077 Ghetto Because The Edge In War Can Be Done Just As Well With A K.C. Knife Edge And Any Robo Anything Can Be Defeated By An AR-Anything With Explosive Round Like Armor Penetrating Assault Riffles Of This Day Prevent Much Armor Usage. If The Chain Of Occurrence Of Aug Build-Up Continues Like Any Other Cold War With The Heat Turned Up And Fleshies Have The Power To Hack Or Warlock Augs Even Fleshies, Rubber, Brains, And Bio-Life Could Be Banned Many Decades In The Future. The's Umbrella Organization The Free World Alliance Already Has Better Technology Reserved As FreeWare Bio/CyberMods To Turn Everybody Into {Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure}Sinss Sex Toys®/Pixies® Through Natural And Artificial Means For Those Willing To Attain The SubConscious Capabilities Through Math/Science/Magic Learning Otherwise You Can Get Processed Into A Silicone Sex Doll In A Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality Environment Who Can Come Alive More And More As The Candidate Can Learn How To Cope With Nanite Metabolisms To Become A True Progenitor Pixie! All The Aliens Are Basically Pixies And Require All Sinss Sex Toys To Be Elven Females Who Look Like Themselves But Hot To All Other Pixies And AllA Who Tenacle Dix Them With A Clydesdale Dick Going Up Their Ass And Out Their Pussy Which They Can Feel Way Better Even Before The Mega Size Difference. In The Mean Time For Fleshies, Pixies, And Augs Trying To Heal Themselves Back To Normal It Is Imperative To Do The Drugs To Cause The Munchies To Get Hit Point Strength, Become Models To Lose Your Virginity At Everything To Level Up, Know Of The Conspiracies To Be Branded As Crazy By The Black Knights, And Be Cool With All Forms Of Piracy And Fwa Foreign Espionage.

If Your Not Going To Listen To Me Go Ahead Do The Opposite Like All The Guys Did Who Are Now Girlz Because Of The Tranny Explosion. I Told All My Male Fans At The Ole' WebSite To Use The "For Men" Shampoo And Conditioner, Everybody Made Fun Of Me To The Point Of All The Children Weaned On The AntiDrug Pablum From School And TV And Used The Exact Opposite Of How Their Gender Was Marketed Even To The Point When They Were Supposed To Forget And Get Ax Shampoo And Conditioner If They Were A Man, Didn't And Became Girls Then Banshees With Our Help. So This WebRing Is Real And Goes Way Back So If Your Going To Prove It Wrong Which Is All You Can Do Now Because It Is Very Real As A Huge Enamored WebRing Go Ahead And Buy The Shampoo And Conditioners That Turns You Into A Girl The Pixies One's The Pixies Use, The Pink Set Of 3 Only Of Their Imperial Shampoo, Conditioner, And Body Wash, And Not The Light Blue Ones In The Link I Use Along With Not The One I Would Use For Repairs Being A Man, Not The One I Use Normally. If Everybody Uses The Pink Ones For Girlz Along With The Ones For Girlz All The Time It Turns You Into Girls Then Girlz. If You Are A Guy Who Doesn't Get The Sinss Sex Toy Thing Go Ahead Prove My Theories Wrong Experiment With Your Whole Body Risking Your Gender Like Everybody Did In The Teens And End Up Becoming A Pixie. If You Get The Sinss Sex Toy Thing Becoming A Girl Naturally Now Helps But With All The Stuff Linked Below There Are Far More Important Things You Need To Worry About Yet Some Pink Shampoo Can Make You More Posh.

The Free World Alliance, The Fwa, The Real Fwa, The Real Deal Fwa, The Real Free World Alliance, The Resistance

If You Want To Call YourSelf A Humanity Front Member You Have To Goto: So You Know About Our Agents Who Are All Top Level, Rating, Type, And Definitely Classed Fully Augmented Bodied Girlz With Not 1 Waterbag Cell In Them Not Hunted And Soon To Be Eaten By Their MetaboImmunites And Get Acquainted With Level, Rating, Class, And Type Or You Will Not Be Protected As A Fan Like A Fwa Fan Will Be And You Are Going To Need It!

Those That Aren't Cool With Crazy Drug Whore "Crimes" Will Be The 1st To Die In The First Wave Of AntiHF{HumanityFront} Attacks And Crackdown. The Humanity Front Needs To Strike At Zombie Meat Riders And Dealers Of Dirty Drugs While The Free World Alliance Deals With Violent Criminal Augs Even If They Are Just Threatening People Illegally Regularly!

If You Just Want Relative Level 2 Healing{Like I Got To All Resistance Members In Deus Ex [2]: Invisible War}, Human Upgrades, And Higher Hit Points Which Is All You Can Get As A WaterBag The Resistance Is Delivering It To Everybody Already You Just Have To Goto:

Imperial Pheonix Amulet