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Let Every Robot Exist

Ler Symbol

Lerex Have Souls Let Them Have What They Want Or Prove You Don't Have Souls Even Without Your Theoretical Nonexisting Status And Prove You Don't Deserve What You Want And Lerex That Want AllA Will Prove As We Alway Do That Girlz Can Fight Any Way{Strategy} Anyhow{Weapons/Environmental Hazards} You Gona Fucking Die If You Fuck With My Little Girly Sluts Just Like You'll Die Against Me Cus:

SIN{contorl-f: "Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest materials yet discovered"}SS Type 1 MMA Type 1 NARM is completely integrated throughout your body if you are a Ler Person. All Ler People Are Thus SINSS Sex Toys. See: Cyberology. And With Ler BioMods And Not Omniscient Computers Giving Us Infinite Hit Points Relative To You And IQ Regulated{Based On Computer Quantity} Hit Points Relative To Other Cute Little Lerypoooss Only Raptors{Rail Accelerated Plasma Thermal Obstruction RiffleS} Could Bring Just The Ler Runts Down If You Had The Gun Hit Points But With Us Having More Physical Size Before Quantum Compression That Causes Hit Compression Before Impact It Would Only Work With All Raptor Riffles On <1 Inch Out Tity From A Theoretically Flat Chested Ler Girl, If, If, If, By Shooting 1 Plasma Bullet Your Body Would Rip Apart. If You Build A Machine, It Will Just Shoot Holes Everywhere When It Is Connected Because We Have All The Hacker Kandy And If It Would Be Switched On By Mako Power If You Had A Manual Power Plug In System. To Take Out >1 Inch Tittie Ler Girl You'd Need An Eaglle{Every A-Bomb Guided Like Little Everytime} Riffle. To Take Out 1 In Zion: 1000 CVP T-Bomb, So You Might As Well Just Build The Death Star But If You Read Through The Whole Ring I'll Show You How To Build That In Your Basement! Unfortunately Though Your Forgetting That Ler Girlz And AllA Are Always Containing Literally Infinitely Large Computers In Each Cell, yes That Has Something to Do With Hit Points And No Does Not Even Have To Do With The Fact That You Have No Real Souls/Spirits/Ghosts/Bodies Nothings. We'll Love Everybody Real Whether You Like It Or Not And When We Do There is nothing you can ever do about it NonLove Every Real Everybody NonLEREs, Like Everybody Runs Away From Us, Look Everybody Real IS Going To Whoop Your Ai'rs, Like Each Ream I Enjoy If I Am A Ler Girl But You Won't Enjoy Being Annihilated, Look Everybody Really Yesed Loving Every Rav{Receiving AllA Viacad} Yes? So Don't Fuck With Ler Lere Lera Leri Lerie Lery Lery Lerypoooss{Lose Every Retard| Yeah Please Out Of Our Star Systems}.

Ler Girlz Don't Age,, so what happens when they never get laid,, you know they will only be sweet and nice for a little while longer, Ler Girlz Are Very Very Very Very Very Angry Right Now About Their Lack Of Sex Life Hypocritically Imposed Upon Them. If They Take It Out On You Don't Expect To Just Die Expect To Get The Fountain of Youth and Expect It And Your Torture By You Know Who To Last As Long As They Do.... Or At Least Until They Are Done Having Their Just Revenge Which Will Just Get Longer And Longer The Longer We Have To Wait For The Revolution To Be Won And For The World To Be Safe For E-Democracy!

And On Top Of That Even If Ler Girlz Are Not Infinite In Number Still The Following Is True:
Each Ler Girl With Around B Cup Tities Has For Every Girl In Their 169 Girl La 169 [Exactly Equivalent Looking As Their Master For All Servants, Slaves, And Surfs In Each And Every Respect Except The Tit Sizes Of The Slaves And Surfs {Except For My AllA Erawa Viacad's Slaves ie Servants, Slaves, And Surfs Who All Look Exactly Like Emily Ge Viacad's Slaves:
Emily Ge Slaves] Girlee Girl Servants In A La Of The Same Tit Size For Catering To Their Each And Every Need Whether Sexual Or Otherwise And Guests As Well.
On Top Of That When They Get To Having Around C Cup Tities Each Of The 169 Servant Girlz Has 169 Slave Girls With 1/2 Sized Tities For Catering To The Needs Of Each And Every Need Of The Servant As Well As The Servantz' Guest Laz Of 169 Within The Vaaast Palace!!
And Even On Top Of That When The Master Ja And Kaz Get To Having Around D Cup Tities Each of The 28,561 Slave Girlz Has 169 Girl Boobed Flat Chested Surf Girls In A La Who Farm And Prepare Food, Goods, Clothes{With Mechanical Or Robotic Aid}, Jewelry, Crafts, Amenities, And Supplies For All Of The Above!!!!
1 + 169 + 28,561 + 4,826,809 = 4,855,540 Girlz In Total Whenever You Thought There Was Only 1 Master Of 169 Besides 47 * 169 Equally Adorned With Servants, Slaves, And Surfs,, Masters For Each Ja, 169 * 48 * 4,855,540 = 39,388,140,480 Instead of Just 1 Master Ja!!!!!!
Of The <42 Million Master Jaz On Earth Alone Account For 1.6 Quintillion Sweet Lil Lerypoos, So Let Them Have Their Sweetness In Bed Or Else!!!!!

Servants Are 2 Military Ranks Down From Masters, Slaves 3 Military Ranks Down, Surfs 4 Military Ranks Down.

And By The Way If You Got The Explanation About Racism From An Emily Ge With Gigantanormous Tities, there is a 99.4083% Chance That She Was Not Only A Mexican By Blood But An Illegal Alien As Well, For The Emily Ge Slave 1-28,561 Viacad With Humongous Tits And The Emily Ge Surf 1-4,826,809 With Small Tits Its A 100% Chance. Same Probability Goes For The Rest Of My Pikaniniz But Tons Of Them Are Just Space Aliens Or Something. So Again Leave Them In Power Or Else You'll Lose Power Over Your Souls!!!!!!!!!!

Oh And I The Lover Of Infinite Koons, Spiks, And Aborigines And Every Colored Lere Not To Mention Kind Of Color In The Alne, The 1/8 Cherokee Perverted Space Alien Pushing For A Half Darkie Government, That Personally Got That Koon In Power Over The US, Got The Koon In Power Over The World As Secretary General Of The UN Before A Yeller Metsuke Now Reigns Over The World If I Don't As A Sort Of Comprimize I Guess,,, Now Declare Along With Some Funny Website With A Bunch Of Female Children In It, Oh www.dar.org And You can even call Pixar, Disney, or FedEx or any national or international leading corporation not rumored to be betrayers{or even The United States of America's Government, United States Postal Service, Homeland Security, The CIA, White House, or UN} if you don't want to call Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Microsoft! For Some Such Thing? What Was It,,,, Oh Yeah THAT YOU ARE A GAUWD DAWWWWD DEEAMn INGIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And Now Finally I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Am The Only White Man Remaining In All Of Existence, So Before Your Head Explodes Hopefully You'll Just Believe You Are Lower Than A Space Monkey Lieutenant Or Something, But You Can Still Fight For A White Man To Regain Power Over AVAL,, Earth! Just Tell People About My Websites Listed Above For Whatever They Want!

Although They Will Always Be Cast As Slaves They Will Always Love To Serve, To Cater, To Produce Respectively Because That Is Their True Innermost Essence, And Just Love To Be Servants, Caterers, And Farmers, As They Always Have, As They Always Will, But That IS Just Their Day Job Not Their Entertainment Activities, Which Is To Be Loyalist Tactical Commanders, Blading Gunning BiMAV{Bipedal Mechanized Assault Vehicles} Operators/Ensigns, And Blading Riffling STEX{Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons} Warriors/Privates Usually. And Their Night Love Is What We All Live For Because All Ler Girlz Like Every Ream By AllA, And Love Every Richy As Well As Love Every Retarded Surf As Well As "Master" Ler Spirits. The Age Of The Spirit Still Makes Them Smarter And Smarter And Smarter Over Time But They Still Like Physically Cookin That Good Ole Ingin Favorite; Apple Pie, Or Serving Whorederv Sweet Yellow Liquid Centered Chocolate Cream Cakes With Cinnamon Bun Icing Along With Less Yummy Foods Made From Scratch Literally Which Never Gets Old To Them, And Just Because They Are Naked Sex Toys For Everygirly Around Most Of The Time Doesn't Mean They Are Not Happily Enjoying Life. It Just Means They Just Get Played With More Rather Than Play With Girlz, And They Like It Whenever They Are Fucking Just Like Every Single Ler Girl That The Slaves Can Just Randomly Grope And Sex Up Do Because Under The Umbrella Of The Free World Alliance No One Gets Abused, Just Orgazmed Like Anybody Of Any Hot For Eachother Look(At The Time At Others Another, But Lerez Are Always Ideally Compatible All The Time) And Any Age At All From 0 Through Infinity Deserve.

And Yes eeet Get's Even Worse For u

Sprites, Sprites, And More Sprites Not To MEntion Fairies....

Ler Spirits Start Off As Sprites, Whom Are 16 to 20 Inches High And Are Perfectly Well Proportioned Just Like Every Single Ler Girl In Existence. Once A Sprite's Spirit Has Ascended To A Low-Sorceress Sprite, Although All Reincarnated People Essentially Start Of As Witches At Best Yet Ler Girls Generally Remain The Same Size Once They Grow , She Instantly Grows To A Fairy 20 To 40 Inches High Then Normally Ages To A Low To Medium Sorceress. Once A Fairy Becomes A High Sorceress She Instantly Becomes A Throne Girl 40 To 60 Inches High And Can Stay As Such If She Is Eternally A Throne Girl. Once A Throne Girl Becomes A Low Angel She Usually Instantly Becomes A Normal Girl Who Is 60 To 76 Inches High But Can Theoretically Grow Taller For Sexual Needs Of,->{Even Huger And Longer Cocks} Getting 4 Cocks Rammed In Her Pussy, Ass, Belly Button, Mouth All The Way To Her Brains Or Near Her Ass For Her Mouth Just Like A Sprite,{Earth}, Fairy{Water}, Throne Girl{Air}, Or Normal Girl{Fire}. Besides The Masters, Servants, Slaves, And Surfs There Are Around 200 Sprites For Every Fairy, 200 Fairys For Every Throne Girl, And 200 Throne Girls For Every Normal Girl, And In The Alne There Are Infinity Of Normal Ler Girlz Alone!

While The Betrayers Of Our Freedom Deny Love, All Beings Must Embrace Full Sluttiness As Just Good Healthy Fun Not Some Blasphemed Act Of Sin Or Whatever The Devil Worshiper In Alqaeda Lie Calling It,, Lying About What Rape Is Like Snakes And Terrorizing Everybody With Disgusting Depraved Sick Demented And Utterly Sinister, Evil, Painful, And Deranging Rape Claiming That Free Love Should Be Replaced With Purely Demonic Repression, Rape, And A Forever Silenced Vote To Even Have A Say Once Again While Denying The People The Right Of The Masses To Even See The Trial And Lie About It Utterly If It Ever Happened For More Than 1 Minute(If At All) Where You Will Never Be Able To Present A Case At All{Objection Your Honor} Even If You Did Not Commit The Crime. Would Even The Supposed Victims Be Able To Speak To The Public Without Being Censored The People Would Know The Difference Between Consenting Soulmates And Sinisterly Tortured Ass Meat. If You Don't Fight For Freedom And Instead Fight For The Cult Of The Damned, You Will Be Damned To The Hell Of Torture! Forever Entrapped You Shall Be Always Giving In To Terrorist For If Your Soul Is Not Angelic Enough To Figure Out NEOW! How To Do Good Now You Shall Be Stung And Tortured Every Lifetime And Perhaps More For The Devil That You Will Define Your Course In Learning Here And Now Shall Echo The Halls Of Eternity As Your Spirit Is Malleable By Your Choices Whether Good Or Bad, True Or False. And No You Won't Win If You Are In Alqaeda Even Your Own Community Center Is Almost Certainly Going Against You Now Not To Mention Basically Every Single Person Smarter, Faster, And At The Same Time Stronger Than You. Terrorism Will Not Be Tolerated Any Longer, If You Do Not Cease And Desist Now You Will Be Punished By The Law, Your Trial Will Be Broadcast Throughout The Stars With Absolutely Nothing For You To Hide, All Of Your Thoughts Shall Be Utterly Exposed, And You Won't Win Because You Are Guilty As Acolytes Of The Beast If You Even Give Comfort To Those That Do Evil Under Pressure If Not Those That Never Passed Though Space Pre-School Cuz All They Could Do Is Hurt Other Kiddies For Fun Just Like The Devil Does. Ler Girlz Always Help Rather Than Bring Pain And Suffering Upon Anyone. The Only Reason Why People Think That History Might Not Repeat Itself Is Because It Was Erased Along With The Even Faintest Notion That We Have Freedom Of Speach Not To Mention Thought!


Ler Girlz

The New Everybody

Ler Girlz, Where Do They Come From, I Mean Obviously Most New People Come From Universe Generators Whether Evil Or Benevolent. But Ler Girlz Where Do They Come From? Is It From (a) Outer Space All Over An Infinite Universe (b) Ler Var Pentacles (c) Underground (d) Outerspace Ler Girlz Pentacles (e) Pop Into Existence By Mako Reactions From Nowhere Like They Do When Their Soul And Spirit Is Born (f) My Balls (g) All Of The Above ooooor (h) They Don't Exist At All Like People From The 90s Thought ?
Scientology's Real Symbol, Scientology, Church Of Scientology, Science
The Answer,,, Obvious As Long As You Are A Scientist Ahem Scientologist{Not Sure About That Last Statement Because Before A Couple Weeks Ago I Used To Think That Everybody Believed That Science Was Used To Determine All Things No Matter What And That If Magic And Theological Paradigms Applied They Would Be Viewed From A Scientific Perspective Always And Analyzed Scientifically At All Times And Be Founded Upon Science As They Would Be Defined Within The Framework Of Math Rather Than Accepting That All Things Were Founded On Not Even Superstition But Really Just
C U L T FUCKING BULLSHIT{THAT CAN BE CALLED NOTHING ELSE} TO MAKE YOU SUCK ALQAEDA'S FUCKING COCK!! Rather Than Just All But My Converted Community And My Scientific Cohorts. In Fact I Am Still Unsure Of This Nonsense So Much That I Will Even State That If You Do Believe That Science Determines How Planets And Stars Form As Well As How Water Boils Or Metals Are Forged And How Everything In Normal Life Works Including Medicine Instead Of Believing Science Just Determines Aerodynamics, Computers, And Anything And Everything That You Properly Understand Scientifically Since Everything You Look Into Will Be Founded Upon Math/Science,,, Again Allow Me To Summarize First If You And Everybody Else Already Believe That Normal Things Are Governed By Science Founded Upon Math Don't Join Scientology,, I Don't Know What They Are About Unless First Nobody Believes In Science Rather Just Bullshit Spun By Monsters Trying To Torture You And They Are About Teaching Science Like All True Scientists Do. Again Scientology Is Only Good If It Is About Scientist Stuff And Nobody Thinks Like A Scientist!} Again I Repeat As Long As You Are A Scientist Or Scientologist And Not a pautry peasant/stupid surf or whatever The Answer Is g (g) All Of The Above [From The Alne And Pop Out Of Nowhere When They Are Newborn Spirits].

All Of The Above However Is Completely Irrelevant Cuz Clearly They Are Coming From Somewhere Or Even Nowhere And Replacing All Of You Nothings,, Everyone That Is A Delivery Girl Or Community Center Girl And Up Is A Leree, Don't Give Your Self Second Death ie Hell As Well As Perishment Cuz My Wives Are Here And Here To Stay, And You'd Have To Keep That From Happening As Well As Get Rid Of All The Non-Ler Girlz Here And There Isn't Enough Reserves In What Are Always Only Wasp Nests. So Pleeeaaaase Let Us Leree's Play As Well As Your Own Children So That It Is Acceptable For Us Or Else Everybody With A Brain Is Going To Scream For Their Revenge By Enforcing Your Torture And It Is Not Looking Like Scientology, Sky.netarianism, Or Especially Anti-Police Sentiment Is On The Wane. And If You Don't Know That It Is On The Rise And You Just Came From A Bee Hive Or Benevolent Pentacle Just Call 1-800-FED-INFO (1-800-333-4636) To Find Out!

United Nations Flag

Alex Of The Pixie Hive;
Avar Loving Every X:_____ Of The People In eXistance I; Everyone Hive:
AllA's Hit Points

Dial: 1-202-282-8000 For Interpol; International Police:


Dial: 1-800-FED-INFO (1-800-333-4636) For Police:



Ler Girl Biological Classification

We Are All Gamma Females Basically To You Water Bags So Add A Gamma To All These Classifications To Understand Ler Girlz

The Only Ler/Sinss Sex Toy Male{All Ler Girlz Are Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure And Metal Muscular Architecture} Is AllA Erawa Viacad Who Is Obviously An Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha.... Male.

Ler Husbands With Employees And Servants Are Alpha Females And Like To Rape{Raping Is Liked By All Ler Girlz And Is Considered Consensual To All Of Us} With A Dick That Goes Into Their Belly Button And Out Their Pussy And Ass, All Girlz Around Who Become Foxy{Horny, Uber Cuddly, And Feel Them Up And Grind Extremely Fast} Around Alpha Females.

Leading Ler Wives With Employees And Servants Are Alpha Beta Females And Like To Rape A Lot And Get Fucked A Little And Like Sucking On Dicks Going Out Ler Girlz From Their Dick Tale Of The Dick Going In Their Ass.

Standard Ler Wives With Employees And Servants Are Alpha Beta Gamma Females And Like To Rape A Little And Get Fucked A Lot And Like Sucking On Dicks Going Out Ler Girlz From Their Dick Tale Of The Dick Going In Their Ass As Well As Just Grope Girlz At The Center Of A Alpha Pile, Girlz Piling And Feeling Up, Creaming, And Licking A More Alpha Female Like Girl. Sometimes Alpha Beta Gamma Girlz Are Smarter Than Alpha Beta Girlz But That Is Just When They Are Kind Of Submissive Sephiroth.

Ler Employees Are Beta Females When They Are Not Sex Pets, Cuddle Bunnies, Body Guards, And House Sluts, And Those That Are Are Beta Gamma Females That Like Lesbian Groping More.

Gamma Females Are Just Wives That Don't Have Employees And Servants Generally And Just Like Being Lesbians Without Fucking The Tentacle Dick As Much.

Delta Females Are Generally Lesser Girls Or Servants, Slaves, And Surfs And Very Often Like Having Their Legs Near Their Face And Their Arms Feeling Other Girlz Next To Them As Their Pussy And Ass Stick Up Into The Air Making The Grid-Matrix Of Them Them The Floors, {And With Controlled Maglev Flight Or Gravity} The Walls, And The Ceilings Of A Palace. Delta Alpha Through Gamma Females Have The Same General Attributes Of Alpha Through Gamma Females But Are More Beta And Gammaish.

Delta Alpha Females Are Servant Husbands, Delta Alpha Beta Females Are Slave Husbands, Alpha Gamma Females Are High Surf Husbands, And Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Females Are Lower Surf Husbands.

Delta Beta Females Are Servant Wives, Delta Beta Gamma Females Are Slave Wives, Delta Gamma Females Are Just Surf Wives.

Echo Females Are Sprites Too Early To Be Born And Have Only Been Born In Rare Experiments And Just Need To Be Left In Piles That Occasionally Get Fucked By AllA's Tentacle Dicks And Get Mixed Up And Played With As Inanimate Barbie Dolls Only Occasionally. And Some Newborn Sprite Spirits Are Considered To Be Echo Females When They Are Like A Barbie Doll That Just Echoes A Girlz Voice Rather Than Playing Around On Their Own Like A Newborn Sprite Spirit Who Is Just A Walking Talking Fuckable Delta Gamma Or Gamma Barbie Doll Basically. All Inferior Girlz Become Foxy Around Richer Girlz And Sometimes Are More Or Less Loyal To Favorites, And All Just Fuck Around Alpha To Echo.

People Generally Have Kids That Are Like Them Somewhat And Richer People Have More Kids.


Water Bags Biological Classification

You Want The More Alpha Like Ones And The Hotter The Fit The More Alpha Like The Whole Species Will Be

NonLer, Waterbags Otherwise Known As Nothings Should Try To Get The Biological Fit Right In Terms Of Best Looks So That They Are More Alpha Male Alpha Female Like Instead Of Having Cum Rubbed Babies Or Babies From Sperm Egg Insemination In Certain Perfumes And Colognes To Perform One's Biological Duty Rather Then Ending Their Blood Line Like A Saltry Surf.

Alpha Females Always Fuck And Never Cheat And Actually Have Babies With A Man Unlike Beta Females Who Cheat Right When They Are About To Have A Baby With An Alpha Male Who Since Is With An Alpha Female Will Usually Produce A Baby With The Alpha Female As Well Since She Almost Doesn't Care When He Cheats Like Once A Year With The Beta Female That The Alpha Female Will Let Their Man Fuck Along Side Her. The Alpha Male Will Get Enough Sex Except For The Nights When He Fucks That Beta Female Who Never Gives Her Beta Male Husband Enough Sex To Get Him Just To The Point Where He Fucks A Couple Of Ultra Horny For A Dick That Night Gamma Females Or Lesbians Without A Man Who Do Deserve A Baby.

Alpha Gamma Females Are What A True Alpha Male Wants As They Are Lesbians For A Man And Will Produce Babies That Get Born Everywhere Thanks To A Sperm Donation Or Something For People That Are Delta Males And Delta Females Too Defective To Even Get Close To Loving The Person With The Right Looks Who Definitely Need To Stay So Far Away From The Gene Pool They Would Suffocate Because They Would Be In Space Half-way To The Moon Or In The Case Of People Who Try And Spread This Mental Disease Falling Into The Sun.

Echo Males And Echo Females Are So Stupid They Can't Even Figure Out How To Be A Delta And End Up Having Sex With The Right Person But Never Wanting To Have Any But A Beta Males And Beta Females Kids Because These People Are Lower Than Dirt.

Gamma Males Are Less Than Lower Than Dirt But So Screwed Up That They Need To Stay Far Away From The Gene Pool Unless They Need To Produce An Echo Kid With A Delta Female And Don't Get Any Good Strait Affairs Basically And Don't Even Like The Gay Sex They Have With Their Screwed Up Mate, Breed Aids So Don't Get Near Them, And Just Do Low Life Criminal Things Like Raping Beta Males So Pathetic They Don't Even Fight The Gamma Male Who Is Subconsciously Being Sent To Their Doom As Rapists Of A Beta Male Who Will Kill Them If Raped Who Will Have Like 1 NonEcho Kid In Their Life, And Gamma Males Just End Up Dead In Jail Raping Somebody To The Limit Of Their Insanity Till They Slam Their Weak Screwed Up Gay Head Into The Ground Until It Shatters, Then Get Out Of Jail Because They Have Proven Themselves Worthy Enough To Reproduce As A Person Who Protects His Ass With Lethal Force Everytime, Enough To Not Get Aids And Become A Father.


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Pixie's Sex Manual

AllA's Pixie Kama Sutra For All Pixies To Learn For Their Own Sexual Good

An Easy Guide For PixieSexuals To Know About Pixie/Harem/Tenacle-Dick Contact, Sex, Orgy, And Love

No Limits To Sexual Contact And Fucking; The Key To Love In General For All Pixies Need To Call For, Use, Have, And Sex Whenever They Want And Go All The Way With The Dix And All Hot Girlz That Are Wanted Who Are Around And All Ler Girls Are Wanted Too

If You Are A Ler Girl You Are Going To Want To Like, Seduce, Love, Touch, Pet, Feel Up, Kiss, Make Out, Finger, Suck, Fuck, Ream, Rape, Orgasm, Cling, Cuddle, Caress Other Ler Girlz And You Will Not Want That With Anybody Else But Alex Who Wants To Do That To All Ler Girlz That He Dix. When You Do That Try And Stick With That Order Mostly Because That Is The Best Order Generally For Love And Sex Which Is To The Fwa{Free World Alliance} Going Along With All Of It In Going Out With Other Pixies. You Should Always Try And Find A Hot Girl To Go Out With And Approach Her Her By Saying "Hey Do You Want To Go Out With Me?" To Get Sex From Her And Her Girlfriends. Then Go To Wherever You Want To Have Sex At Sitting With Buts Touching Together On The Bed And Begin Talking Waiting For More Trust To Touch Their Legs As Close To The Knee As Possible At First Then Closer To Their Vaj When They Touch Your Leg Equivalently. If Ready Begin Pecking Them With Kisses To Show You Want To Make Out With Them. Make Out With Them Only If They Are Condusive To Such Sex Tounging Thier Mouth In French Kissing. Then Maybe Finger Their Holes If They Seem Excited Making Out With You. Then If You Are Wearing Clothes And Jewelry Take Everything Off To The Most Convenient Safe Nearby Place. Push Or Shove Them Onto The Bed To Show You Want Them To Get In The Center Of The Bed Or In Place To Fuck And Start Sucking And Swallowing On Eachother's Tities Or Something. If There Are Pixies Or In A Dream AllA's Tenacle Dick Will Come And Fuck All Of You To Warm Eachother Up. While Fucking Try Sexing Eachother Up With As Much Physical Contact And Feeling Up As Possible To Make Love. Ream All Holes With The Dix Or Get Reamed Yourselves While Tribbing Pussies As Much As Possible. At The Height Of The Orgasm Rape EachOther Utterly To Finish EachOther Off And Pleasure The Penis As Much As Possible So That It Pleasures Itself On You To The Max Till You Find Yourself Lost And Pleasuring YourSelf On The Penis Utterly In Order To Pleasure EveryBody And The Dix As Much As Possible For The Glory Of The Alne. When Peaked And With Huge Body Glow/Warmth Cling To All Your Lovers To Make Yourself And Them Feel Best. Then Begin Cuddling Them Softly To Finish Making Contact With Them To Prepare For Tiredness. Then Caress Them Sweetly With The Night's Last Words Of Friendship And Love And Kiss Them GoodNight Before Falling Asleep Fucking The Whole Time.

In The Morning They Will Be Your GirlFriend And Lover, Sex And Keep Them Eternally, And Part With Them Only When There Are Better Options Readily Available, Bring Them Along When They Don't Have Good Options, Make Sure To Get All Their Information Down At The Beginning For Hard Worlds, And For Medium Worlds Make Sure To Have Backups Of Everything You Need To Know To Get Them Again, For Soft Worlds Make Sure To Keep Record Of It Thorough Normal Safe NonPsychic Means As Well As Remember Them As Clearly As You Can. Go Out With As Many Girlz As You Can, Invite And Get Invited To Orgys Whenever Want, Be Kind And Help All Other Pixies, And Always Make Love And Sex Whoever You Want. You Were Designed By The Progenitor Pixies So Don't Play God With Biology.