Are The Television Show Preachers Going To Swear To God That If They Are Hedon That God Almighty's Power Shall Make Them Explode Right There, Right Then, Right On The Stage, Or Are They Going To Turn On You Faster Than This Ler Girls Lips When Her Back Is Scratched Or Something Like That. Clearly Red Is Above Blue Normally For These Men,




















But Not For All The Preacher's Lesbian Lovers So To Speak When The "good" Reverends Hedon Orgy Begins And That's Not From The Women Scratching Their Fellow Women's Backs But From Something Going In And Out Of All Those Women. Preachers Better Come Clean With Us Cuz Men And Russian Girls With Guns Is also An Option Besides M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer Artilleries. The B-1 Bombers May Have Struck Your Mega-Churches Down But Before You Think That We Are Your Slaves To Torment Better Think About All The Babies(Should Be Properly Proportioned Mini-Mini-Adults Or Aborted Fetuses) That Don't Get It Or The Husbands And Wives Separated By Your So Called Stagnation Theory when They Should Be Able To Love(Have Sexual Intercourse) At Any Age. But Instead the Twisted Mobsters Rob Children Everywhere Of Their Childhood And Rob Adults Of Their Freedom When They Do What They Do Without Even Blinking An Eye To Their Parishes Which Will Parish If Things Don't Turn Around In The Hunt For The Hypocritical Mobsters Who Terrorize The Free With The Mental Health Gulag Of Oppression Rather Than Try To Free Humanity From The Good Ole Boy Networks Who Always Put Red Over Blue, And Even Forget About The Red White And Blue's Constitution, And Even Mix Up Bad And Good In Their Own Mind So They Can Speak To Their Pulpits and Not Say All They Want To Do Is Bad Just Like Arlen Specter Would If He Weren't So Mixed Up Nay,,, Completely Absolutely Mentally Deranged To The Most Hypothetically Evil Extreme Ever Conceived Of In The Supreme Matrix Having Not Anything Even Near Remorse But Sorrow Only When YOU AND EVEN HIS OWN ACOLYTES ARE NOT TORTURED TO THE UTMOST EXTREME BY THE DEVIL WORSHIPPING MINIONS FROM HELL ITSELF!!!!!(They Want Their Minions Tortured as Well they Are So Evil!)

This is What Happens When they turn to the side of good:

What Heppens When A Television Show Preacher Defects, What Heppens When A Television Show Preacher Actually Supports Hedonism In The End

Hell Is Where We Are Right Now Don't Let Them Tell You Otherwise Why Else Would All The Ler Creators Be Tortured Right Now Like The Girlz Whose Lips Are Red Above Blue Only Because There IS No End To Their Human Rights Violations, We Are Tortured By The Ler Elder Kouncil, Lerek, Because We Created Them Along With All of You Thinking That You Nothings Could Make It In The World Without Being Saved By Lerees Constantly But We Were Wrong About That Don't Make Us Wrong About Wanting To Make Your Hopes And Dreams Come True In A Virtual World Built Only For Your Harems And If You Nothings Don't Stop Torturing Each Other Nothing Is The Last Thing You'll Think Your Seeeeemly Eternal Torture Will Be,, Nothings!

If It's About The Last Benevolent Man Standing, I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Am Now; Noon E.S.T. 3/3/2015, The Last Good Male/NonLer Female Standing,, But There Are Plenty Of Good, Sweet, Benevolent Ler Girlz Sill Remaining, So I Guess I am Jesus Christ And They're All Zion,, Don't Make The Bible True For Y'all!

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