Sky Command, Total Space War, Epic Strategic Sci-Fi War Movie Trilogy

Sky Command

An Epic Strategic Science Fiction War Movie Trilogy

Written By: AllA Erawa Viacad

See the BIG picture!

Common Acronyms:


BiMAV = large 2 legged war robot.
Super BiMAV = Huge BiMAV
Ultra BiMAV = Very Huge BiMAV
MiniBiMAV = BiMAV just big enough to fit a person without having their arms and legs move with the arms and legs of the miniBiMAV.
STEX = soldier with suit that moves with his/her legs and arms.
Nakeds = people without STEX.
Quad = 4 units
Lance = 16 units
Dolphin = transport for 16 STEX and possibly 1 BiMAV
Whale = huge evacuated blimps that carry tons of BiMAVs
Porcupine = Anti-STEX and Anti-Naked tank sized vehicle with murder holes for plasma riffles and a large fast firing machine gun turret.


In case you don’t want the movies spoiled actual screenplays are located at the bottom of this page.



An elite warrior fights valiantly in World War 3 to prevent a nuclear apocalypse which threatens to destroy 97% of humanity.

Humanity has just developed nanotechnology, the crowning achievement of the 3rd millennia. It is all based on a microscopic cube built of SINSS, Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure, that is able to replicate other cubes just like the first 1. The cubes fill in any volume then eat themselves up to produce anything that can be built of atoms (no changes to the atomic nuclei are possible). At first there is balance of power, but history tells the tale of what it leads to. Because of the nanotechnology, the future will be a world without aging, poverty, or disease. Mankind will relish in a golden age of world wide prosperity until the 3rd World War breaks out delving the world into an all out struggle between the Eastern and Western blocks. The opening shots are the destruction of both side's space elevators, towers that soar farther than the eye can see into geosynchronous orbit that contains a 2 way magnetic levitation transportation system linking the Earth to Space. Both sides will implement hierarchical Sky Command structures to keep the details of directing the movements of troops in the hands of sky assistants while subcommanders deal with the tactics of the combat. The Sky Commander deals with strategy. Soldiers listen to their assistants who listen to subcommanders who all report to the Sky Commander. The Sky Command environment is very interface intensive. Sky directing personnel activate commands, select troops, and declare the location of laser slashes or artillery strikes all with their hands or in the case of the East their minds as well.

Although it is an all out struggle, there are complex restrictions on how big of an explosion a projectile can make. This makes deployment of smaller units reasonable because they can deploy higher payload projectiles relative to their size. These restrictions keep combat from delving into an all out nuclear brawl which would have nothing less than apocalyptic ramifications for humanity most of which are living on cylindrical space colonies around the Earth. These colonies are where the brunt of the conflict ensues. But it is also fought on Earth's moon where both sides are free to extract as much resources from it as possible according to the mutual treaty between the 2 sides. The asteroid belt is also free to be refined. As the East gains control of the asteroids of the outer reaches the West takes over the moon. When the East pulls back to the outer solar system the West follows. Both sides vie to capture and hold both flagships. When the East loses both flagships they infract on the treaty consuming both fleets in a nuclear blast. Both sides are teetering on the brink of nuclear war so WW3 is for the most part a cold war but don’t tell that to the commandos fighting from colony to colony. When Hermes the x-Supreme Eastern Space Admiral captures the Western Flagship he gains ideal nuclear first strike capacity and enormous conventional fire power against the West eventually bringing it down.

Combat ensues between war robots or BiMAVs, Bipedal Mechanized Assault Vehicles, and humans encased in STEX, STrength Enhancing eXoskeletons. When the dust settles from the war the East wins over the West and humanity can live in relative peace. Sky Command is an action-packed war thriller with hours of intense combat sequences of BiMAV and STEX battling it out across the solar system. Sky Command is also a love story of loss due to the capture of Artemis and Athena to the East and eventually the union between Artemis, Athena, Persephone, and Zeus near the end of the trilogy forming an ideal command quad. Zeus and the main characters value victory to ensure first the protection of humanity from the perceived evil mind control state of the East and after meeting up with Hermes value victory to ensure the survival of the 97% of humanity that is at stake if the nuclear apocalypse befalls humanity. The lives of their comrades in battle are secondary to the mission objectives which further the war agenda of their current faction to protect all of humanity.

The screenplays will all be based upon scientifically sound nanotechnology concepts which includes self-replicating nanobots, micro-fusion reactors, metal muscular architecture, cellular diamond armor, laser transfer systems for distributing light throughout a fiber optic system for deploying pin point laser slashes upon enemy systems, plasma riffles and cannons, small scale nuclear torpedoes of various sizes, chameleon camouflage, cylindrical space colonies sustaining gravity through centripetal acceleration, and assortments of robots of varying sizes.



Summary of Sky Command


False Diamond Age

Zeus becomes trained in a special forces squadron called the Seraphim. At boot camp he starts going out with Artemis. Zeus is told to he is going on a virtual reality training mission where he destroys the Eastern Space Elevator. When Zeus lands in equatorial Africa he realizes his mission was in actuality real.

Zeus meets with a CIA friend and they discuss how the East pulled strings with the war mongering hawks in the CIA. Zeus completes his assignment to kill the director of the CIA. Zeus's CIA friend tells him that the East is an evil mind control state. Zeus is with other CIA assets protecting the Western Space Elevator just before it is destroyed by the East. This is the spark that ignites the war between East and West. Zeus is on the side of the West.

Zeus travels in an escape pod from the space elevator station to fight on the moon in a super BiMAV. The Western line is wavering but the Sky Commander pulls through and uses artillery and BiMAVs bombards the hell out of the invading Eastern BiMAVs. The tides of battle are turned when the Sky Commander orders a charge attacking 3 lines of nested artillery. The battle continues until the West is over extended then the tides turn and the West falls into an all out retreat.

Zeus and 15 STEX are launched within enemy lines to capture an artillery position. They survive by raiding outposts and picking up ammo, oxygen, food, water, and other supplies. They capture an outpost with a female Colonel in it. They subsequently rape and torture the Colonel to extract command codes. The Westerners fail to extract any information from her and drop her off in a small outpost.

The rest of the remaining Western STEX behind enemy lines take off in a shuttle while Zeus remains behind to cover for their exit. The shuttle is shot down killing all inside. Zeus is captured but when they scan the chip in his right hand they think he is an Eastern Secret Policeman.

Zeus escapes from the hospital and plants explosives on a power transfer station and waits on a shuttle for a well orchestrated Western torpedo assault on the Eastern lunar orbital fleet. The Eastern fleet is devastated by the assault and forced to leave to an Earth orbit.

Zeus destroys the Japanese space elevator along the Equator in the Pacific. The West puts the blame on a patsy but the Japanese find out the truth and align with the East.

Zeus assaults a special kind of Eastern colony specialized in receiving and refining asteroids. The attack plan is used to orchestrate similar battles on other Eastern colonies of that model. This drastically reduces their resources the East has forcing them to retreat to the outer solar system where the final battle in this episode takes place.

The West eventually gains control its own flagship, the Liberty, and captures and holds the Eastern flagship, the Krakatoa. This forces the East to detonate the Liberty just before the Zeus is secures it. The fusion blast from this detonation obliterates both fleets bringing the war back into a stalemate. Artemis is captured and shot off in a rail launcher to the East while Zeus evacuates in a rail launcher to the West.



Fallen Nanotopia

Zeus starts of in a virtual reality game where his faction, the East, manages to attain unconditional surrender from the West by launching an all out nuclear assault on the West.

Zeus views a replay of Athena's battle in "Asteroid Jockey". This is the beginning of a relationship between the 2 that interwoven with conspiracy theories sandwiched in between colonial combat missions. At the end of the conspiracy theory acts both Athena and Zeus learn that the West is performing bad mind control experiments on Eastern prisoners and that the East is only a mind control state to enable Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality(FNCVR) games. Consequently they both waver in their patriotism towards the West.

On the final mission many of Zeus's comrades fall to the enemy. Athena is killed then captured from her command center while she is revived. Zeus's final order is to blow out. Zeus is so distraught at losing Athena he takes his helmet off before blowing a hole in the space colony. Zeus floats dead through space.



Death of Nations

Zeus is picked up from floating in space and given medical care.

After he recovers he is invited to Hermes and Persephone's house. There he begins a relationship with Persephone. In the morning Zeus agrees to fight along side Hermes and Persephone to capture the new enormous flagship of the West, the Leviathan. The Leviathan is taken after an elaborate scheme comes to fruition.

Hermes explains about the nuclear buildup while broadcasting throughout the West. Hermes also states that nuclear apocalypse will kill %97 of humanity. Hermes encourages people to join his cause so he can gut the West from the inside out and bring about a peaceful resolution.

The rebels take colony after colony gaining soldiers from supporters inside. Hermes shows Zeus a Eastern prisoner of war complex. Hermes demonstrates the effects of the West's barbaric mind control.

Zeus is reunited with Artemis and Athena and has sex with all of them, Persephone included. They form into an ideal command quad where Athena is the offensive strategist, Persephone is the defensive strategist, Artemis manages the sky commanders to coordinate the battle, while Zeus is the sky commander who makes all the decisions.

Hermes orders the invasion of the Earth by the Leviathan. The rebels commence in disabling and capturing a enormous ground to space artillery cannon dubbed "big gun". The first big gun to be attacked is near Seattle. The battle proceeds in multiple segments occurring simultaneously that are shown separately that partially intermesh.

After the Seattle Big Gun is taken the Rebels move East capturing all the big guns in the western part of the continental united states(there is 1 approximately every 200 km radius). At New Orleans 1/3 of the rebel troops are on the East side of the river while 2/3 are on the west. All of a sudden western BiMAVs come from everywhere. The audience quickly learns that the West is infracting on the treaty banning consumption of planets. The Rebels and the East consequently deploys their own solid consumption and extraction drills that seed the ground with cubical self-replicating nanobots which self-replicate to turn the ground into war machines.

The rebels retreat 30 degrees North of West while the rebel forces on the Eastern side of the river are abandoned and lost. The rebels eventually get the upper hand and chase the West to near Washington D. C. The Western Shadow Government evacuate to New York City where the final battle commences.

The Rebels tries to hold the Leviathan which is providing space support to the invasion of New York City. Troops are ordered East to where the Eastern forces shall arrive. When the Westerners are about to take the Leviathan, Hermes presses the self detonation button killing all those boarding the ship and sending a powerful EMP that disables all computerized weaponry in New York City.

Zeus is caught up in a battle with Western forces when the EMP hits. Zeus uses his chemical pistol to take out the people coming out of their STEX or vehicles. Zeus reconnoiters with more forces and moves to where the Western Shadow Government are hiding. Zeus holds down the position until Eastern STEX relives Zeus and capture the Western Shadow Government.

The West pulls all of their colonies and ships into orbit around Earth's moon.

Both shadow governments are brought together in a room. Propositions about how to punish or reward the Western Shadow Government ensue. The West demands their freedom from punishment or else they will destroy everything around the Moon.

Zeus gains the most votes for his policy of not punishing the West and rewarding them with 2.5% of the "tax revenue" while maintaining 22.5% for the East, 15% for the outer party, 7.5% for the inner. Zeus thus become Emperor over all of humanity.

Zeus gives a speech declaring the end of the war, bringing up Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality(FNCVR), describing the 6 layer security system to be put in place to secure the FNCVR gaming for everybody. The sun rises over Zeus as he finishes off his speech.



Video Game Info

The trilogy should also include 1st person shooter, space strategy, ground strategy, and possibly a air/space fighter/bomber flight simulator. Playing the space strategy game should provide space fighter/corvette/carrier sequences in "Torpedo Swarm Without Laser Storm" in False Diamond Age, "Switch Up" in False Diamond Age, and "The Siege of New York" in Death of Nations. Building the game levels will provide some incomplete sequences inside maze like facilities that are being taken over by Zeus.



Both Space Strategy, Space Simulator, and Ground Strategy:

Right clicks orders moves. Right clicking while holding shift is move attack. Right clicking while holding control is move retreat towards where the force was moving from or if that is reached to retreat towards the main base if confronted by enemies. Right clicking while holding shift and control attacks if the enemy force can be destroyed leaving 3/4 of your force otherwise causes your force to retreat. Right clicking while holding alt sends the unit to multiple waypoints with either move attack or move retreat.

Selecting units while holding down nothing selects units while deselects anything that was previously selected. Left clicking deselects all units. Holding shift while selecting selects units that haven’t been selected and adds them to units that have been selected. Holding control while selecting deselects units that are already selected. Holding both shift and control selects units that haven’t been selected and deselects units that have been selected. Holding alt changes selection from a box to a lasso, a surface defined by the cursor that when closed(or if not closed it closes by a line by the first and last point) select and/or deselects units within the surface.

Groups of units can be saved to numbers by pressing control then the number 1-9-0. They can be called upon by pressing the number. If the number is pressed twice the view is centered on the primary cluster of that unit group.

Games can implement a Sky Command hierarchy where audio communications(possibly between (a) offensive strategy commandes, (a) defensive strategy commandary, and (a) strategic manager) can direct battles and mouse/keyboard click orders of large scale troop selections can become tempered by tactical managers.


For X-Box Controller:



Right Analogue Stick: movement of the cursor when pressed down holds shift
Left Analogue Stick: scroll of the screen when pressed down holds control
Right Trigger: Selects units
Left trigger: Orders units
Right Bumper: Pivots the camera by left analogue stick and goes up and down with right analogue stick(+ goes up in computer version, - down, and backspace pivot)
Left Bumper: Alt
A: Opens up F1-F4 which can be selected by ABXY
B: Opens up F5-F8 which can be selected by ABXY
X: Opens up F9-F12 which can be selected by ABXY
Y: Opens up group selection catalogue where current selection can be assigned a number, merged with an old selection, or an old selection can become selected when the catalogue is closed
Select Button: Map where units can be selected or ordered to move which is the same thing as the minimap but bigger
Start Button: options menu



Space Strategy and Space Simulator:

Movements in space will be realistic because rockets will be utilized to accelerate space vessels not cause them to stay at a fixed velocity. When a space ship wants to arrive at a fixed speed when it reaches its destination it will accelerate forward half of the distance then accelerate in the opposite direction for the other half. It would be a good idea to have a fixed velocity setting so the gamer can choose between atmospheric gameplay and space gameplay.

F1-F4 control the production of Crafts.
F5-F8 controls the production of Corvettes.
F9-F12 controls the production of Carriers.

F1, F5, F9 produce antifighter vessels.
F2, F6, F10 produce anticorvette vessels.
F3, F7, F11 produce anticarrier vessels.

F4 produces resource collectors.
F8 produces intruder corvettes which capture enemy carriers.
F12 produces mostly hollow decoy carriers which look exactly like any of the other 3 carriers and have similar combat attributes to scouts. These can be placed inside a formation to make the fighting force appear to much more formidable so it may act as a decoy fleet.

All vessels besides carriers can dock inside any carriers to get themselves repaired. Any carriers can construct any vessel if it has enough resources. Carrier groups can have their own construction cues or bars. Construction of selected carriers occurs through cues which are activated by either pressing the pertinent ‘F’ key the desired number of times(crafts and corvettes produce multiple units per cue) or clicking on the specific picture of that unit the desired number of time. It can also be performed in an entirely different manner by enabling this function and manipulating bars of how many resources are allocated to the 12 space vessels to be produced. If bars are used resources can be taken away from some specific bar(s) by holding shift before they are redistributed to another bar(s) (also by holding shift so you don’t push the bar so high that it takes away from everything) instead of reducing all bars. If not entirely redistributed to another bar(s) resources will be saved. Also some fraction of resources can be taken away from bars to allocate resources to a cue which once ended will return that fraction to the production according to the bars alone. Carriers can be fractionally complete and still have limited combat ability, docking ability, and construction ability.

Combat will ensue to capture as many resources as possible from asteroids and the graveyards of previous battle sites.

Upgrades can be turned on and off.



Ground Strategy:

You are able to produce STEX, mini-BiMAVs, BiMAVs, Super BiMAVs, Ultra BiMAVs(Which mainly eat littler BiMAVs), Bees(which are best at killing STEX and mini-BiMAVs), Dragons(which are best at killing BiMAVs), whales(which are hydrogen filled blimps that destroy Super BiMAVs), drills, and artillery that corresponds to either both STEX and BiMAVs, Super BiMAVs, and Ultra BiMAVs. These are F1-F12.

Resources are collected by either expanding your support buildings expanding either horizontally, vertically, or both, deploying solid matter consumption drills into the ground which seed it with friendly cubical self-replicating nanobots that turn the ground into combat units. EMP bombs destroy these self-replicating nanobots. Certain portions of the ground will have better resources which can be scouted by drills. Mech graveyards have the best resources.

You win by getting 10 times more military power than the enemy or all enemies combined.

Upgrades can be turned on and off.



1st Person Shooter:

If you hold down the button that throws a grenade your crosshairs will snap to the middle of the nearest window. Releasing the same button with throw the grenade and once it hits the ground inside the window the grenade will detonate.

Combat in BiMAVs can turn into combat in smaller BiMAVs, miniBiMAVs down to STEX if your BiMAV is critically hit(like in both of the legs, both of the arms and machine gun turrets, or your fusion reactor{s}) because you can deploy smaller drones and yourself in smaller BiMAVs, miniBiMAVs, or STEX and fight the enemy as such. If your larger BiMAV is repaired or you find a new one that you can control you can go back inside it and remain as its pilot until your mission is completed or your BiMAV is critically hit again.

Fun Co-op: 1st player is the dominant player, other players control other characters, but there is a re-spawn if one of the players gets away from combat (yes just like Halo.) If Zeus is doing something solo, 2nd player controls another Zeus. You cannot complete any part of the campaign this way, except on kid difficulty.

Co-op: You can complete any component of the single player campaign at any difficulty level by this co-op method. A co-op victory is just as good as a single player one. 1st player is the dominant player and must live, any other people that want to play can take the place of other essential or non-essential characters. If any essential players die, proceed with normal game engine procedures, going back to the nearest checkpoint. If a non-essential player dies the character is dead, that controller will go to the next eligible person. This is limited by the number of Players available, if Zeus is doing something solo, there can obviously be no other players entering the game at that time.



General Game Information:

This extends to any vehicle including, but not limited certain scenes with fighters, BiMAVs, tanks, and mounted guns. Also one player can be in a vehicle while others are in other vehicles, shooting a turret fixed or mounted, or just 1st person shooter.

On the strategy aspect, you can have multiple people managing the fleet, this is considered a lot less fun than 1st, 3rd person co-op, but it will bring an interesting strategic element to the game, and all VR in general. You can complete the campaign this way also. Different colors of selection circles represent what players are selecting units. The innermost circle represents the first person to select it. Each player represents a different color, red, blue etc.(like Warcraft 3)

In certain co-op situations, some players can be at the pseudo omniscient command level, while others control things on the ground. In any level where there is a command structure, whether strategy or other, a player can opt for a command position, and have all of their powers including taking over automated robotics, and gun turrets. The campaign can also be completed in this way.




Separate 1st person shooter games and large scale space commander games. Also fusion where some players play on strategy level while others battle on the ground.

Unless you are in a cinematic or have pressed escape the clock is still ticking.

You better do what you are told to do or else you die.

If you fuck up your mission objective and finish the rest or part of the mission clean as described you start right before where you fucked up instead of the beginning of the level/checkpoint.

If it doesn't work in real life it probably won't work in the game. This engine is programmed with all classical physical principals, like F = ma and all that so there is no disparity between the physics in this game and real life physics.

If you don't watch the cinematics you will have no idea what's going on with the plot and will never get involved with the story line. You can't skip stuff, without pressing a very particular button (escape or start). You can't ever skip important parts.



Controls For Computer:

left mouse - fire
right mouse - secondary fire/zoom
w - up
s - down
a - sidestep right
d - sidestep left
shift - crouch
control - Lay
space bar - jump
capslock - run/walk
F1 - help information
Tab - mission information/multiplier score
` - put weapon away`123
1 - primary weapon
2 - secondary weapon
3 - tertiary weapon (shoulder cannon or specialized gun or missile launcher)
4 - melee weapon
5 - grenade
6 - mission critical to deploy (C-7)
7,8,9 - other devices
0 - anything that doesn't fit in other slots. If you press numbers twice you pull out two.
M - map
L - light or night-vision



Controls For X-Box Controller:

Right Analogue Stick: aiming and when pressed down toggels crouch
Left Analogue Stick: movement and when pressed down toggels laying
Right Trigger: Shoot primary
Left trigger: Shoot tertiary
Right Bumper: Grenade
Left Bumper: C-7
A: Select
B: Deselect
X: Collect
Y: Switch from riffle to pistol to hot knife
Select Button: Map
Start Button: options menu



Suggested Acts to Sample:

"A Precarious Foothold" in Fallen Nanotopia, "1st Moon Battle" in False Diamond Age, "Takeover" in Death of Nations, "Asteroid Jockey" in either False Diamond Age or Fallen Nanotopia, "Ring of Truth" in Death of Nations, for long drawn out combat "Get Your Gun" in Death of Nations, or for my personal favorite "Torpedoes Swarm Without Laser Storm" which must be read from a certain point found by searching for "We are losing the lunar fight" in False Diamond Age.



Notes on Production

All war STEX, BiMAVs, and other war vehicles will be displayed by Computer Graphics Imaging(CGI) and will have exteriors that show clean, unblemished, and polished, depleted uranium except for Rebels vehicles which will have a chrome finish to be distinguished by civilians otherwise the NWO symbol based on the interlocking triangular pyramid for the East and a cool looking eagle insignia for the West both of which will be shown on both the front and back of the given STEX, BiMAV, or other war vehicle will be the sole means of distinguishing between the 2 sides by civilians/militia whom do not have access to interfacing.

Those that have access to the interfacing will see all enemy units outlined in red with potentially hostile units in different shades of orange ranging from units who are almost certainly hostile very near to the color of red to units that are 50 50 hostile in plain old orange to seemingly passive civilians in yellow. The same type of spectrum applies to determining the difference between passive civilians and friendly militia. Civilians that are lime green are 50 50 helpful. Pure green is the color of defiantly fighting allies. The Audio code system for designating allies and enemies is orange 0-10 where 0 is yellow and 10 is red and lime 0-10 where 0 is yellow and 10 is green. Blue Represents Neutral Forces Which Are Good But Similarly Likely To Fight On Our Side As Yellow Except Wavering On The Side Of Benevolence Like {Pre-During-Post}Banshees. Blue To Teal To Green Represents Good Neutrals To Teal Which Represents Positive Coalition Forces That Can Waver If Things Get Tough And Teal To Green Shows Near Loyal Allies About More And More As the Color Looks More Green Like The Color Of This Text. Purple designates mission critical protected status personnel, data, BiMAVs, STEX, Carriers, Nukes, or other war vehicles, which must be guarded. Sky Blue Delineates target objectives that must be completed. Oxyl Blue To White Secondary Objectives Whose Reach And/Or Need Is Higher Depending On The Whiteness. Brown delineates targets, decoys, or whatever that should not be targeted for whatever reason, usually because somebody else will take care of it or because it is a trap. White is miscellaneous. Pink Is For Personnel/Marines/Civilians To Be Seduced And Sexed Up To Be Won Over.

The only places where there are blemishes are where there are hits by plasma. BiMAVs torsos will be rectangular prisms with circularly tapered edges. BiMAVs will have cylindrical arms that curve in an arcing fashion in the upper arm only. BiMAV legs will curve in an arcing fashion as well. BiMAV feet will be disks whose centers will tilt up to 44 degrees in any direction and can bend further in a gradual manner as they near their circumference. STEX will have thick platform shoes depending on the mass of the battle unit enabling uniform jumping height capabilities which will vary due to the combat scenario load out. Shoe souls will countour to a certain degree to retain contact with the surface. Buildings will be perfectly constructed and clean as if they are just constructed except possibly for some if the people in the future decide to make them look more worn in.


Sky Command Symbol

The Following Are The Sky Command Screenplays:

False Diamond Age in htm

Fallen Nanotopia in htm

Death of Nations in htm

False Diamond Age in Final Draft Format

Fallen Nanotopia in Final Draft Format

Death of Nations in Final Draft Format

False Diamond Age in Rich Text Format

Fallen Nanotopia in Rich Text Format

Death of Nations in Rich Text Format

False Diamond Age in Plain Text Format

Fallen Nanotopia in Plain Text Format

Death of Nations in Plain Text Format

Before and After EACH AND EVERY Change put “asdf” so that there are markers where changes are made!


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