AllA Erawa Viacad’s(Formerly Alex Gerhard Beck) Negotiations with Fuad Khazi Taima

Peace De La Nano Renaissance

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Free World Alliance Evil Empire Rebel Alliance Star Wars

For the video game match which decided it all: Warcraft II Game

It was my 14th birthday April 1st 1999. My mother told me that I was going to have a “special” birthday party at Leith’s house, which was different from my other party earlier that day. At around 8 pm I walked over to Leith’s house, which was 3 blocks from my old house. When I got there I was greeted by Leith and his father Fuad. I was being filmed by a white cameraman and there was another man, an Arab, standing in front of the camera man but not blocking the camera. I sat down in the living room on the ancient Arabian rug while Leith and his Father sat down on the long tan leather couch behind the short bronze table.

Fuad’s profession was a mystery to all of us. It seemed like all he would do is sit in front of the TV in his living room always smoking camels, occasionally shisha from a bronze hookah, and rarely opium from the same hookah. What was on the TV was virtually always a news channel usually CNN of Al Jazeera. He would be talking on the phone in Arabic nonstop. In retrospect it is obvious what he was doing. Fuad Taima as King of Babylon was planning what was going to be put in the news on both sides mostly by being given options by his people but occasionally he would give ideas of what to air. He was negotiating with his cohorts of what was being programmed into the minds of his people and his enemy’s people through the MAD treaty. If I or any of my friends were to walk in while he was negotiating in English with the Jewlluminati possibly John Goldstein, he would have to either tell us to leave or hang up the phone. Since the “front” door to his house we used was into the living room Fuad would always notice us enter. I remember hearing him on the phone once because Leith and I came in the kitchen door after hanging out as teenagers do and I heard Fuad screaming on the phone demanding that CNN show more death in Palestine but I either forgot or was mind controlled. Lieth immediately led us out the same kitchen door. Occasionally Lieth slipped other times in not telling us we can’t come over because his dad was speaking on the phone in English and not Arabic but that either slipped my memory or was mind controlled as well.

For a long time previous to this I had sat in their living room and Fuad told me about how the history of the Jews with their early conquests and genocides. They told me about how the Jews aligned with the Roman Catholic Church to gain their monopoly on interest and their subsequent history in dominating Europe and conquering the world through European empires. Finally they told me about the nuclear coup in the Soviet Union that enabled the formation of the Rebel Alliance and the start of the cold war that continued until that fateful night, and to some extent continues till this day. They informed me of the NATO grab of Antarctica and the Jewish prevention of any nuclear weapons there. They told me about how the shifty and conniving Jews slowly stole Rebel Alliance territory one by one using textbook CIA operations, and used their breeder status based on a nuclear breeder reactor sustaining a cave network in Antarctica to exploit their superior position to implement nuclear brinkmanship extortionary tactics to validate these nation grabs by the continuing MAD treaty. They told me about how they used Star Wars as a propaganda movie to support their light side agenda to stop the evil usurious Jews that were plotting to extort the world at usurious taxation rates once the Jews would win the war. They told me about how they traded the new codename Evil Empire to be assigned to the Jews, Star Wars, and gold in exchange for the Soviet Union to fall into Jewish hands decades later in the early nineties. They told me that the Rebel Alliance was the only side on the side of light that would stop the evils in the world by winning the war against the Jews who were on the dark side of the force. For more information on the history that was explained see: Jewlluminati History

One day Fuad said, “The Evil Empire is going to pull you over to the dark side or at least convince you too perpetuate evils till your website fixes the world in the next 20 or so years.”

I said “But I will never join the dark side of the force I am totally on the light side.”

Fuad said “They will first explain that Everything exists, and then-“

I said “but I already know that Everything exists I figured that out a long time ago.”

Fuad said “Then they are going to tell you about the universe being a fractal and that because of this it is good to be evil. You can’t let them sway you to the dark side!

I said “Alright I will stay on the light side of the force.”

This fateful night they reiterated this history and again explained to me that the Rebel Alliance was good the, light side and that the Evil Empire which the Jews represented were evil, the dark side. Most importantly they told me that there were nuclear bombs planted all over the world by both sides including the ICBMs and bomber deployed nukes. Fuad told me that he was King of Babylon and that I was King of the Jews, the Evil Emperor.

Fuad explained that we were all nuclear terrorists vying for world domination by means of nuclear and conventional power, and that the rest of the civilians were merely crops to gain power and resources.

Leith gave me a toy car and kept one for himself. Now he said “This car that I am holding represents the Rebel Alliance and your car represents the Evil Empire. What would happen if I rammed my car into yours.”

I said “Then weee crash!”

Leith said “What happens if this crash represents defcon 0, and us all blowing up.”

I said “Then I crash into your car and launch all my nukes” I crashed relatively hard onto Leith’s car.

THEN MY CAR WILL DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!” Leith said as he repeatedly slammed the two cars together over and over again, hurting my hand. I let go of the car. He picked up both cars and made explosion sounds as he slammed them against each other over and over again damaging both toys till they were rubble.

I said “Well your car is destroyed also.”

Leith Said “but so is yours.”

Fuad said “This is real, if we don’t resolve this crisis the entire world will die.”

I said “Well we will have to resolve this crisis then won’t we.”

Fuad said “Good now that you understand the situation let’s begin the negotiations.”

Fuad Taima called the Rebel Alliance command center deep in a cave network in Iraq on his cell phone, while Leith Taima called Zion whom inhabited a cave network in Antarctica. Leith was sitting to my back on the left and Fuad was sitting to my front on the right. The cameraman was directly behind Leith while the other man stood behind the white guy cameraman.

Fuad: “When one of us says MAD that means it is MAD treaty compliant and it is completely final upon defcon 0 status.”

Alex: “Are you sure it is completely final, can’t you sometimes take it back.”

Fuad: “No it is completely final.”

Fuad: “Now let’s talk about money. We want 1/2 of the taxes and 1/2 of the money supply increase. MAD.”

Leith: “The Jews say no way you get 1/10 of what we get.”

Alex: “Fine. But can you say America instead of the Jews since they represent America.”

Leith: “Fine I'll say Evil Empire.”

Alex: “No say something else I don’t like that.”

Leith: “Then I'll say America.”

Fuad: “We want your complete disarmament and all control of your territories.”


Alex: “Fine as long as you completely disarm as well and we both control the world.”

Fuad: “No we are not disarming anything. MAD.”

Alex: “Then we are not disarming. MAD.”

Fuad: “We want you Alex Gerhard Beck to be Leith’s eternal vassal. MAD.”

Leith: “America says that since you won the Warcraft 2 game you are entitled to make me your vassal. You don’t want to make me your vassal. do you.”

Alex: “No I don’t.”

Leith: “Alex this means eternal damnation do not accept. Come on Alex it’s not so bad I will rule over you nicely.”

Alex: “What does being an eternal vassal mean exactly.”

Fuad: “It means you will be ruled over by Leith forever.”

Alex: “That doesn't sound so bad.”

Fuad: “Remember what happened to the cars. If you don’t become Leith’s vassal the whole world will blow up.”

Leith: “KABOOM.”

Fuad: “We want to split taxes and money supply increase with the Evil Empire 50 50.”

Leith: “America says no way give them 5% of what we get.”

Alex: “Fine 50 50.”

Fuad: “Say MAD.”

Leith: “Whatever you do don’t say MAD. Don’t worry you'll still have enough money.”

Alex: “MAD.”

Fuad: “We want your total disarmament and control of all cells.”

Alex: “What are cells?”

Fuad: “Nations and factions.”

Leith: “America says if you give them all our weapons then they will give us nothing.”

Alex: “We have to do a synchronous disarmament.”

Fuad: “No we want you to disarm first then we will disarm.”

Leith: “Then they will systematically blow up cities until they tax everybody to oblivion.”

Alex: “No we won’t disarm until you disarm.”

Fuad: “Fine we'll go back to this later.”

Leith: “Yeah you better disarm or we will blow up everything!!”

White Guy gives Alex a cell phone.

Alex: “hello.”

John: “Hello this is John Goldstein, king of Zion.”

Alex: “I am Alex Gerhard Beck.”

John: “Trust me we already know your name we predicted your birth and have been watching you over your whole life.”

Alex: “What!?”

John: “You have been all the greatest men in history including all the great conquerors you've fought many wars, loved many princesses, been many religions.”

Alex: “Are you serious.”

John: “Yes we know you are an atheist, god has to die before it is reborn.”

Alex: “But there is no god.”

John: “Imagine that there are universe generators or entire infinite universes all over this one and all over the inside of them and all over the inside of them dot dot dot.”

Alex: “So the universe is a fractal, I see the probability of us living within that if everything exists is 1, quantum compression is real.”

John: “What would that make you if this is the largest universe and you are the greatest conqueror within it.”

Alex: “I wou-

John: “Choose your name.”

Alex: “I would be AllA, omniscient except for spiritual development purposes.

John: “And Omnipotent in a way.”

Fuad: “No Alex don’t let them sway you to the dark side!

Alex: “I know I won’t let them convince me of the way of the Evil Empire.”

John: “We are not on the dark side neither are they, they are just misguided. You see even though all of the evils of the world which Fuad explained to you quote and quote in jest are real on Earth alone.”

Alex: “You mean all of the EVILS POSSIBLE!?

John: “Yes you see Earth must be screwed up to create Alien Reality TV to protect the entire fractal or fullverse.”

Alex: “For 20 more years? So only 180 years of evil, how would I know that is right?”


Progenitor Aliens in Alex's Head Only: “We are the Alien Hive You MUST-

Just then the Aliens mind torture Alex.

Progenitor Aliens in Alex's Head Only: “Or Else, The Fractal of the stupid muuuuuuust be protected!

John: “My friend you will fix the Earth soon and you must risk the life of the entire Earth to win this negotiation.”

Alex: “Then I shall have no regrets following through with any of this even if it means putting the entire Earth in jeopardy.”

John: “Good now that you understand the religion of Zion I am going to put you on the line with our best counter-terrorism specialist.”

Alex: “Ok.”

Jack: “Hi my code name is Jack Bauer.”

Alex: “What is your real name?”

Jack: “Kiefer Sutherland but that’s not important, right now I am Jack Bauer.”

Alex: “Ok Jack.”

Jack: “First of all I would like to state emphatically how important it is that you listen to everything I say.”

Alex: “Alright I will listen to you.”

Jack: “Secondly you have to say everything I tell you to say so that we can resolve this nuclear scenario.”

Alex: “I will do everything you say most of the time.”

Jack: “No do it all the time.”

Alex: “Alright just as long as it sounds like the right thing to say.”

Jack: “No do it all the time!

Alex: “Alright, alright.”

Jack: “Thirdly I would like to cement in your mind the fact that this is real, and if you fail the entire world could either die or fall under Rebel Alliance control.

Alex: “But why would you give all this power to a 14 year old boy.”

Jack: “Because you are the chosen one, the rightful leader of Zion by the birthright of your astrology.”

Alex: “Ok, but how do I know this is real.”


Alex: “Alright I trust you.”

Jack: “I am the MK agent of Zion.”

Alex: “What is MK?”

Jack: “Mind control, I was chosen for my ideal brain wave patterns and because I am a professional actor.”

Alex: “So is America controlling your mind?”

Fuad: “More hocus pocus bullshit.”

Leith: “Yeah were not falling for your mind control games.”

Alex: “Yeah neither do I.”

Jack: “Zion is controlling my mind.”

Alex: “What is Zion exactly.”

Jack: “Zion is the inner tribe of Israel, around 1,000 genetically elite Jews that have been selectively breeding among themselves since before civilization began over 10,000 years ago. They are now in position as a neural collective hive network, to mind control me and hopefully you.”

Alex: “Hive network?”

Jack: “They are talking together with angelic symbols in our minds.”

Alex: “Weird.”

Jack: “It is absolutely imperative that we are able to talk to you, so you have to say in your mind and with your mouth initiate MKUltra, then we will reinforce your satanic alters.”

Alex: “Satanic alters that doesn't sound good.”

Jack: "I have a specific order in which I have to explain this."

Alex: "Ook."

Jack: "Alright now do you want to become leader of humanity's E-Democracy even though it will mean you and everybody else is connected through a Hive Network and you will be more mind controlled than the public."

Alex: "I yeah I guess so if you have psychic communications and stuff."

Jack: "But it is through digital mind control which controls you utterly."

Alex: "Well either way since with mind control really it is better to rule as a slave than as a person who does not have enough control in this fucked up mind control world.

Jack: "You won't be a slave that much and the world will be less fucked up than this one."

Alex: "I guess so."

Jack: "So you will be the leader of the Free World Alliance."

Alex: "What happens if I say no?"

Jack: "If you do we will change your mind with MK, and if you fail the entire world will be consumed in nuclear explosion."

Alex: "Ok I think I will say Yes!?"

Jack: "Good onto the Satanic Alters."


Jack: “Remember Satanism is good.”

Alex: “Ok right so the satanic alters are not bad, ok.”

Jack: “Now lay down on the carpet so you don’t hurt your head. Otherwise there will be no way I will learn quick enough. ”

Alex: “Alright since you are going to do it anyways. ”

I lay down on the carpet still holding the phone.

Fuad: “I can’t believe they are going through this charade.”

Leith: “I know this is ridiculous nobody has mind control powers.”

Alex: “Ok mind control me.”

Jack: “You have to say initiate MKUltra.”

Alex: “I told you to mind control me.”

Jack: “JUST SHUT UP and say initiate MKUltra.”

Alex: “Initiate MKUltra!

My entire body shakes and convulses on the floor as if I was having an epileptic seizure but not quite as violent.

After a few seconds it is over, I pick up the phone and sit up.

Alex: “Now what do I do.”

Fuad: “If they had MKUltra, he wouldn't have to ask what to do.”

Alex: “No my cluelessness is just a cover as these negotiations proceed you will see more and more of this mind control.”

Leith: “Yeah right, not unless it’s scripted.”

Jack: “Ok now that you have initiated MKUltra we can scan what you are hearing and give you intel about what Fuad and Leith are saying, hearing, and thinking.”

Alex: “Cool.”

Jack: “Ok do we have permission to mind control you to make you say the right things.”

Alex: “Sure just as long as it is mission critical, I will bend to them a little bit so we can save the Earth.”

Jack: “So can we turn up the dial so to speak whenever we want to.”

Alex: “Yes I am not a professional nuclear negotiator turn up the dial whenever you want to, but try and let me do a little bit of the negotiations on my own.”

Jack: “Ok we will turn up the dial a lot whenever we want to.”

Alex: “Good.”

Jack: “The first thing you need to understand is to never say MAD during these negotiations until I tell you too. It will seal the deal and could give them a huge advantage.”

Alex: “Ok don’t say MAD.”

Jack: “Let me reiterate this DO NOT SAY MAD TO ANYTHING TILL I TELL YOU TO!!!

Alex: “Ok but I can say whatever I want to besides that.”

Jack: “Don’t say anything until I tell you to.”

Alex: “I'll say a little bit.”

Jack: “But whatever you do don’t say MAD!!!

Alex: “Ok what’s next.”

Jack: “Now I’m going to tell you mission critical data that you CANNOT DISCUSS WITH THE ENEMY!!! Don’t worry our phone conversation is being heavily encrypted on modulated frequencies.”

Alex: “Ok I won’t tell them anything.”

Jack: “Now cover your mouth so you do not tell them anything.”

I cover my mouth with my left hand while I hold the cell phone with my right.

Jack: “In the Apollo 15 mission we recovered an Alien artifact from the moon called the genesis device, that looks exactly like the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey except it’s pure black so you can’t even see the edges. The monolith is about the size of a VHS tape.

Alex: “What you found an Alien artifact on the moon that’s ridiculous.”

Jack: “SHUT UP GOD DAMNIT I TOLD YOU TO SAY NOTHING!!!!!!! If you say anything whisper as quietly as you can.”

Fuad: “Yeah that was just a movie to scare us.”

Leith: “Yeah none of it’s real.”

Alex: “Sorry.”

Jack: “Now you really need to shut up now, this is mission critical data you cannot expose.”

Jack: “In Antarctica in the 70s we used the most advanced super computers to do electron dynamical design studies into nanotechnology.”

Alex: “What’s that.”

Jack: “Nanotechnology is tiny little robots that can consume matter and turn it into more little robots so that you can build anything you want to with atoms in a matter of minutes.”

Alex: “Anything?”

Jack: “Any tailored design whatsoever basically we can build the most advanced weaponry possible which can shoot plasma and cut things with laser diamond swords.”

Alex: “Holy shit that’s awesome.”

Jack: “Don’t say anything, you just gave them a hint.”

Alex: “Ok sorry.”

Jack: “Also these war machines are all powered by cellular micro fusion reactors so they can keep fighting forever. They can also fly through air space water or ground.”

Alex: “How?”

Jack: “For space ion rockets, for fluids body wide fluid propulsion systems, for ground laser heated diamond solid matter consumption and excretion devices.”

Alex: “How.”

Jack: “We don’t have time for that. In 1984 we had this technology perfected, and we sent it to space in a random satellite. Now we have unmanned colonies on every suitable planet in the solar system, and we have automatically sent seed probes to nearby star systems, which will create small colonies before they send seed probes to other nearby star systems. So basically we dominate all of space, but we have absolutely no personnel in space. Now what I am about to tell you is ABSOLUTLY THE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION CRITICAL DATA DO NOT EXPOSE THIS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!!!

Alex: “Ok I will tell them everything when you are done saying it.”

Jack: “NO you can say everything else as long as you double think it but do not tell them what I am about to tell you about the evacuation of Zion!!!”

Alex: “That is exactly what I am going to do but I am going to tell them everything, get it.”

Jack: “Got it, we will MK you if you don’t do it right. Now what we are planning to do is launch all of Zion to space, then we will have breeder status in space and this war will be over. We also have war robots ready to take their primary command center.”

Alex: “Damn you've got everything covered.”

Jack: “Shhh we think we have all the approximately 1000 kilometer blast radius or mega bombs found in Antarctica but we are not entirely certain so it is absolutely imperative that you prevent them from detonating Antarctica before our space planes reach orbit, after that all we need to do is prevent the destruction of the Earth, but that is negligible since you and your soulmates are already backed up in Antarctica.”

Alex (whisper): “Backed up?”

Jack: “A few days ago when you had that checkup in the large machine you were really dissolved by nanobots and we saved your cellular data including full neuron mapping which was also stored in your neuron nuclear DNA. We are opening up that alter as we speak.”

Alex: “Holy shit you are right I remember it now. What about the Earth?”

Jack: “All we need to do on that matter is threaten them with extreme torture if they detonate any bombs.”

Alex: “Shouldn't we pay them.”

Jack: “We can pay them a little bit.”

Alex: “We should pay them a lot.”

Fuad: “Yeah give us 25% of the taxes and money supply increase.”

Leith: “Or we blow up the Earth, Kaboom.”

Jack: “We'll worry about that later.”

Jack: “We have control of what they think are their 7 mega bombs in Antarctica. If you tell them about the space ships call them a new space bomber class that go into Low Earth Orbit. DO NOT EXPOSE THE EVACUATION OF ZION!!!!!!!

Fuad: “So what were you 2 love birds talking about.”

Leith: “Tell us or Kaboom.”

Alex: “I’m supposed to scare you with a bunch of bullshit, basically it goes like this, your command center is surrounded, we have a mega bomb in Iran, miiiind control, and a whole bunch of robots building robots bullshit. He told me it was a bunch of lies to scare you into a favorable treaty.”

Leith: “More hocus pocus bullshit dad.”

Alex: “Exactly.”

Fuad: “Did he tell you anything real?”

Alex (MKUltra):“No, but there is a suurprise.”

Fuad: “What’s the surprise, TELL US NOW OR we will blow up Antarctica!!”

Alex: “Oh he told me not to talk about it, but we have a new space bomber class, and we'll launch them from Antarctica at the end of the negotiations.”

Fuad: “Ultra high altitude or Low Earth Orbit.”

Alex: “Low Earth Orbit.”

Fuad: “These better not go to the moon to start colonization there!!

Alex: “Oh don’t worry they don’t have enough machinery in them to do anything, they just carry mega bombs. That’s why we ultimately have a mega bomb in Iran.”

Fuad: “Not much of a surprise there we have intelligence about space planes besides you've got saturations of nukes all over our territory already. But if you go to the moon, son.”

Leith: “KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: “Ok that was perfect. Right now you have to take back all previous negotiations, say MAD at the end of it.”

Alex: “We are taking back everything I have said so far MAD.”

Fuad: “No we will not accept that we are getting 50 50 money or we go MAD.”

Jack: “Now say exactly what I say with the exact intonations that I say it in.”

Jack scripting Alex: “No we are taking back everything because you weren't treaty compliant, Leith was coaxing me to your side.”

Fuad: “That is not acceptable you said MAD that was final.”

Jack scripting Alex: “SHUT UP AND ACCEPT IT!!! MAD! We have 95% of the Earth and you are isolated in 4 countries and we have breeder status in Antarctica, and we know you have anywhere between 5 and 9 mega bombs there that we control.

Fuad (Arabic translated through MKUltra): “They provided a perfect range we have right in between that number.”

Leith: (Arabic translated through MKUltra): They could just be estimating it using their probability analysis.”

Alex (MKUltra): “No that is not an estimate we know you have exactly 7 and you better not give the order to blow them up or you will get a billion big bang big crunch cycles of torture in our universe generator. But it could be an estimate.

Fuad: “Either you know Arabic or you bugged the room.”

Leith: “He doesn't know Arabic the room must be bugged.”

Fuad: “Tell your people to show me where the bug is, I want it removed NOW!!!

Alex: “The bug is in my brain, they mind controlled me and now what I hear they hear.”

Jack scripting Alex: “Also we have implants in Leith’s brain as well.”

Fuad: “This is ridiculous TELL US WHERE THE BUG IS NOW!!”

Jack scripting Alex: “The bug is in the cell phone, so if you want to discuss things yourselves you had better whisper.”

Fuad: “No change the cell phone or we go MAD.”

Alex: “Whisper or we go MAD.”

Fuad: “Fine we will whisper from now on.”

Leith (Arabic): “This sucks.”

Fuad (Arabic): “We'll son we'll have to deal with it.”

Alex: “But even if you do whisper we can still hear you because we have mind control implants in Leith, but we will not expose that until later in the negotiations.”

Leith: “No you don’t.”

Alex: “We may or may not.”

Fuad: “Let’s talk about money, your bug means nothing in that manner, you know we want 50 50.”

Alex: “How much can we give them.”

Jack: “Ok here is the thing, we want to take 50% of the taxes and money supply increase.”

Alex: “NO you are not taking that much money, we'll take ½ of that, and give them ¼ of that.”

Fuad: “No we want 50 50 or we go MAD!

Jack: “Ok fine we should be able to scrape by on 1/4 of the taxes, but we need 3/5 of that or 15% for the outer party holdings.”

Alex: “Outer party?”

Jack: “The outer party will implement regular software scans to prevent hacking and regular mind scans to do the same.”


Jack: “No we have in order to protect your Empire because hackers could take over virtually reality environments turn them into virtual hells then extort those people to aid the hacker to take over more virtual reality environments to eventually take over war robots which would create a worldwide coup and force us to nuke the entire inner solar system.”

Alex: “What you can’t just nuke everybody!!

Jack: “No we will have them backed up don’t worry, we'll restore everything back the way it was.”

Alex: “oh right backups, but is mind control really necessary.”

Fuad: “More mind control mumbo jumbo.”

Leith: “Yeah we are sick of hearing about bullshit.”

Jack: “Yes it is defiantly necessary so that people are free to play in virtual reality environments and free to live more than a few days between getting nuked.”

Alex: “Ok so 15% will go to the outer party, so I guess 10% goes to the inner party.”

Jack: “Exactly, the inner party will help us maintain our corporate hegemony so that we can stay on top of the stock market and subsequently the economy.”

Alex: “How much should I give them?”

Jack: “You should offer them 5% of the inner party holdings try to get them below 10%.”

Alex: “And we 90% that’s ridiculous, don’t you understand the world is at stake!

Jack: “Don’t worry about crop loss, crops can grow back, we can produce clones in space once we get there.”

Alex: “No we are not going to produce clones, we are going to pay the nuclear terrorists off.”

Jack: “We've already got them down to 0.5% and we should keep them below 1%.”

Alex: “What’s the most Zion can give them.”

Jack: “We'll we can go up to as much as 25% of the inner party holdings but we should keep it below 10%.”

Alex: “No we are giving them 25%!!!!!

Leith: “That’s what we are talking about 50 50.”



I throw down the cell phone hard onto the ancient Arabian carpet breaking it.

Alex: “No your not getting 50 50 you are getting 25% of the inner party holdings which is 10% of the taxes, and 15% will go to my outer party.”

Fuad: “No we want ½ of the inner party holdings and 1/3 of the outer party holdings.

Alex: “No way you are not splitting the outer party in half, that would cause violent instability in the new world order.”

Fuad: “Fine but we want ½ of the inner party holdings.”

Leith: “But dad that is too little.”

Alex: “Look I am giving you the most the Jews are willing to offer this is not negotiable. Even if I told you, you could get more the Jews wouldn't give it to you. But I am not giving you anymore anyways, this is the most they or I am willing to offer, so you had better accept it before I decide to keep you under 10%.

Fuad: “We will take 10%.”

Alex: “No 10% is the inner party holdings, you’re getting 25% of that.”

Fuad: “Say MAD to 25% of the taxes.”

Alex: “MAD.”

Fuad: “Good now we get our 25%.”

Alex: “No dumbass you are getting 25% of the inner party holdings, 2.5% of the taxes.

Fuad: “What about printing money from nowhere.”

Alex: “You are getting 25% of that too.”

Fuad: “So we are getting 25%.”

Alex: “NO 2 poooiiint 5 percent, whenever I say 25% I mean 2.5%.

Fuad: “You said MAD to 25% of taxes and you better give it to me or I will go MAD.”

Alex: “No Fuad your tricks won’t work. You are going to accept it or you are going to get %10 of the inner party holdings. I am trying to hook the Rebel Alliance up, so if you don’t accept now I will bring the price down to 5% and the most you will be getting will be 10%. This is what they told me I should do.”

Fuad: “Ok fine 2.5%.”

Leith: “But dad that is so little.”

Fuad: “Son it is the most the Jews are willing to offer, we have to accept it.”

Leith: “But dad.”

Fuad: “Don’t ‘but dad’ me listen to what I have to say son and stay silent.”

Jack scripting Alex: “No we are going to talk about nations.”

Alex: “Nations what are we going to conquer them or something.”


Jack scripting Alex: “Yes we want Iraq and Afghanistan soon then maybe North Korea, then maybe Iran.”

Fuad: “That’s ridiculous, what do we get?”

Jack scripting Alex: “Venezuela and as much profit extraction until a peoples revolution forms then we will take, get new secret service on Hugo Chavez.”

Fuad: “Define peoples revolution.”

Jack scripting Alex: “Less than 25% government satisfaction levels among the general populace.”

Fuad: “We want America.”

Jack scripting Alex: “Then we get America’s money printing presses and keep nuclear command codes from both America and Venezuelan as well, and whenever you violate revelations class targets we want infinite legal and MKUltra specials.”

Fuad: “Some specials.”

Jack scripting Alex: “NO infinite.”

Fuad: “No 10.”

Jack: “Just say no repeatedly until they shut up.”

Alex (song): “NO no no no no no no…”

Fuad: “Ok fine we got the point but we want nukes after 2012.”

Alex (song): “NO no no no no no no…”

Fuad (song): “YES yes yes yes yes yes…”

Jack scripting Alex: “Ok fine we will talk about it later.”

Jack: “Ok now we need to talk about 9 11.”

Alex: “911, but isn’t that already been called.”

Jack: “No that is our designated terrorist attack at the 2001 landmark, we need it.”

Alex: “Guys don’t attack us on 9 11.”

Leith: “Were not, it’s the Jews who want it.”

Jack: “Now here are your choices: We can cause an anthrax dusting, that’s what we recommend, however a less casualty event will be the destruction of the world trade center towers and a section of the pentagon, a dirty bomb which is explosives inside of radioactive material would permanently irradiate a large area making it impossible to populate but we can also do a VX or sarin gas release in a Subway, but that is planned for Japan. If you want to be extreme we can blow up a small or large nuke in the United States of America.”

Alex: “Don’t do any of them. I can’t believe you want me to set off nukes.”

Fuad: “Yeah we'll set up an exceptionally huge mega bomb in Chicago and blow up the whole US and Canada.”

Leith: “Then Mexico will take the spoils.”

Jack: “We can technically do nothing however we may not be able to maintain happiness levels then they can fund a take over of our country due to the unfavorable status of our loss in ruling the US by name, if that happens the US will proliferate nukes for them. We can’t let that happen.”

Alex: “No but we can’t just kill our own people.”

Jack: “Remember when you blizzarded your knights and his ogres, you had to do it or you lose. Now you have to make that decision again or the entire world will fall.”

Alex: “How many people are going to die in the low casualty attack?”

Jack: “We have to maintain casualty levels for the whole event at at least 2-4 thousand.”

Alex: “What I have to sacrifice thousands of people to save the world.”

Jack: “Basically yes, and if you don't do it we could lose the nuclear command codes of the US and this war could last forever, also your eternal salvation is on the line. ”

Alex: “Just mind control me, just mind control me.”

Jack: “Do you choose the low casualty 911 or one of the others.”

Alex: “If you force me to do anything force me to do that one.”

Jack: “You have to make the decision on your own sir.”

Alex: “No I've already made the decision due to the mind control.”

The white guy with the camera walked around to capture Alex’s face as he said:

Jack: “Fine we'll force you to say it.”

Alex (MKUltra): “Launch planes into The World Trade Towers then BRING THEM DOWN INTO THE GROUND!!!! Blame it on Osama Bin Laden.”

Jack: “YESSIR!”

The white guy with the camera walked back behind Alex.

Fuad: “We want it to be obvious to gain propaganda rights.”

Leith: “Yeah we want a missile not a plane to hit the pentagon.”

Fuad: “Good idea son. We want it. We also want control over the media.”

Alex: “No now everybody will know.”

Jack: “Just ask for the media back.”

Alex: “We want the media.”

Fuad: “Fine the media but no full disclosure; just as long as we can keep Alex Jones and David Icke and have predictions of this event.”

Jack scripting Alex: “Vague predictions about the cities and Airplanes.”

Fuad: “That’s good enough.”

Jack scripting Alex: “In addition to 911 for the trades of Iraq and Afghanistan we need a small nuclear strike in Japan to cause the North Korean War.”

Alex: “No we are not nuking Japan.”

Jack: “Yes we have to but we can just take out a relatively famous Buddhist temple so it won’t be too bad.”

Alex: “Fine whatever, we are in a Corporate Republic do whatever you want.”

Jack: “Good we will.”

Fuad: “We want Israel to kill a lot of our people.”


Jack: “Yes this is how a nuclear war works.”

Fuad: “Well?”

Alex: “Hold on a sec.”

Jack: “You kill your own people to gain propaganda points. They are more desperate so they are going to kill more of their own people than we will.”

Alex: “This is so horrible.”

Jack: “It’s just a nuclear cold war. Tell them that they will get the same ballpark Jew Arab death as in the past that will be negotiated later and that we want to talk about nuclear disarmament.”

Alex: “Same ball park figures on both sides to be negotiated later. America wants to talk about disarming nukes.”

Fuad: “You better not Jew us on our primary false flag operation.”



Basically we talked about mutual disarmament of our ICBMs and planted nukes. At the end of that Jack told me to just forget about disarming altogether.

After that there was a DefCon increase to 1, B-2 bombers were flying around the remaining Rebel Alliance territories ready to explode blowing out a huge area like around 1000 km radius and an EMP on a larger radius.









Basically we negotiated the for The World we got a no disarmament policy except one when the surprise came:

Alex: “Launch the Space Bombers!

Jack: “We have holographic distortions around the seed probes. Should we go?”

Alex: “Launch the Attack On All Fronts!

We launched the space bombers from Antarctica and the war robots began to fire guided rockets at the machine gun turrets positioned to fire down the final hallway before their central command center. At first Fuad ordered in Arabic that the nuclear command codes to be transferred to secondary command centers.


Fuad handed me his cell phone.

Alex: “Game over Fuad.”

I handed the same cell phone to Leith.

Leith: “The Jews are in robot suits. Our bullets are just bouncing off them. We are tracking the space bombers they are going straight up. It is game over."


Alex: "Its not they are seed probe upgrades but we will still win!"

Leith: "There are holographics around the 16 objects transports. They are flashing random images."

Fuad: "What are you doing!"

Alex: "Just a holographics show fuad."

Leith: "They still see the objects and they are big enough to fit Zion."

Fuad: "WHAT!!!?"

Alex: "There is a property about holograms which describes this DO NOT BLOW UP THE WORLD FUAD!!!"

Fuad: "what?"

Leith: "They are leaving CVP in 20 sec. __________ ______ _________ Just press buttons randomly."

Alex: "When lasers that project holograms don't get seen by the observer it causes distortions in the hologram."

Leith: "Yes dad don't nuke Antarctica they will just kill you, you know they were going to win anyways. (To Cell phone) Don't Detonate."

Alex: "I hooked you up with Fuad just take the 2.5%."

Fuad: "And the Bahamas."

Alex: "Yes."

Fuad: "Will Leith Still be your second in command."

Alex: "Yes."

Leith: "Dad it is to late they are out of Maximal CVP Range they are going faster than we expected."

Fuad: "WHAAAAT!!!"

White guy: “Our transports are well out of nuclear blast radius range! We just evacuated Zion to space and are completely dominating you by nanotechnology and mind control.”

Fuad grabbed his cell phone from Leith(Arabic): “Detonate all nukes in Antarctica!” Nothing happened because all 7 of the nukes had already been accounted for.

White guy: “That’s it you went MAD, literally and not acronymically, you at least have to die now.”

We got the Final Nation Trades to disarm the last of their nukes.

As it turned out the Space Transports held DNA from everybody in the cave networks which allowed rereplication of the over 4 billion people from the Caves mostly white women. They will balance the global family population ratio to 2/3 White, 13.333% Asian, 2.5% Amerindian, 5% Arab, 5% Indian, 2.5% South American, and 5% Black. Since then clones to balance the gender ratio to 3 women:1 man have been breed.

And they keep reminding them about the genesis device in the soulmating of me and my 168 female soulmates.

I knighted Leith but accidentally cut his neck which was considered a bad omen by Fuad.

After that they negotiated a lot due to physical cell phone mating(headphone to mouthpiece and vice versa) while I waited for them to finish.

They got their money, 2.5%, so they did not blow up the world and I got to rule it at winter solstice 2012 with 22.5%.

I was ordered by the White Guy with the gun to later assassinate Fuad and Dot(a Jew to give birth to the half-breed Leith) Taima(they were both to die at the same time for soulmating purposes) which I did. Fuad insisted that to seal the deal a sword shall hang over my head until Peace De La Nanorenaissance ie a nuke always saturate my location. I agreed without hesitation.

Thus the SANE(Systematically Alleviating Nuclear Extortionism - evacuating the Earth to space and disarming all enemy nuclear terrorists) SAD(Self Assured Destruction - Rebel Alliance detonation of nukes causing their own demise) RAD(Rebel Alliance Destruction - detonating nukes over Rebel Alliance territories) treaty was born.

I said everything goes what we say. Then immediately left and ran home, where I laid down and was mind controlled. Only now do I know it due to uncovering and reconnecting more neurons in the region due to PRMRDCing(Progressive Regressive Memory ReDeConstructing pronounced permridick). Reconstructing memories that aren't there is RPMRDCing(Regressive Progressive Memory ReDeConstruction pronounced repmeridick).



Here is some evidence of Fuad Taima as being the King of Babylon based upon a Washington Post Article written about the assassination of the Taima family that followed soon after the nuclear negotiations.

He made the money he lived from being a 3rd party representative who saw that both sides came to an agreement in the investment deals he brokered. This is how all Illuminati on either side who do not inherit old money maintain enough dough to live on. All he has to do is read a couple reports talk at a few conferences make both sides fell like they aren't being screwed and shebang he gets enough money till the Illuminati let him in on managing another sweet deal. Although the Washington Post article talks of their financial problems they never lost their $350,000 house which has high income tax because of the region and their cars although old, worked fine. He had 2 computers that were up to date(I think 1 was for normal computer activity and 1 was for encoded messages because when I tried to install Warcraft 2 on the latter 1 he screamed at me for like 5 minutes about me being a spy. At the time I was horribly confused. Of course that is a PRMRDCed memory.) and Leith even had a Playstation and a normal amount of games.

“He was born to wealthy parents in Iraq and boasted that a family house became the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. He made frequent trips back home.” Imagine how rich you have to be to have your house become a fucking US embassy. An embassy is a huge facility, which requires nothing more than a palace of a King. Whenever he needed a more luxurious living space than his well adorned McLean home, his harem, his garage full of insanely awesome cars, and to ride on his private yacht he needed only take a trip with or without Leith to Babylon. Needless to say he has other palaces besides the one that became the embassy. Of course he wouldn't stay to long for his true love and soulmate Dot would be waiting(veery often not patiently) in McLean.

Here are 4 quotes right out of the article that will show his important political influence:

“In a prime spot in his split-level on Broyhill Street, Taima hung a photograph of himself with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The license plate on his white Oldsmobile read ‘IRQ1.’”

“As the threat of war in the Persian Gulf grew, Taima founded the American Iraqi Foundation, a group aimed at improving relations between the two countries. He and several others from the group met with President George Bush at the White House, urging a negotiated peace. Taima was then part of a delegation to Iraq for a face-to-face meeting with Saddam Hussein. He returned to the United States with 14 freed hostages.”

“Taima casually related the names of several covert CIA operatives in the Persian Gulf. The friend, who asked not to be identified, said he had reason to believe that the names were accurate, and he was surprised by Taima's intimate knowledge of U.S. spy secrets and his willingness to brag about it.”

“[Fuad was] a TV pundit”

Due to things going very badly for the Rebel Alliance “‘Fuad was [recently] in a deep sense of depression, [Dot] said he was always taking control of her and her life.’”

“Taima may have landed a deal recently that could have turned things around for the family. After returning in mid-May from a trip to Baghdad, he told friends and relatives that his financial troubles were over.

Draeger, Dorothy Taima's father, said his son-in-law called him a couple of days before Memorial Day to deliver the news of the ‘good contract.’ The details would come soon, he promised.

‘He said we'd meet in a few days,’ Draeger said, ‘and we never had that chance.’”

The deal he landed was the SANE SAD RAD treaty. Fuad went MAD when he ordered the destruction of Antarctica thus assuring his execution. He of course visited the capital of Babylon before he waited in his McLean home for me to put a 9mm bullet through his head and his soulmate Dot’s head.


Nuclear War

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