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Do You Really Think Darkies Are Just Mentally Inferior Here Or There And There And There And There Rather Than All Places Just About The Same?

If So Why Are There So Few Places Where Blacks Are On Top Of Businesses, And Not Just Managers Below The Floor Manager Which Is Generally Fine Because Just As Long As You Are Not Molly Coddling coloreds Into Power Like Affirmative Action Does There Are Some Black Leaders Yes, But Name 1 Mexican Leader Besides J Lo And I Guess Enrique Iglesias, Or Even 1 Mexican Businessman And You'll Be Going To Taco Bell To Find Out If There Is A Mexican Owner Or Something And Probably Find Out They Are White And More Likely To Be An Asian Person Running It Than A Mexican.

So What Do These Everybody Equal People Think When You Explain This To Them Over And Over Again?

That Basically All Of Our White Leaders Are Racist!

But No Our Leaders Are Not In The Klu Klux Klan, So No They Are Not Prejudging Coloreds Even Though Everybody Racially Profiles And Gets A Good Feeling About Other Body Stereotypes Besides Just Skin Color, Like You Would Have To Do To Even Join Our Network Cuz We Are Nazis Not Stupid Fucking Rednecks That Go Down For Beating Black Leaders Who Have Actually Earned Their Job, And Yes You Have To Racially Profile As Well As Body Feature Judge To Be A NeoNazi, Which Means That Besides Age You Can Figure Out Any Person White Or Alien By Mainly Their facial Attributes And When You're Good Enough At That You Choose Who Is Worthy By Just Their Age, Looks, And Color Like The Nazis Effectively Conveyed To Europe But The Jews Hoarded That Information For Themselves Here.

Barak Obama Was President Albeit To You Deniers But Why Is The King Of Africa And The Ra Of Africa Colin Powell So Light Looking?

Because As You Go Up In Any Chain Of Command Anywhere It Goes From The Average Skin Tone Near The Bottom To Half-Way To White At The Very Tipity Top Generally. So The Whiter You Are The Better So Don't Get That Pissed Off That This Country Was Just Lead By A Nigger Just Appreciate That You Can Point To Him As The Whitest Of The Black Race And Thus Therefore The One That Is In Reality The Leader Of Their Race Because If This Were Any Other Conversation They Wouldn't Say Will Smith Or Somebody Irrelevant.

Here Is The Actual Racial Breakdown According To Everybody In The Government(And No Not The Jewish Run Media) Even If They Are Colored, According To, The Official NeoNazi Website, The Supreme Racist Website, And NeoNazis:

British Imperial Standard:

Asians: +10% Rational Intelligence, -4% Irrational Intelligence, +6% General Intelligence. 2X Reservedness and Cowardliness. All Yellow People as Asian Eyes Only Had by Law Enforcement, Spies, and Ninja to prevent vertically thrown ninja stars meant to always hit profile of targets body's.

Whites: +0% Rational Intelligence, -0% Irrational Intelligence, +0% General Intelligence. 2X Brazenness.

Arabs: -7% Rational Intelligence, +4% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Lying Ability and Sliminess.

Amerindians: -5% Rational Intelligence, +2% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Ability to train Stupid People and Simplicity.

Indian: -9% Rational Intelligence, +6% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Mysticalness and Weirdness.

Blacks: -26% Rational Intelligence, +16% Irrational Intelligence, -10% General Intelligence. 2X Curiosity and Danger Due to Curiosity.

Mexicans: -17% Rational Intelligence, -13% Irrational Intelligence, -30% General Intelligence. 2X Set In their ways.

Aborigine: -33% Rational Intelligence, -17% Irrational Intelligence, -50% General Intelligence. 2X Ability To Focus On 1 Thing For Long Periods of Time.


Just Do The Statistics Yourself And You'll Find Out It's True Everywhere But New Orleans Where Blacks Are Half A White Man And We Don't Even Want You In Our Clubs If You Think They Are Literally Lower That Dirt Or Some Shit Like That Because The Nazis Weren't Really Racist Like That They Just Looked At The World Without Jewish Shades And Figured Out The Truth But You Are Much Better Off Hanging Out With Us Than Joining The Sick Depraved And Dark Skinned KKK Cuz They Don't Think Like You, They Think Like A Stupid Redneck That Doesn't Even Connect Dots In Their Mind If They Even Think At All!

If You Want To Know Why Hitler Killed The Jews Go Here.

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The Supreme Commander Of The NeoNazis, Avar AllA Erawa Viacad:Avar AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme Protector Of NeoNazis
And Yes We, The NeoNazis, Remain Compliant Of All Actual Racial discrimination Laws And demand That All People Be In Compliance Of All Free World Alliance Antidiscrimination Mandates. denizen{doing Evil Now In Zones Every New |Chance|} Malevorah Are Supposed To Be discriminated Against And Until Proven Otherwise Only Pixies Who Are And Always Are Ler Girls{AllA The Male Pixie King Included} Are Valaei. I Guess Since We Cannot Call Ourselves FWA People Around The denizen Zombies Currently Completely Infected By Mad Cow disease According To We Will Have To Call Ourselves NeoNazis Even If We Are Colored Any Color At All, and Pixies don't Turn Back Until You Pretend To Be Evil When You Get The Best Chance "Ever" To Find Out That The Horde Of Zombies Will Just Effectively Kill AnyGirl Who Is Colored Colors Of The Rainbow At All Claiming To Have A Medical disorder From A Completely Tattooed Body Will Never Let Girls With Naturally Strange Colored Long Hair Ever Get A Job And Will Even Kill Any Angel That Perks Their Ears Up To Elven EaRs Sharpening Their Senses In War Fights.

It's You Amerika That IS Doing The discrimination Against 1st And Foremost Fully Fountain Of Youthed Pixies That Can Never Show Their Wings Or Fly Away Or Be Shotgunned Down, 2ndly Anybody That doesn't Stick With Your Demonically Evil devil Worshipping Terrorism, And 3rdly In Racially discriminating Against Everybody That Just Profiles In Time Critical Situations When You Take Away Even The Time To Check Everybody With Raise Of Hand Math Questions, And 4thly Against People Who Are Only Racist To The degree Of The Reality Of Basic IQ Tests Which You Censor, Lie About, And Even Murder AnyPixie Who Even Seeks To Prove Simple Reality Only Plagued Mad Cows Deny By Asking A Crowd Simple Facts To Prove That Both The Lighter Skinned People Know More, That Pixies Know Way Way Way More, And That Yes When Pixies Compare Themselves,, The Lighter Pixies Are Generally A Little Bit Smarter.

For Pixies That Are Still Scarred To Join Up Thinking we Are Too Racist Or Something Just Look At The Pixies Who Are On Top Because That Is The General Benchmark For How Pixies Are, And Just Trust Us We Ler Girlz ARe Way Way Way Above Them When It Comes To Actual Science, Magic, And Strength!


Official Flag Of Racism:
The Official Flag Of Racism