Like A Sleeping Dream But Lasting Much Much Much Longer

Your soul is your consciousness. Your spirit is what directs your ghost, which interfaces with your body through the electromagnetic field of the universe. When you die you trip on psychedelics released from the pituitary gland most notable of which is DMT and most of your ghost leaves your body after your “near death experience”(if your brain is still intact after you go into cardiac arrest) and wanders the world haunting what you love as a phantom which you don't really have any experience of. Your devanchian before your next lifetime is dependent on your karma so you could be tortured severely if you betrayed the meaning of life which is perpetuating happiness above all else even creating beauty in the universe all the way to being rewarded with everything you desire like being doted on at a palace. You will have your spirit fixed of anything holy that you lack, for example if you died an old virgin and were totally evil, even though you will be tortured you will also be well sexed by your soulmate's' spirit's' dream ghost(s). Once you have been fully reformed and restored by the ease of your ultra-dream/devanchian which progresses by reviewing your previous life as your halved-day of work which causes you to forget what you reviewed as your ghost disintegrates that much, heaven/purgatory/hell will be complete you achieve a time(whose length is proportional to a combination of both you’re spiritual strength, and how you've lead your past life) of nirvana in a EinZPALN as you become one with a astronomically large group of beings who are like you in a blackhole as your ghost is completely destroyed and your spirit is purely passive. Then your spirit gets a new ghost as you become incarnated in a new body that has just had a DMT and other neural transmitter burst signaling the first neurological activity. If your body was frozen and will be unfrozen in the future as is known by an angel over you then your ghost will teleport in spacetime to reinhabit your old body. Karma will supposedly affect you 3 times as much for what you do and usually in a manner similar to the hurt or pain you ensued very often in an ironic manner. It will most likely cause a rapid karmic rebound but will affect you with an approximately 99% chance in your next 7 lifetimes or their equivalent if you live shorter or longer than average. Normally the chance of a karmic rebound dissipates exponentially over time and can occur in multiple spikes some of which can even happen well after the 7 lifetime benchmark. Your Body Looks The Same Always But You Will Go Up And Down In Hit Points(Due To Quantum Compression Of Your Body-Parts)/Intelligence Due To Cycles Of Death And Reincarnation.


Magi Elite, Green Magi

By: AllA Erawa Viacad, The Supreme ArchMage Of:


The Key To Magic


Kabala, Kabbalah


Magic Spell Book

All Things Shall Come To Those Who Are Good Of Heart!