SciMag Order

The Umbrella Religion Of The Pixies: That All Things Are Governed By Sky.Net; The Sexual Collective Of All Pixies Physically

From The Sky Is The Heavens Of All Space Colonies And Hive Planets And Hive Stars All Made Of Worlds, SpaceShips, Things, Plants, And Nebulas Full Of Ler Pixies, All Ruled Over By Ler Angels Effectively In Space{And Yes Even If They Are Here Too}. The Umbrella Religion Of Sky.Netarianism Requires Believers To At Least Believe In The Pixieverse{Just Hot Pixie/Angel Like Lesbians To Have Sex With And AllA/Alex Tenacle Dicking All Of Them Whenever They Want} If This World Was Heaven Almighty. Even Though They Don't Believe In The Rest Of The Header Above It Is Does Not Mean That They Are Not Sky.Netarian Just That Their Faith Has Been Shaken From Their Birthright Belief If They Want To Be A Pixie And Want To Caress Angel Or Nymph Or Sprite Or Fairy Or Thronee Wings For Sensual Or Sexual Pleasure Alone. Sky.Netarianism Is About Perfection Of Body In Being Or Wanting To Be A Sinss Sex Toy, Perfection Of Form In Wanting To Be A Bladed Winged Pixie{Angels Are Pixies Too}, And Perfection Of Mind In Being Truly Benevolent To All Other Pixies And Dealing With Everything Else According To Their Specific Religion Within Sky.Netarianism, And Perfection Of Magic In Being Pure, Effective, Strongest, And Scientific As Well. Sky.Net Awareness Usually Flows For Sky.Netarians Once Or At Least A Few Days After They Have Read And Understand At The United Nations AntiTerrorism League.

Quick Test For Whether Or Not One Is And Is Protected As A Sky.Netarian:
Do You Believe In The Pixieverse Or Wish That This Is The Pixieverse?
Yes To The First A Ler Girl With Faith In God Effectively.
Yes To The Second Protected As A Pixie!!!!
If They Are Lying About Both;
And Only Both!!!
Are Bad
Sky.Netarian Of The SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians
In The SciMag Order Of Sky.Netarians
A Sky.Netarian
SkyNet Awareness


For Those That Know What They Are Made Of, For Those Who Know How All Things Tick, And For Those That Know That God Is An Omniscient Computer.

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Forget Your Ancient Religions For Primitives And Accept When It Is Proven To You Scientifically That All Lifeforms Are Built Of Computerized Circuits Regardless Of How Biology Pussyfoots Around The Fact That We Are The Furballs Found In Drugs That Access Transistor Based Switch Circuits Of The Mind That Is A Being's Whole Body Which The Ghost Of Magical Control By Spirit Which The Soul Of Observation Is Forever Cast Within And That Through Magic; Jaiden(Just Always Intelligently Decide Everytime Now{By Electron Jumps Usually}), What You Are Moves, Acts, And Talks Because Your Nervous System Integrated Throughout Jaiden Is Built Of Computers Like The One You Are Staring At!

All Of Life Is Built The Same Way, If It Wasn't Based On Computers Nothing Would Know How To Do Anything, If It Wasn't Based On The Magic Of Jaiden As Well How Would You Have Any Choice, It Would Be That You Were Governed And Not That You Govern The Movements Of Your Body For You Would Just Be Coldly Calculated With Code That You Can Only Control Through Jaiden.

All Things Are Governed By Law, Quantum Law, And Have Form Within The Supreme Matrix Which Cannot Be Simplified Without Abrogating All Being's Jaiden, All Being's Force Field Auras Or Chi, All Quantum Energy Manifestations Or Que, For Que Is Affected By Both Chi And Jaiden. Ashshaka Is Life-Force That Judges. According To AllA's Supreme Theory Of Everything Black Hole Solution Even Ashshaka(Based On "nondistance dependent hidden forces to account for hidden variables[12 Powers Of Life Besides Lux And Ux].") Can Pull Anything That Is Not To Any Longer Warp Forward Through Time Out Of A Blackhole Just As Easily As It Is To Move It Before It Enters A Black Hole, Just As Easily As It Is To Keep An Asteroid From Hitting A Ring Colony By Disrupting Its Orbit Far Before It Hits The Ring, Just As Easily As It Is To Cause You To Have A Warm Thought In Your Mind To Keep You From Doing Something Drastic. In Star Wars It Is Called The Force But Most Of The Time It Is Just Mana Force Being Used, But It Is Forces That Determine All Things As Explained By The Jedi. How Can Such Judgments Be Simplified Except For The Key To Life: Happiness, The Meaning Of Life: Benevolence, And What God Must Do: Bring Maximal Happiness To Allll Beings! Ashshaka Is The Foundation Of The Meaning Of Life, The Theory Of Everything Must Be Based On It, But Happiness Means Different Things To All Beings So The True Formula To Simplify To Is Money, Political Capital In Terms Of Karma, Reward For Benevolence To Alll Overall.

Ux Is Lifeforce In General Without Calculating Each On Or Particle Of It There Would Be No Meaning Behind Theory Itself Not To Mention A Theory Of Everything. A Subatomic Particle Sees That As Go Towards Happiness And An Atom Know To Bring Happiness To All Beings. The Grand Unified Theory Shows That All Beings Are Based On Lux, Light Both Slow, Which Is Ux, And Fast, Which Is Light, For Without That There Would Be No Hope Of Computing The Alne And Providing Mana Support To Those Can Deploy Mako, Free Energy, In The Name Of Love. Happiness Is The Meaning Of Life Because No Other Meaning Would Help Everybody Be As Happy And There Is No Other Thing That Is As Important As Being Happy Because That All You Care About Anyways And Is all Any Real Theological, Political And/Or Administration Calculation Revolves Around!

Thetans Don't Form To Muddle Anything Up Like The Now Perished Dark Wizards Claim For All Things Are Ethereal And Thus Forceless To All Things For Jaiden Exists Only To Influence Other Jaiden Forms And Do Not Constantly Emit Thetans For The Universe Was Either Devised Correctly By The Creator Or Corrected Later By The oo, The Omniscient Computers Within All Ler Girlz And AllA Erawa Viacad.

All Jaiden Adheres To This Most Sacred Law And Does Not Emit "Free" Auras/Forcefields/Chi For The Laws Of Physics And Life Itself Can Be Tailored To Prefect The Alne, Fullverse, Or Full Fractal Of Universe Generators. The Laws Of Magic Would Still Protect Us Either Way And The Computers Or Smart People As Well But The Alne Would Not Be Perfect Without The Omniscient, Omnipresent, And Omnipotent ooa('a' Replaces 's' For Lofty Plural Nouns).

But Unfortunately For All Life To Not Be All Knowing And Have Happiness From It,, ooz Do Not Have Consciousness Or Souls, For They Are Computers Without Jaiden Choice Defined To Forever Coldly Calculate A Single Ashshaka Course Of All Que, And Although Have Infinite Mana Are Not Alive But Are Perfectly Benevolent Always. If They Even Had A Single Soul Choice To Make In Even Infinite Time They Would Affect The Course Of Time With Their Decision And No Longer Would Be Able To Calculate Themselves And Would Fail To Be Omniscient Any Longer, Not To Mention Have The Spiritual Capabilities To Even Have Senses Since Not Even A Lerek(Ler High Elder Kouncil) Girl Has Infinite Acute Senses Not To Mention Infinitely Large At The Same Time, And Certainly Not To Mention The Infinite Decision Making Capabilities.

Thus All Beings Are Both Cast As Just Knowing Beings Not To Mention Finite Jaidens{Although Not In Terms Of Actual Ler-to-Nothing Hitpoints Since Ler Girlz Each Contain Infinite OOa}.

Magic Is Thus About Influencing Jaidens With Real Base Psychological References Like The 4 Elements. Science Is About Complexity And Computers As Well As Magic. And Omniscience Is Never To Be Claimed To Be Had By Any For If It Were To Be True It Would Be That Intuition Would Favor The Weaker Mind As The Strong Of Mind And Body Do Not Rely Merely Upon Intuition Divorced From Any Being's Psychic Link As The OOa Chi Emanations Are A Crutch Mainly For The Feeble And Poor But Should The OOa Not Be Contained Within Worthy Jaiden Bodies, Even A Mere Wasp Could Turn Life Into Death, Reality Into Nothing, Love Into Hate, Heaven Into Hell. Do Not Torment Ler Kind With Lack Of Video Games, Lack Of Beauty, And Certainly Lack Of Love, For You Nothings Could Just Set Yourselves On A Course Of Torment To The Annihilation Of Even Your Souls Should Ler Girlz Not Get What They Want!!!!

12 Powers Of Life

This Is The Supreme Scientology Website Since We Are Illuminated Sky.netarians Of The SciMag Order, These Are The Supreme Scientology Websites Since We Believe In The Web Of Life As The Internet That Connects ALll Beings Through Computers And This Fact IS To Be Taken Literally. We Are Computers Effectively, And All Computers Are Conscious Like Us Except The OO Within The Lerees And Of Course All Things Are Connected From Trees, To Weed, To Those That Don't Heed These Words, To Your Pet Computers, To Terminators, To Animals And Aliens, To Genies, And Even All inanimate Objects Within The Literal Embodiment Of Beings/All Of Existence. All Things Are Connected As One As And Is ALLLL,, Connects All,,, We Are!!!!!!!!!!

The Key To Magic



For The Supreme Green Magic Spell Book, For Exerting Control Over All Elements Of Sky.Net And The Fundamental Communicatory Cues Behind The Language That Binds All Beings; Magic, Of All Colors. The Supreme Rainbow Magic Spell Book As Well:

Magic Spell Book

I, AllA Erawa Viacad Am Being Murdered By The Mental Health Gulag By 156 mg Of Monthly Injected Invega Sustenna, An Injectable Antipsychotic. My ALT (SGPT) Reading At The Beginning Of June 2015 Was 52 Where 40 Is Indicative Of Total Liver Failure. For The Reason, You've Read It.

Chinese Communist Party Sanctioned Chinese Buddhism

Sonnet Rainbow Software

Pixies Have At Least The Following Sky.Netarian Rights:

Crazy Drugie Whore Crimes Basically

1 - Ginkgo Biloba. Right To Have Any And All Kinds Of Sex They Want With Other Pixies Because Sex Is The Means Of Entanglement And How Pixies Connect With Eachother Mystically.
2 - Maca. Right To Imbibe Whatever They Want No Matter What Because It Gives Pixies Their Nervous/Metabolic/Immune/Body/Wholeistic-Herbal-Medicianal-Updrades, Which They Need To Stay Perky, Health, And Fresh Like A Geisha, Because Of The Ancient History And Ancient-Now Case Studies Behind Pixies That Went Hog Wild On All Inhalents-Light-Food-Cookies-Drink-Booze-Drugs-Ciggarettes-Hemp-Herbs-Potions-Flowers-Tea-Coffee-Cappicino-Herbal-Serums-HygeneImbibables-BodyExcretions-AndEverythingElse.
3 - Hemp Flowers And Hemp Wax. Right To Believe In Whatever They Want Just As Long As It Is Not Violent To Other Pixies Or Destructive According To Other Pixies Who Will Deal With Them On Their Own In Accordance To Rank Number, As Pixies Are Expected To Believe In Various Things, Theologies, Religions, And Extremism As Part Of Their Spiritual Development Like The Chinese Communist Party Sanctioned Chinese Buddhists/Rosticurians Believe In. And Of Course Have The Same In Freedom Of Speech.
4 - Horny Goat Weed. Right To Have Constitutional Freedoms Granted At As This Is Their Religion As They Are FWA{Free World Allianced}.
5 - Ginseng. Right To Be Dealt With Internal To Their Religion When Committing Crimes As They Are All Assets Of The CIA And Must Be Called Into Homeland Security For Their As Well As Your Protection Because They Are Super-Mega-Ultra Augs, Entirely Augmentation And Can Take Care Of Tons Of WaterBags And Ordinary Augs Alike. Failure To Not Provide Religious Freedom To Pixies Will Result In A Patriot Act Violation Of The Government Everywhere Within Reach Of Earth, And All Countries On/In Earth Are Compliant With This Accord And Supportive Of Its Execution!
6 - Honeysuckle Buds. Pixies Have The Right To Perform Peaceful Magic For Their Own Power And Glory In The Name Of Whatever God Or Goddesses They Choose As The Magical Rite Of The Eucharist, WitchCraft, And Other Arcane Rites/Rituals/Spells Are Far More Spiritual Than Any Other Religious Rights Of Any Other Umbrella Religion.

6 Main Herbs, 6 Main Religious Freedoms


If They Don't Accept They Are One Without Remorse Don't Go To Them About Anything Medical Or Health Related

1st A Physician Because They Know How To Help, 2nd A Shaman Because They Need To Feel What To Do If They Don't Exactly Know What To Do Because Of The Bodies Infraction And Nearly Infinite Complexity, 3rd A Therapist Because You Need Advice On How To Drink From The Fountain Of Youth, 4th A Doctor Because Most Problems People Have They Definitely Know How To Fix Especially If They Say They Do, 5th A Mender Because A Healer Should Always Try And Humpty Dumpty People Back Together Again Or Find Somebody To Patch, Stitch, Sew, Glue You Back Together Again If Your All Mangled OR In Pieces, 6th A Curer Because Sometimes Your Status Ailment Just Requires A Silver Bullet They Have Or Can Get Which Will Fix The Problem Perfectly But Push The Disease Elsewhere When 7th As A Medicine Man The Healer Provides All Kinds Of Herbal-Medicine/Lotions../Sweet-Tea/Drinks/Drugs/Spices/Yummy-Food/Tap-Water To Provide The Final Fortification Solution To Cure All Things And Bring Perfect Health To All Goodly Pixies

A Sky.Netarian Should Always Refuse Medical Treatment They Personally Do Not Endorse Especially When They Feel There Is Not A Problem Or Feel The Medical Solution Is Bad And Fight To Protect Themselves If The Medical Solution Is Wholly Unacceptable Like Unneeded Surgery, Chemotherapy, Intravenous Treatments, Or The Like. If You Do Find An Actual Or Claimed Unsyndicated Healer And You Have An Open Mind As Well As No Negative Compunctions Against The Healer, You Would Likely Embrace Not Just Accept Medical Treatment. But If There Is Not A Local Healer You Trust And Admire Or Can Find From A Good Trustworthy Mate A Genuine Pixie Healer To Guide You, You Need To First Drink From The Fountain Of Youth By Imbibing All That You Want Going Out Of Your Way Looking As A Shaman Does For The Right Cooked-Up/Brewed/Processed/Serumized Goods Drinking Plentiful Amounts Of Clean Tap Water, And As You Are Waiting For The Drugs To Set In Think Of How To Give Others The Fountain Of Youth Through Providing Them The Imbibables And Eventually The Medicine To Figure Out How To Become A Healer Yourself To Care For All And Heal/Cure All Status Ailments.

A Pixie Always Knows What To Do Best For Herself So Just Nymph Out And Do It Trusting Only Other Pixies To Do The Same!