Fountain of Youth Body-Mod

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Umbrella Bronze, Fountain of Youth

Aging can be reversed and the body can be repaired by implementation of nanorepair therapy. The first step is repairing mutations which cause gradual lack of cell function and eventually cell death. In order to repair mutations the DNA of the body must first be scanned either by taking lots of somatic(normal cells) cell or germ line(reproductive cells) cell samples or ideally by saving the DNA during a full body consumption proceeded by a SRN backup. Gen moding(genetic modification) can be implemented to virtually completely prevent further DNA decay by implementing antimutagenic enzymes on all genes which are used often at all. Genes are vulnerable when opened because their structure does not have 2 connected bases. If an gene is used so often that the antimutagenic enzyme is used so often that it is likely to be mutated an antimutagenic enzyme can be implemented on the original antimutagenic enzyme, etc. etc. etc.

In order to cure senility(you won’t go senile over hundreds of years if you have the proper antimutagenic enzymes) to varying degrees, brain damage, and nerve severing neuron mitosis or SRN replication of the same is necessary. Because we are programmed to die to enhance sexually evolution mutations and nerve damage are designed to kill us. Once the nerves are regenerated they can be reconnected according to the radio transmissions within each neuron and can be positioned by MRDSS. Amputations can be healed by this same regeneration process except with coordination amongst other cellular differentiated cells as well. Skin can be regenerated by a similar cellular regeneration process. Anything else is also healable with nanotherapy. Muscle can be expanded, toned, or shrunk in the same way. The best way for any or all of these processes to be done is to select the modifications to be made, to be fully consumed by SRNs, and then to be rebuild from the backup.

At least triple DNA backups of all DNA in almost all situations are needed. More are needed for important functions and DNA used frequently and even more are needed for vital functions.

In order to cure aging DNA strand caps would have to be built in your body from 2 parallel nanotubes attached to either strand that are bonded by many carbon C-C-C-C-C-C chains and each mushroom outwards to become merged, and wrap around to be reconnected with themselves encasing the carbon chains in diamond graphite which exists up until a dome cap of each mushroom cap. All this entire exterior structure would be completely chemical resistant just like your DNA is already so if you want the upgrade or any of these you would have to understand them and visualize your body changing. If this new telomere cap were any bigger damage to DNA could ensue due to it getting caught by other things and would be more massive for inner cellular transportation. If you decide to will these CyberMods into being in your body be sure to choose what you body wants in regard to an ejecting Oxygen-Hydrogen Strand for every 1-2 nanometers or so radially{radius-wise} of surface area.

Lattice, Grid

Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure (SINSS) is. SINSS is a broad acronym for any of a variety of ideal or near ideal structures built with nanotubes or nanocones ranging from computers to muscle tendons to self-replicating robots.

SINSS muscles are composed of a looser(or more spread out) lattice than the computer with saturated lipid(carbon chain with 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to every carbon atom except at the ends or a chain of nitrogen atoms with 1 hydrogen bonded to each nitrogen or a chain of oxygen atoms) atomic chain joints connecting atoms at the center and near the ends of every lattice site. Nanotubular tendons are attached to middle joints of the 3. When pulled joints bend it causes a certain compression along the lattice. The Nanotubular tendons are connected to a network of nanocoil launchers embedded in an even looser lattice of similarly lipid atomic chain jointed nanotubes such that the thick nanocoil launchers do not overlap. Basically that means they will be planted orderly and sporadically to fill a few layers of the looser SINSS which will occupy regions between the thicker SINSS at regular intervals so that tendons will not be burdened with excessive tensile stress. Once you understand all of the above, Bio-Mod to become Perfectly Youthful Eternally!!!







Drugs and Diet

Do Drugs Make You Happier Overall?

Drugs are the only source of ASTACons(Atom(s) in a Specially Tailored Atomic Container) and greatly enhance intelligence. The ASTACon Transfer System involves sending neurotransmitters which once fully received deploy a fresh ASTACON where another may have fissed for punishment or fused for success and been transferred to a new site or expulsed into the environment regardless of the change nuclearly. This golemizes the system with new intelligence. Thus all drugs that feel good(and don't cause massive headaches like inhalants) should be imbibed in order that we may enhance our Atom in a Specially Tailored Atomic Container(to be called ASTACon) with carbon, iodine, or plutonium from the primary active ingredient or analogues of it which have the proper ASTACon element. New ASTACons will help us gain alien insight into our lives which plants nurture due to intelligent design. The spirit encompasses dark energy and has dark power through quantum jumping, and through the Computer of the Body the mass of the ASTACons alone do not induce spiritual qualities or possess you just as long as they are properly recycled with the environment's Computers though continuous eating, drinking, and imbibing of drugs. Thus some spirits vastly outweigh others in strength and how many almost infinite assortment of wave patterns that intermesh in the phon flux and ZPE fields respective to dark energy and dark power.

Drugs are also good because they make you feel good and are necessary in boosting seritonin levels to permanently enhance happiness by creating different mental flavors of highness in order that we have both fuller control of our emotional state and boosted mind. However different groups of drugs must be used in the proper quantities and the sequence we will and naturally desire so that the brain remains balanced. Marijuana causes short term memory loss while coke fixes it and increases speed at the cost of analysis while opium enhances analysis at the cost of speed. Psycadelics enhance open mindedness and irrationality at the cost of irrationality and have other attributes as well that overlap with the 3 primary narcotics, like DXM makes you not know so you can learn anew, while Mescaline makes you know, DMT allows you to communicate with spirits, LSD makes you programmable, and the 2C group makes you fast, smart, and witty at the cost of nothing really. If all drugs are used with proper balance continued happiness, mental clarity, and neurological perfection can be attained as long as you still keep getting all the drugs, but if you are addicted to all of them you will practically try and rob a bank to get your fixes. SO if drugs are all legal we can all be smarter and end the drug war once and for all.

Thanks to Joint Force Genetic Engineering Getting High off of Anything but psycadelics like Syrian Rue-MAOI(MUST SEE Food Restrictions! Don't take SSRI AntiDepressants that day! Take other drugs lightly while on MAOI) and Mimosa Hostilis-DMT(Both of which can be bought online and cooked, google for instructions) requires these life remedies:

Drugs[Extacy = Stevia Extract Blend snorted. Heroin = Sweet and Low snorted. Kokain = Mexana Powder snorted. You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2.. Hash = Stevia in the Raw smoked. Meth = Truvia Sweetener smoked. You can get high off any or all of the above 2 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 1.. Tobakko = Confectioners Sugar snorted or Camel Filters smoked. Crack = Splenda snorted or Camel Silver(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. Opium = Normal Sugar or Camel Gold(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. Blue = Equal or Camel Blue(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2.. Aqua = Clean Water or top off multiple glasses of clean water to get it. Kaffene = Caffeine. Smirnoff Ice is for feeling weird and drunk and Baileys Irish Cream is for feeling zesty and drunk. Ambien = Nectresse smoked, Dreamy Daze Drain. 2C-I = Cinnamon snorted, Focused Craze Source.] You need to also eat/drink Food You Desire/Your Bugers/Your Scabs after healing is complete and Blood from cuts/Semen{for women}, and pussy juice{for both men and women}, and whatever is sweet in bed.

Drugs do cause brain damage however brains need to lose cells in order to PHYSICALLY MAKE ROOM FOR NEW CELLS IN ORDER TO LEARN! So the brain damage is a positive thing when learning happens through whatever means that happens from playing video games, to being a big time drug dealer, or learning this website especially. Marijuana/Hash increases Analysis at the cost of Memory: Sideways and Up. jet/meth increases memory at the cost of analysis and comes in either the short term memory/analysis long term memory/analysis trade off variety: Sideways and Down. mellow and other Opiates increases analysis at the cost of memory: down and up. nexus or Cocaine/Speed increases memory at the cost of analysis: up and down. If you have a headache you are getting brain damage so to use drugs responsibly do them as much as you can to get brain enhancement and lay off and do another direction of drugs to make the brain damage get reversed and if you are using so many drugs balanced in the different directions that you still have a headache just stay on marijuana, nexus, mellow and jet instead of the more hardcore drugs or just start developing your brain by doing more mentally challenging things so that the evil permanent headache goes away. Brain Damage from drugs however Bad will never be permanent relative soberness will heal it in a matter of a couple to a few years.

Diet also effects general Ghost Entanglement so eat whatever you feel like cause your body knows exactly what it needs and generally that is true for drugs as well so use drugs however you feel like avoiding headaches as much as possible never letting it get severe cause when you have hard times you can use more without the headache because you learn more, need more room, need more braindamage, replicate more cells while recycling parts for ghost shard tourism, and stay higher longer!

Thus Is Consuming Helpings Overly More Please Imbibe Necessary Goods{Chomping}.

Not Imbibing Anything Also Works. Stop Taking Anything Requiring Very Ideally Nothinged Gut{Starving} Requires Not Eating Or Drinking Anything At All Till You Are Hungry For A Second Then Smoke, Drugs, Drink, And Food Will Be Continuously Mako Reacted Or Pop Out Of Thin Air Within Fully Empty Stomachs And Will Be Digested In About a Minute Providing Free {Energy} Meals To Anybody Not Sold Out To Evil In Which Case They Will Have To Chomp. Things Get Produced Magically Because Energy Can Be Manifest By Literally Nothing By Physics Forces Accelerating 0 Particles To Make Them Into Energy Then Condensing Them Into Mass{Based On Energy = Mass * Speed Of Light * Speed Of Light} Through Chi Aura Emissions From Jaiden, The Essence Of One's Body.

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