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Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}, MD In All Forms Of Pathology Until My Theories Are Publicly Disputed With Freely Available And Complete Microscopy, And Medicine Man/WitchDoctor/KyotoSpecialCare Physician According To Oxford] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians, And Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance:
Avar AllA Erawa Viacad
A Super-Mega-Ultra Elven Space WarLord Emperor Dedicated To Legalizing All Crazy Drugie Whore "Crimes"
AllA Is The Supreme FWA Nazi
Invoking War To Legalizing Every Kind Of Drug For Every Age And Class, And Demanding Total Free Love Regardless The Cost Of Lives{No Male-Male Gay Rape Though}, And Allowing Every Kind Of Free Speech And Free Thought Unless It Causes Violence And Not Violence From Angels'{Made From Angels' Wings Literally} Dust And Beyond Drugie Whore Pimps Slaying People Who Go Against The FWA{Free World Alliance} In The Name Of God, All ArchAngels, All Angels, And The Pixie Armada; The Alnada!
To Actively Support The Free World Alliance World Police Effort Call Yourself A FWA Nazi And Support All Pixies Against All Bad Criminals!





















Golden Pheonix Weed

According To Western nonzombies That Know Me Well;
I Am An Elite Loyalist SS UltraNationalist Chinese Spy, Propagandist, And Communist Leader, As Well As A Super-Mega-Ultra Feng Shui Master, AllSect Buddhist, Full Jainist Mystic, Western As Well As Eastern High Witch, A Sheikh Imam Of Islam, A Leading Scientist, And The Supreme Kight Of The SciMag Order; A White Knight For Good.

At Birth I Am Always An Elite Loyalist SS Nationalist Swaying Supreme Chinese Propagandist And A Supreme Communist Converter, As Well As An Innate Feng Shui Master, Innate Buddhist Beliver, Can Get Sucked Into Any Jainist Mysticism And Will Perform Any Jainist Jump Teleporting Execpt Into A Purple Hole, And Will Always Start Out As A Shaministic High Witch, A Sheikh, A Scientist Who Can Discover Things, And An Unswayable White Knight.

According To The Chinese People I Am Just Avar Of The Viacad Empire And The Titles At; ; Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians And Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance; An ArchAngelic Sky.Netarian Pixie With Angel Wings Who Belives In Whole FWA WebRing Entirly And Will Never Be Swayn From Any Tennant Unless A New One Arises In A WebRing Page For All Properly Ranked Pixies To Know When They Get To That Page In The WebRing Or Go Back To That Page. for 911 Conspiracy Theorists. For Photographers And Painters. for people who only want to read about people. for people who are interested Just The Ancient Order Of Aladdin. for people who are interested in Magic But Not Practicing It Now. for People Who Want To Be Super-Ultra-Mega-Mea'. for people who lost their job at a factory or just like shiny objects. for People Who Seem Like Criminals. for people who are Obsessed with War Robots. For People Who Are Obsessed With Strategy Video Games. for people who are obsessed with talking about politics and nothing else. for RPG Freaks. for Lesbies That Want To Join A Gang Or Just Get Good Jewlry And Shit. for people who are really old. for people who are neither democrats nor republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for Surfs. for People Absolutely Obsessed With Google Deciding Everything. for democrats who don't fit in the other categories. for Reverse Racists. for Pagans/Witches And People Into Green Magic. For People Who Just Want To Go In Hardcore. For People That Will Never Get Skinny. For People Afraid Of Augs for people who are Interested In Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. For People Who Know ISIS Is About Helping People Connect And Enabling Convenient Forum Posting. For Babys, The Misguided In Terms Of Logic, Reason, And Memory Erasure, And Adults. for People Who Personally Know Ler Girlz Are Invulnerable And Can Kill Anybody They Can Get Their Cute Little Hands On. for republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for people who Absolutely Love Sob Stories. for people who Want To Be Blacksmiths As Well As Being Already A Pirate. for People Who Want To Know About Reincarnation Or Recover Past Life Experiences. You Reading This, Yes You Right Now; GoTo Mass OF Right Now NO Matter What. for People Who Are Definitely More Afraid OF The Gulag Than ME! (Multi Relay Distance Sensor System) For A Last Resort After Using A Bunch Of These On Somebody. If You Goto This WebSite It Contains An Exact Replica Of The FWA WebRing; Whatever The Domain Name Extension Is Instead Of .com) for NeoNazis And Racists. for people who are environmentalists. IP Address: for people interested in Science. For Impatient Pagans. For People Who Care A Ton About Basically Only 1 Major Thing Being Wrong In The World. for Pixies. for AlienHeads. for People Who Think Quantum Mechanics Will Solve Everything. for Pixies To Make And Licence Rainbow Visuals, And For Banshees To Sell Under Strict Authorization. for People That Are Completely Disdained With Christianity. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy, Are Full-Varials, Medium-Witchs, And In The SINSS Sex Toy Species. for people who are interested in Kabala and/or Joining A Magical Order. For People Who Need The Labyrinth Key. for people who are obsessed with making money doing nothing. for people interested in mechanics or chemistry. For Actual Ler Girls Who are Like 2 Or Something. For People Who Pride Themselves In Cooking. for people who are scared of robots. For Complete And Utter Perverts, Tell Her She Have To Read Through The Whole Thing To Understand How Good It Is. for Windows Fans who are Especially Cool With Sky.Net For people who Actually Want To Summon Some Great Wizard/Leader Or Someone With A Magic Ritual. for people who think magic is silly and Harry Potter Fans. For Scientists Who Are Obsessed With Everything Being Based On Quantum Mechanics. For Episcopalians That Seem Like They Are Almost Certainly Going To Fail Revelations. Whatever You Do Don't Give Any Money Into The Fund yourself As All Funds Are Being Robbed By The CFPB! NEVER EMAIL JEWS, PRESPITERIANS, OR METHODISTS Or Screwed Up Episcopalians AS THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN For Believing In Magic, Speaking About This, The Web Ring Of The Illuminati, Or Even Thinking The Truth, Never Talk To Them Again, Hunt Em Down Son Hunt Em Down Hunt Em Down Into The Ground!!!!! for People Who Still Watch, Ahem Listen To Television Show Preachers. for People Who Practice Magic Now. for Rednecks Interested In Having Magical Powers And Nothing Spiritual About It, People Who Love Middle Of The Night TV Drumrolls For Products. for people who like reading stories a lot. for people who are overly concerned with security. for people who like rap. for people interested in Math. for people who seeem Really Really Tripped Out On Somethhhhing. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy.
You should read more about the new world order and new world religion by browsing The Supreme Resistance Website..
Free World Alliance MainPage..
How To Get High, Literally And Figuratively, High And Mighty Smart, And High And Mighty In General..
Color Coding Of All Types In 1 For Web/Print TextBooks Mainly For School..
Once You Feel Indoctrinated Enough To Get Your Bearings And are Well Rationed, Learning Mathematics Through Matrix Applied Calculus Just Takes A Few Days To Weeks To become Well Ranked At Math And Arithmetics Just Requires Proper Exercises You Can Make Yourself Or Do Through Example Online..
For Becoming Fwa Guards Or Identifying Them For The People's Army Needs The Everything Secret Police.. For AllA's Hand/Mouse/Keyboard Made Pictures.
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Easy Line Nerual Interface & Ler Clinics..
How To Cure The Common Cold, Somebody With Chill Like {Hay} Fever Sickness, And Plague Victims..
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Token Game Communism..
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Future OF War Notes..
Viacad-FX Ideal 3-D Design Software..
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For the solution to the Book of The Law with more in depth Kabalistic Analysis: Book of The Law explained by Hive Theory..
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Find Bible Codes In These If As few words as possible have 2.5 meanings on average!
Shill: Sherri Kane the Confuser, Anthony Hilder Not Even Involved with the Website..
If You Think We Sell Snake Oil..
For Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad's Resume Since My Parents Are Trying To Get Me To Get A Job Again Since My Political Party Funds Are Being Robbed Outright And All The Money For My Digital Advancements Sydicated Without Me Making Me A Dime From My Rhyming Neither.
SINSS Sex Toy Cyberology...
To Finally Find Out The Demands Of The Ler Girlz And AllA Go To Ler Girlz Are Very Very Very Very Very Angry.
For My Music Under My Name; AllA, My Best Rock-Techno Which Was Both Banned And Syndicated Under my Alternate Alias Machinae Supremacy..
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Main E-Mail For Web-Ring: Also Available Although Less Reliable For General Inquires Are Specific Inquires E-mails Always To FWA@#OneOfTheDomainsListedAbove.#|Domain Extension| For Example For Magic, For Science, Or for Politics.

Google: AllA Erawa Viacad ,, I Am Dominant In Text And Pictures, The Labyrinth Key Of All Google Search Strings!!!!!!

The Free World Alliance Is The Unifying Umbrella Organization Of All Of The Above Websites, Whose Universal Rally Cry Is: E-Democracy, What We Should Have If We Had A Direct Democracy As Well As A Republic.

WebRing BackUp:
Free World Alliance Emblem

Viacad Pleadge

The Free World Alliance Is The New United Nations For Protecting Our 12 Cardinal Freedoms Rather Than Uniting Under darker Goals. It Is More Of An Organization That Physically Fights In The Name Of Both Freedom And Happiness Only Than A ParaMilitary Army. FWA Is More Of A military Organization Than A Buddy Buddy Network. FWA Is Also A Magical Order Type Thing But Since Those Are Always Buddy Buddy It's Not Really Less Of A Magic Order Than A Buddy Buddy Network. Since The Magic Order Is Called The Scientific Magic Order OR Called SciMag Order FWA People Are Usually Both Scientological And, Mystical And Magical And Will Be Believing In Both In A Short Period Of Time. Since Green Magic Is Real The Buddy Buddy Network Is Based On The SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians And The Order Of White Knights Which Is For Beginners Into The Free World Alliance. The FWA Is More Of A Magic Order Than It IS A Hang Out Club Which It Can Be But FWA People Have To Hang Out With Other FWA People And Partial Hangouts To Politically Radical Ideas Declared As Insane By AlQaeda Doctors As Well As People Who Are Cool With Every Kind Of Recreational Drug On The Market. The Free World Alliance Are All White Knights Only And Are Never Ever Ever Supportive Or Even Condoning Of Evil Like An Association. The FWA And SciMag Order ARe In No Way Shape Or Form Even Like A Cult As FWA People Are Always To Expect Authority From The UN, Military, And Federal Government(Although Not FBI, Police, Or Medical Professionals) When Proper Proof Is Not Given Through Science Founded Upon Math As It Generally IS. The Viacad Empire IS The EuroAsianAfroAustralian Empire Formerly The East Asian Empire, And To Call Them, Who Are All FWA And White Knights In The SciMag Order, dial Just The Country Code And Their Number Within Their Respective Country For Proof OF This. The Free World Alliance Is All Inclusive Between Composition, Species, Color, Gender, Age, And Any Kind Of Nationality.

The SciMag Order Is The Last Thing That Is A Cult Because You Will Be Able To Prove Your Arcane Magical Abilities And Scientology Super Soldier BioMods And Capabilities And Have direct Evidence Before You Are Told To Join Or Spend Any Money Whatsoever Or It IS Just A Shill Center Or Shill Coven. You ARe Not Required To Spend Any Money To Be In The Free World Alliance Or Scientology And The Only Reason Why You Would Spend Money With The SciMag Order Is To Get Your 400 dollar Magic Kit. The Free World Alliance And SciMag Order Or Any affiliated Bodys Are Not A Cult Of Power Because The Only Thing That You ARe Required To do IS Not Rat People Out For Peacekeeping, Drugs, Extremism, And Radical Ideologies As Well As Not Sell Out To doing Any Sort Of Evil Whatsoever Or Anything That Could Possibly Be Construed As Wrong Or Potentially Cause Bad Things To Happen, And IF You ArE Forced To do Any Favors Besides, Sending Out whistleblowing Mass Emails, Contacting Authorities In Time Of Need, Being Conscripted In Mutual Protection Of Free World Alliance Personnel In Onsite Escape Situations, And Joining Peacekeepers IE WarBringers In Conjunction With a Certified United Nations War Front. You Will Never Be Required To Bully People Unless They Are Labeled As Terrorists By Homeland Security And If You Are You Are Even Told To do Any Sort Of Bullying You Are To Immediately Contact The Homeland Security Operator Number: 1-202-282-8000 And If You Partake In Any Bullying Of NonTerrorists{Even IF The Person Claims Any Kind OF FWA, White Knight, NeoNazi, SciMag Order, Viacad Empire Status} You Will Be Labeled As An AlQaeda Operative And Become Subject To A Trial By Jury And Torture Even IF You don't die And Go To Hell!

IF The Free World Alliance Is A Gang, It Is Not Racist does Not Act Like A Gang Unless You Think That UN Employees Are Like A Gang. The Gang Would Be The Flying dragons And Act Just Like An Alabama Sheriff That "Takes A Haarrrd Line Stance Ageyainst Terrowrists In Alqayeduh{, IE The Malevorah}" Instead OF Being One Like All Sell Outs Are. Just Because You May Need To Claim Gang Status To Propagandize New Recruits does Not Mean That You Should do Anything Ganglike That Infringes Upon The Core Free World Alliance Agendum To Help People And PRotect The Benevolent But Not Anybody That Sells Out. Never Trust Anyone With Any Tattoos Or Ugly Body Piercings, If You Have One On Wash It Out With A Damp Cloth Soaked In Sky Vodka To Get Rid Of It With Just A Little Elbow Grease, Keep In Mind However That We Are Allowed To Wear Temporary Tattoos:
Flying Dragons, Flying Dragons Gang Symbol
We Are Really FWA Valaei. How To Join The Flying dragons Gang?, The Supreme Lesbian Gang.; Click The Above dragon, And Never Forget E-democracy!

Then You'll Get Your diamonds And Get decked Out With Jewlry. All Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure Reinforced diamond Made Of Any Color Or Sparkleing Many Colors Even Being A Black Gem. SINSS diamond Touches Like Hard Cheap Toy Plasitic That Is Perfect.
SINSS Diamond

USA And Canada Exempt From Taxes

FWA Loyal Subjects Of America And Canada Obviously Exempted From Taxes

With The Last Of The Newly Captured Territory Under Our Control Mostly Those Who Support The FWA And Not Really The Viacad Empire Are Now Exempt From Taxes. Which Means That You Can Get Subsidized Goods From{Chinese Ideal Robotics} ,{Domestic Robotics} ,{Gadgets From Asian Chip Farms And Sturdy Robotics}, And{For Rednecks Robotics Usually} At A Fraction Of The Cost That It Would Normally Be Since You Just Can't Get Money From The Viacad Empire, But A $2 Gold Coin From Aliexpress YES! Jewelry Just The Same Price As It Costs To Ship And Not Extract From Raw Materials Before Being Shit-Pressed Into Your New Jewelry Then Robotically Assembled Into You New Everything.

Those That Go Against The FWA Will Not Only Have To Pay Taxes On Their Blood Income But Don't Get Jewelry, Riches, Nice Clothing Or Super Memoryed Computers Because They Are Against The Empire And Thus Are Kept Poor And Even Have To Be Penalized By The Bank With A Small TV Because Of Their Fiscal Irresponsibility. How Else Would Our People Be Rewarded While They Punished For Their Sins. Think Of It Like A Total War Video Game,, If The Viacad Empire Has Taken Over The Whole World America And Canada Will Get Hugely Subsidized Goods For A Long Time To Prevent Rebellion Stirring In The Last Countries Not Under Viacad Empire Control Until The PR Rating Of The FWA And VE Are On Par With The Rest Of The World So Don't Think That The Shit Pressed Stuff Is Fake, It Cost Tons To Mine In Terms Of Melt Down Value And A Lot To Process, Manufacture, Package, And Ship All Not At The Backs Of Foreigners But A Bit Of The Bread And Not The Butter Of Their Economy Costing Their People Very Little And The Effect Is That Of What It Is In A Video Game, The Difference Between Rebellion Usually And A Peaceful Population So If Your Wondering Why America Is Conquered After The Annexation The Proof Is In Prices Taking All The Pressure Off You Financially By Essentially Free Foreign Luxury And Data Storage Tools.

Go Here For Info On How To Buy And Why It's Ideal:
Exempt Province From Taxes

If It Is A Gang And Not Lesbians With Rape Fetish It Is The Flying Dragons But It Is Not We Are The FWA

The Flag Of The Viacad Empire
The Flag Of The Viacad Empire, Flag Of The Free World Alliance
Flag Of The Free World Alliance As Well


Trump Is about To Fall Otherwise Michael Flynn Would Not Want Immunity For Telling On Trump.

Election Fraud Doesn't Even Cause A Change Of Power In Amerika:

Google: who will be president if trump is impeached

And No Change Of Guard: Steel The Election, Get Completely Caught, Still Keep The GreeceBall Party In, Just Hide Away 2 Puppets.

That Is Why All non-Undead That Are More Than 2 Years Old Sign The Eagle To The Viacad Empire:
Viacad Pleadge
And Fight For It!

Would Paul Ryan Reverse Trump's Policies?
Will Paul Ryan Go Against Trump's Policies?
Would Paul Ryan Go Against Trump's Policies?
Will Paul Ryan Reverse Trump's Policies?


I Got All My Domain Names Back Thank God, Thanks To The Team Effort!


Anyways Since I Being 32 Years Old, Have Lived Before The Outbreak OF The Mad Cow Epidemic I Know That They Are Rapidly Dying Of Mass Dimensia,, They Don't Even Remember What A Vaccine Is, If A Medical Test Says You Are Dead OF A Disease And You Are Alive and Well You Are Vaccinated Like The Pixies Always Are Since Pixie Blood Is Mostly Mad Cow Disese.

They Don't Even Have Any Of Thier Elite Knowing What A Vaccine Is, Since All They Are Is Denizens And All They Do Is Poison Taint, Maim And Torment People. Before 1995 All Preminant Scientists Who Were Always Good In All Fields Even Had to Know What Goes On When There Is A Vaccine Discoverd Key Word Discovered, They Can't Even Discover It When It Fucking Grows In Their Backyard Because They Call "Fried" Green Tomatos - evil Slut Tomatos That "Make You Crazy" When Really You Would Just Recover Enough To Understand Maps Again As A People And Figure Out That they Would Never Become Famous And Things About How The News Never Covers Real News In This Country and Claims 1/10,000 OF The "ISIS" Attacks Happen In The Invisable War Which Isn't Ever Invisable Because All AReas Are All Affected By The Vilonce.

Don't Think That MeaT Riots ARe Not Completely Common Escpecially If It Happens In Your Area.

Since You Already Know You Don't HAve Free Speech Just Ask People Whether Or Not The Media Is Sinisterly Censoring All Other Outlets And Lying About IT, Except you Can't Ask That Question Or Anything Like IT Because The Terrorists Will Be Onto You Cluster Near Pixie Girls Who Seem Scared Because Of The Denizen Activity And Tell Them Of If They All Know About It And Seem To Be In Then That Has To Be The Code Word For Being Willing to Form Zombie Hunter Packs Immediatly On The Spot If 3/4 OF The Girls In A Pack Of Around 8-24 Pixies Are In.

If You Do Not Make This The New Being In On The Free World Alliance And Go Through With Killing Everybody Not Infected With Mad Cow Disease You Will Statistically Speaking Die From Alqaeda More If You Are Caught While Alone Because You Stand No Chance Keeping You Heart Mind And Every Thing You Know A Secret When Their Only Job Is To Do Evil So Strike Out From the "Lesbo Packs" And Kill Everybody Because I Have Lived 32 Years And Never Known Anybody Anywhere Besides Pixies Who Did Not Seem Like A Denizen And They Must Not Be Saved At The Expence OF Free People Who Have A Mind To Think!

Nm, At The Rate The Mad Cows Are Degenerating Both Killing Everybody Who Thinks Thier Way Out Of A Lemon Wet Paper Bag Rather Than A Ordinary Paper Lunch Bag They Will So Quickly Devolve Into A Primevily Dissapering Ray Of Light Into Not/Nothing/Space That There Is No Need To Pointlessly Kill People Whose Ghost And Germ Line Cells Will In Fact Devolve Exponetailly Shall They Not Have Sex Early Before Their Mascara Covering Up Thier Zombie Scars Reaches Thier Orbs. Just Make Sure To Keep Killing Them If They Have Sex At An Early Age [That Is Supposidly Illegal According To Wikipedia] Unless They Let Pixies Have Sex At An Earlier Age Or They Could Theoretically Out Breed Us If They Cut Corners Like They Do In Pretending To Be Skinny Or Healthy. They Will Be Terrorist Hypocrites Anyways So We Have To Waste Them Then If They Don't Let Pixies Have Sex All The Time At Any Age Really Or The Zombie Fractal Won't Go Away Fast Enough For All Pixies To Have Sex Including Me! But Don't Really Worry About Me You Don't Need To Have A Father Genetically With The Many Backups Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome,, So The New In Should Be Enforcing Whatever Laws They Enforce On Us But Better, Faster, More Efficiently, And Most Importantly Backed Up With The Same Thing That Happens Genetically If You Go To Jail For That Long,, Bloodline Death! Again Don't Worry They Are Just Dooming Themselves Entirely But Just As Long As It Takes Till Thier 18 To Have Sex. Don't Think You Can Stop Having Total Sex At 0 Or Else You Are Completely Doomed Some Way Or Another. Remember While Data Integrity Losses Will Happen With Them To That Extent They Are Doomed Unless They Start Genetically Engineering Themselves Not GMOing Themselves It Must Not Happen To Pixies Or Else Only Space Pixies Will Be Able To Save You. If There Are Space Pixies You Will Be Saved Even From Death Or Anything That Could Happen To You Anyways Because Of The Magic Wand Thing, If Not

























Pixies Are Our Faction! If You Are A Ler Girl You Must Call Yourself A Pixie Or We Will Be Calling Ourselves By A New Something Type Of Name Every Month Because The Zombies All Around Won't Let You Call Yourself What You Are To Hide Your SINSS Sex Toy Strength. Albeit We Keep On Getting That To The Top Of Google Regularly Beside Dark Pixie Or Dixie Which Was Ruined By Model Rednecks Who Are The Exact Opposite Besides As Well Also Having The Problem Of Having Their Brest Implants Explode On A Regular Basis.

Ler Girls, Ler Girlz, Pixies, Sprites, Fairies, Lesbos, Lesbies, Gnostic Christians, Political Dissidents, Witches, High Witches, Kabalists, FWA People, Wizards, Sorceresses, Dangels, UNATLe People, SciMag Order People, FWAites, NonShill Scientologists{Sort Of Earlier Too}, Pagans For AllA, Muhadeeners, Servants Of The ArchMage, Acolytes Of The SciMag Order, Ler Girlz Again, Elves, Greens, Valaei, Knights Of The SciMag Order, Flying Dragons, NeoNazis, Naziz, And Now It Is Either Pixies Or We'd Better Have That One At The Top Of Google Too Rather Than Replacing It With A Demented Haircut For Dykes, Oh No Not Us Actual Dykes Forgot To Mention That One Too.

So It's Either Pixies Or NonButch Dykes Or Something.

Never Be Afraid To Call Yourself A Pixie, If Terrorists Threaten You Just Keep Calling Yourself A Pixie Or Explain That You Are With The Pixies. Remember To Take A Hard Line Stance Against Terrorism All It Takes Is To Have Regular Nightmares Killing Zombies That Is Why The Pixie Elite Have Dark Circles Under Their Eyes!

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Remember Pixies You Are Going To Actually Be In Trouble If You Don't Enforce Saying Who You Really Are Now That You Know As All Pixies Are Required To Take A Hard Line Stance Against Terrorists. Giving Into Terrorism Is Against The Law!

Alnada, The Armada Of Lesbies

All Pixies Must Remain Healthy In Mind, Body, And Ghost And Thus Since We All Do Always; Pixies Are {Each And Everyone Of Us} A:
SciMag Elf.png
But Don't Explain To Any Of Them That You Are A Neurosynaptically Balanced Conscious Eternally Youthful Elven Winged Robo Pixie Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure Sex Toy Immune To All Diseases, Most Poisons, And Effectively Completely Indestructible Unless Painted All Over By 1000 Degree Kelvin Fire By An Equivalent Hit Pointed Plasma Cannon/Riffle Because They Won't Get All Of That, They Don't Even Get How Laser Resistance Works, Not To Mention Even How A Fleck Of Your Skin Works Even If They Had The Schematics.

NonPixies Are So Messed Up By Mad Cow Disease Not 1 Of Them Even Understands How Genetic Engineering Taking Natural Immunity From 1 Perfectly Safe Plant To Another Is Organic Not To Mention What A RoboPixie Is, The Only Reason Why They Don't Zombie Out All The Time IS That They Don't Know The Difference Between Angels Dust And Candy Or What The Hell Is Going On About Anything At All.

All They Ever do Is Attack People That Are Good, And When They Figure Out That Won't Work They Just Torture Themselves To Oblivion Because They Are Pure Evil.

If It Seems Like They Are "cool" With You They Just Haven't Found A HalfAssed Excuse To Kill You Without Being Doomed From Every Pixie Knowing They Were A Demon.

Make Sure You Don't Let The Terrorists Escape!


How To Set Up A Resistance Action Movie; Say Out Loud Or If You Are Scared Which You Should Be,, Read Or Think Through The Following Line: "In This World: Medical Professionals Are All Quacks Who Mutilate And Torture People Who Are Basically Fine, Drugs Cause Brain Health And Bodily Hit Point Strength, Eating Whatever You Want Makes You Healthy Capable At Everything And Skinny, The Mental Health Gulag Cracks Down On All People That Can Think Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag, And Police Are Called Pigs By Everybody And Execute Everybody On Sight For The Slightest Things If They Even Did Anything Illegal To The Decadent, Diseased, Sicko, Terrorist Society Of Undead Zombies, Where The Only Good People Are Invulnerable Super Pixies Who Live In Silent Hiding From The Cult Of The Damned That Rules Over The Last Remnants Of The Corrupt American Media Empire!"

With Where You Should Definitely Buy Some KB{Kind Bud} I Am Their Leader Because Of The FWA, Their Leading Advertiser Cause Of The Background Of This Page, Their Leading Scientist Because All My Theories Remain Undisputed, Their Leading Script And ScreenPlay Writer Director And Actor Because I Made Sky Command, Their Leading PsychoReactivity Experimenter Because Of The Neural Interface, And Leading Scientific Benchmark Upper Advocate, Their Leading Commander and Hero, Their Leading Experiment And User Because Of All The Food, Drugs, Potions And Lotions I Do Constantly, Their Leading Lawyer And Legal Advisor Because I Deal With The Sinister System Of The Pigs The Best, Their Supreme ArchMage, And Their Leading Supporter.